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November 12-15
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Hallway Extravaganza
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Veterans Food Bank Drive

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Principal's Message

Attendance is Important

It is hard to believe that the school year is 20% completed. While it seems like just yesterday, we welcomed students and celebrated the start of a new school year. I marvel at how well our students have adjusted to a new year, a new grade, new routines…When I look at how much students have changed and learned since September, it is as though they have been at WOM for a very long time! We are all so proud of our students; for the people they are becoming and for the people they already are!
To this end, noting that we are a fifth of the way through the school year, regular and punctual attendance is important for all students. This is especially important for WOM students, as parents have chosen, for their child to learn in a second language (one that many of our parents cannot support at home). The table below outlines what time away from school, whether it is being late or signed out early, actually means to lost instructional time. This does not take into account family holidays that people take during instructional time. Additionally, research is clear regarding prioritizing early years’ school learning and success later in life. Something to think about…
When your child misses just… That equals… Which is… Therefore, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, that is… 10 minutes/day 50 minutes learning/week Nearly 1 ½ weeks/year Nearly ½ year of school 20 minutes/day 1h 40min of learning/week Nearly 2 ½ weeks/year Nearly 1 year of school 30 minutes/day ½ day of learning /week 4 weeks/year Nearly 1 /12 years of school 1 hour/day 1 whole day of learning/week 8 weeks / year Nearly 2 /12 years of school Celebrating students’ successes and reporting specific information about student achievement was the theme of our student-parent-teacher conferences this month. Thank you for your participation in our conferences. Our next significant reporting event will be the sharing of formal report cards. Report cards are coming home on Tuesday, December 17th. While, at our school, we will have 5 significant reporting events spread out evenly over the school year (3 formal conferences and 2 report cards), parents are invited to contact teachers whenever questions arise. Our teachers are always available to parents. They are working very hard to stay connected, through their websites, class emails, and more personalized ways of communicating. I respectfully ask that you ‘meet them half way; please contact them when you have questions or concerns, and please read their communications.
Please remember that this year, each teacher is providing class updates every two weeks. They can be found on each teacher’s webpage, housed within our schools website. We also hope that you will consider joining us for our Remembrance Day Assembly, on November 8th at 11:00AM in our school gym. Our Division 2 Choir will be singing Child of the World under the direction of Ms. Gray. Children who belong to a service group and wear a uniform (ex. Members of the Girl Guides/Boy Scouts movements, Cadets) are also invited to play a special role as our school’s Colour Guard. Our school’s grade 2’s will be collecting non-perishable food items for the Calgary Food Bank and guests for our Remembrance Day Assembly are most welcome to contribute. Recognizing that parents also play a profoundly important role in our school, I wish to thank you for the many ways you make our school better! Thank you for all the ways you support your children; whether it is in the classroom or school volunteering.
Teachers as Learners - Teachers as Leaders
As you know, professional learning is an important piece of our teachers’ everyday work. It allows them to continue learning in order to best support student learning. Professional learning, like classroom learning, can and does look many different ways. Teachers engage in professional activities to support lesson planning, designing daily assessment, ‘re-planning’ based on student’s responses to learning activities, communicating with parents and others, and formal accountabilities such as report cards and individual program plans. Teachers also pursue formal learning activities that support professional interests and school and system directions.
Teachers also attend system wide professional learning opportunities and later build capacity at our school in areas such as:
Mathematics, where teachers explore strategies and resources proposed by current research and aligned with the CBE Math Strategy. We are especially looking at conceptual understanding and automaticity of mathematical operations, problem solving, and the connections between reading and mathematical success.
Literacy: Our school continues to work towards developing disciplinary literacy skills.
Assessment: We often say that, to commit to being a teacher is also a commitment to career long focus on assessment practices. Many of our teachers often seek opportunities outside of the building to reflect on assessment work. We even have teachers providing system leadership in the continuous evolution of how we communicate achievement to parents. As children, how they construct and represent knowledge, and societal capacities and values evolve, so too must our assessment practices!
Spoken Word/Neurolinguistic Approach to Language Learning: This is ‘putting theory into practice work’ as we develop our skills supporting our children in their bilingual literacy learning. A significant cohort of CBE teachers take up this work, where they focus on practices that support bilingual language development.
Indigenous Perspectives: Truth and Reconciliation as well as various CBE and Alberta Education policies and initiatives provide legal and employment structures to our support or moral imperative of Education through Reconciliation.
At WO Mitchell School, we are fortunate to have teachers with a wide variety of unique experiences and educational backgrounds. Our teachers actively participate in Professional Learning Communities where they learn successful strategies and share resources in company of their peers.
In addition to system and schoolwork, our teachers also develop personal professional learning plans known as Teacher Professional Growth plans. TPGP’s reflect teachers’ self-identified next steps in learning, as well as plans to address their learning needs.
And some people think PD days are ‘days off’ for teachers!

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RT @Egbert_Elks: Finger weaving in Fashions class today in recognition of Métis Week. Thank you Ms. Marshall for teaching the students the importance of finger weaving, the Métis Sash, and the colours represented in the sash that help tell an important story of the Métis people #CBEIndigenousEd

Thank you to the talented students from Captain Nichola Goddard School for their performance of the national anthem at the start of today’s Board meeting #WeAreCBE

RT @JohnstoneSchool: Inspired by nature! Grade 1 students learning about Metis pointillism with Mrs Rivard! #Métis #art #pointillism

RT @piitoayis: PFS celebrating Métis week with jigging w/ Shalome Hope and Red River cart teachings with Ma Terry and Ms Andrea @CBEArea3 @UsihChristopher

November 10-16 is National Métis Week. During this week we commemorate the many contributions of Métis people to Canada #WeAreCBE

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