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April 30

It is an honour and a privilege to be your principal at Western Canada High School. Western has long provided students with the very best in academics, fine arts and athletics. Our school’s legacy has been built upon three values: Intelligentia, Vires and Virtus - Knowledge, Strength & Courage. These values are what built one of the best schools in the world and it is my intent to carry on these values and Western’s traditions. When you leave Western you will be knowledgeable, confident, a lifelong learner capable of enhancing your life and the quality of our world. I would like to welcome our new Grade 10 students. Your first year in High School will be filled with new learning experiences. You will be challenged and you will enjoy successes. Opportunities in both academic endeavours and extracurricular activities abound. Take advantage of these offerings to excel in every avenue of your new year, build on your experiences and create new strengths and memories that will carry you in the years to come. Those students returning after their first year and now entering Grade 11 should understand both the challenges and successes of academic achievement. You should all know that this coming year will be the beginning of a new stage in learning and life. You are transitioning into adulthood with all the benefits as well as the responsibilities that accompany this change. The aim of excellence should be in every aspect of your school life. Make this a year of focus and commitment and in so doing create a future for yourself. We believe in you! Congratulations to the Grade 12 students. You found your footing in Grade 10, some of you ventured into new areas of learning, others new sport or fine art activities. You helped to continue the legacy of excellence that built Western in Grade 11. Your successes will be celebrated! You benefited from the excellence in teaching that is a proud tradition in this school, which will serve you well. Now you step into the halls of your final year ready for the beginning of your adult life. In this year you will take on the reigns of the most senior students, you are an example for every other student and you will inspire them to achieve. This year more than any other will determine the path you take so make the most of it. See success and realize it, accept challenges and achieve them, take on responsibility and fulfill it.

Western Canada High School has been built on a long standing tradition of excellence. The legacy that inspires every student to excel is instilled in every aspect of Western Canada, which has been developed and nurtured by the best educators in the world. It is a safe place that will provide every student with a myriad of opportunities to learn and build for their future. The celebration of learning whether it be in academics, arts or athletics will underlie every aspect of our role as educators. The education and experiences the students of Western Canada High School create during this coming year will generate a new future of leaders and builders for a shared tomorrow.


Carma Cornea


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