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July 02
Summer has arrived!

Summer Holidays Have Arrived!


The summer holidays have arrived! It has been an exciting year filled with many rich learning experiences for our students. There have been multiple guests, artists and field trips that have enhanced our students’ learning. 


Our Track and Field day at the end of May was a lot of fun for the students. A huge thank you goes out to our Physical Education team and our parent volunteers who worked so hard to make the day such a success. As well, our Badminton season was a great success. A special thanks to Mrs. Green, Ms. Ploeger, Ms. Hardman and Ms.Quinn-Hall for all their support.


Our Grade 9 Celebration at Heritage Park in June was thoroughly enjoyed by our students. They loved the rides and loved their roast beef dinner and of course the desserts. It was wonderful to see all of the students laughing and dancing the night away! A huge thank you to Mr. Davidge for organizing this annual event and to Ms. Quinn-Hall for organizing our Grade 9 Ceremony at the school. A special thanks to Mrs. Viviers for creating the incredible video that celebrated our Grade 9 graduates! 


I would like to say a special thank you to our School Council who are so dedicated to Willow Park students and their learning. The Food Truck day was a huge success!! We would also like to thank our Willow Park parents for supporting our fundraising events over the year. We are so fortunate to have such an outstanding council!


We are sorry to see Ms. Hardman, Ms. Wolff, Mr. Faunt and Mr. Frehlich leave Willow Park. They have been a tremendous addition to our school and they will be missed. We wish them well! 

We would also like to say goodbye to a few of our Education Assistants. Mrs. Cooper is retiring this year and will be dearly missed. Mrs. Cooper was instrumental in the creation and distribution of our Willow Park Yearbooks and was our in-house expert photographer. Thanks to her students and staff have many wonderful memories of their time at Willow. We are also saying goodbye to Mrs. Grabowsky and Ms. Gale who did an outstanding job over the course of the year supporting our students. We would also like thank Ms. Danilkewich, our Behaviour Support Worker, who has supported our students over this past month. A thank you also goes out to Mrs. Hanson and Mrs. Ginakos who supported our cafeteria over this year. 


We are pleased to announce that Ms. Knight will moving to Grade 7 Humanities next year and Ms. Wesley will be moving to Grade 6. We would also like to congratulate Ms. Wesley, who is expecting her second child in early September. We are excited to share with you that our Studio Artist, Mark Vazquez-Mackay, will be increasing his time at Willow Park next year in order to further his support to students and staff. 


Please remember to check our school website throughout the summer for more information and further updates. Our first day for our new students will be Tuesday, September 3rd and Wednesday, September 4th will be for returning students.


We wish you a wonderful holiday with family and friends and look forward to seeing everyone in September. All the best to our Grade 9 students who will be entering high school next year. ​

April 12
Spring has arrived!


I trust that everyone had a restful Spring break and are committed to having a strong finish to the school year. Thanks to students and their parents for attending the conferences on April 11th and 12th. On the Thursday night of the conferences our grade 5 and 6 students had the opportunity to show their parents all the outstanding work they have been engaged in over the last number of months.


The Second Annual Empathy Data Day was held on April 9th. It was an inspirational day with grade 9 students having the opportunity to interview experts and/or people with Lived Experiences regarding Calgary’s social and economic inequality. This was an integrated math and humanities project. Following this insightful day, the students in humanities developed fictional stories and wrote letters to political leaders inspired by the conversations they had with our guests and in math they analyzed the quantitative and qualitative data they collected and also created social infographics. It was a day that definitely increased our students’ understanding of the social and economic inequalities that exist within their own city! All were inspired to take personal action in addressing these inequalities.


What a great honor it was to have some of our students perform at the Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions at the BMO Centre on March 13th. The Grade 8 students did a brilliant job performing an integrated dance, music and art piece developed in collaboration with Ms. Schurig, Ms. Quinn-Hall, Mark Vazquez Mackay (our studio artist) and the students. We also had our Senior band under the direction of Ms. Williams greet guests with some of our Mayor’s favorite music. During the luncheon, The Honourable Lois Mitchell who is the 18thLieutenant Governor of Alberta personally acknowledged and thanked Willow Park School for their outstanding presentations. 


Our Willow Park School 2ndAnnual Games Night hosted by Imaginary Wars was a success. Our students and their parents commented on the importance of spending time together engaged in playing games that promoted connection, strategy and fun. Students were also able to speak to the connection of mathematics to the games they were playing. Thanks again to Mr. Davidge and Ms. Shields our two Grade 9 teachers for making this evening a reality.


Our basketball season has wrapped up for the year. Congratulations to all teams for their improvement over the season. It was encouraging to see that 3 out of the 4 teams made it to the playoffs and our Senior Girls’ came in second place! Thanks to our coaches, Ms. Coles, Ms. Owen, Mr. Khubyar and Ms. Wolff. I would also like to extend a special thank you to our volunteer coaches Bob Baker, Bill Robertson, Dylan Strickland, Cody Marshall and Will Shepherd who willingly volunteered countless hours to support our athletes. It is now time for our badminton season to begin. 



We were delighted to host 10 education students from Hokkaido University of Education and 11 education students from Shaanxi Normal University in Xi’an, China visit our school in February and March. They were extremely impressed with our energy, creativity and commitment to the arts. Thanks to Umit Boz, Acting Director of Teaching Across Borders at the University of Calgary Werklund School of Education, for organizing this wonderful learning opportunity for all.


Congratulations to our grade 9 full year drama students on their performance of “The Village of Idiots”. It was an outstanding show!! A special thanks to Mr. Shank, teacher candidates, parent volunteers, office staff (Mrs. Zimmermann for producing the program) and Lord Beaverbrook High School for making this such an exceptional production!! The junior and senior bands had a fabulous time at camp and a special thanks goes out to Ms. Williams and Mr. Davidge and Mrs. Green and of course our parent volunteers. The students had a fabulous time learning more about playing music and the importance of being a team.


We would like to wish our teacher candidates Jasmine Piedad, Kyla Sendecki, Alandra Stefanato and Negaar Tebyanian from Mount Royal University all the best as they will soon embark on their teaching careers. Their practicums at Willow Park will end April 12th. They have been a wonderful addition to our school over these past few months. Thanks to Mrs. Presley, Mrs. Thomas, Mr. Hennigan and Ms. Schurig for their guidance and support to these teacher candidates. We would also like to thank teacher candidate Celia Niksic from the University of Lethbridge for all her efforts and great work. A thank you goes out to Mr. Shank for his encouragement and support for Celia.


Thanks goes out to our School Council Fundraising Coordinator Carolyn Campbell for organizing our Cookie Dough Fundraiser. We raised just over $8,000 dollars! Well done Willow!! All monies raised will go towards student field trips. 


Organizing for next year is underway and we are excited about the many innovative and engaging learning opportunities that we are planning for our students. Our guiding framework for any decision we make will always be about how we can continue to meet the learning needs of our students. An integral part of this planning for next year is creating our class lists. Next month staff will be engaged in this important work. This process involves our understanding of student needs in creating diverse and effective learning groups. For the majority of students this has been a very effective way of addressing their learning. On occasion parents have contributed insights into their child’s learning that can assist in this process. If you feel that this is significant for your child, we ask that you email

willowpark@cbe.ab.cano later than Wednesday, April 30th, 2019 to share this information with us. As well, a reminder that it is important to let the office know if your child will not be returning to Willow Park next year.​

February 19
Engaging Learning and Creativity Continues

As we move into March, we are now past the half way mark in the school year. It is hard to believe how quickly the year is going! Report cards went home on January 25th. Reflecting on learning is an essential component to becoming an independent, life-long learner. It was so encouraging to see so many of our students being able to share their progress in terms of the learning outcomes outlined in the programs of study with their parents during our conferences on February 7th and 8th.


Our grade nine students, along with Mr. Khubyar have finished their high school tours and are presently engaged in the high school registration process over the next few weeks. We would like to commend the high school staff for ensuring that our students will have a smooth transition into grade 10.


Congratulations to our wrestling team! We did so well this year! A special thanks to our staff and volunteers for all their support. Thanks so much to Ms. Wolff and also Ms. Owen for all their support and encouragement during the season. Our dance show “Let’s Get Loud” performed at Lord Beaverbrook on January 17th was an incredible night! The music, lights, choreography and dancers were outstanding. A huge thank you to Ms. Romanchuk who was instrumental in making this show such a success. Thanks also goes out to the Lord Beaverbrook students who assisted with this evening.


Our Open House on January 10th was a great success thanks to all of our students, parents and staff involved in this special event. This evening continues to be very well attended with standing room only in the gym. Our student volunteers, willingly and proudly shared with our guests their love for our arts-centred learning program. Thanks to our School Council Chair, Karen Crowdis, for her support for our program and the kind words she shared with our guests.


The kick off for our Cookie Dough Fundraiser took place on February 5th and 6th. The funds from this fundraiser will go towards either reducing or eliminating the cost of field trips and for the grade 9’s also supporting the cost of their Grade 9 Celebration at Heritage Park. All orders are due February 22nd and the cookie dough will be delivered to the school on March 19th.



Registration for the 2019-2020 school year ended on February 12th. Parents and students will be informed whether they have been accepted into our program before Spring Break. Great to see so many students interested in our arts-centred learning program.

Our School Council continues to meet on the third Tuesday of the month. We hope that you will come out and join us for information, questions and parent presentations. This Tuesday, February 19th we will have representatives from the Grade 8 community sharing what they have been learning over these past number of months. On Thursday, March 5th from 7:00pm-8:30pm in our main gym Nick Moore, Adult Education Specialist with YouthLink Calgary Police Interpretive Centre, will be sharing his presentation on Cannabis Awareness to our Willow Park, Nickle and RT Alderman parent groups. Thanks to our School Council for supporting this presentation.


Hard to believe that we are starting our planning for the 2019-2020 school year. Over the next weeks, staff will have the opportunity to reflect on how we organized ourselves for learning this year and discuss our plans to move forward next year. These important conversations will inform how we structure learning for students next year. Our hope is to have parents and students a part of this reflection and conversation. We are so fortunate to have such an outstanding and dedicated community at Willow Park School.​

December 27
Enjoy your holiday!

Enjoy Your Holiday!


The holidays have arrived! We want to thank all parents who attended our conferences in November. We are sure you learned a great deal about your child’s learning. Conversations and communication between parents, teachers and students regarding student achievements and updates can be accessed through PowerSchool, teacher blogs and through communicating with your child’s teacher via email. Report cards will be sent home on Friday, January 25th, 2019. Conferences will be held on Thursday, February 8th from 5:00 pm -8:00 pm and on Friday, February 9th from 2:30 am-4:30 pm.


Our soccer teams had a great season! Well done athletes! Thanks so much to our coaches Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Green and Mrs. MacGowan. Congratulations goes out to all of our volleyball teams! Great growth and team spirit were shown throughout the season by all of our teams. A special thanks goes out to Ms. Winters, Ms. Shields, Mr. Davidge and Ms. Owen for their time, guidance and great support over the season. Thanks to our Grade 9 Leadership students and Mr. Khubyar for organizing a wonderful pep rally celebrating all the students who were on Willow Park sports teams for the first part of this year. Congratulations to all our athletes. Our wrestling season is well underway! It is wonderful to see so many of our students on this team. Thanks so much to our coaches Ms. Wolff and Ms. Owen.


December has been a busy month for our band students. The students in our Junior High Band program were invited to perform at the CORE in downtown Calgary on December 13th. This concert was an exciting event and gave our students an excellent opportunity to share their musical talents with other Calgarians. On December 14th, our grade 6-9 band students performed an outstanding concert that parents enjoyed. Congratulations to the students and Ms. Williams on their excellent performances. Thanks goes out to Mr. Meadows and our parent volunteers for all their support, as well. 


Grade 5/6 had a wonderful time skiing again this December at Canada Olympic Park. Thanks to Mr. Hennigan for assuming the responsibility for organizing this outstanding learning opportunity for all of these students. As well, thanks to all the Grade 5/6 teachers and the parent volunteers who helped out.


Our most recent artist-in-residence was the Green Fools. The grade 7-9 students really enjoyed this circus residency in their physical education classes during the last week in December. The highlight for this residency was an engaging circus performance during our Christmas assembly on the last day of school before our holidays.


We are looking forward to our Open House on Thursday, January 10th from 7:00 pm- 8:30 pm for students wanting to attend Willow Park for the 2019-2020 school year. Registration opens Monday, January 14th, 2019 and closes at noon on Tuesday, February 12, 2019.


We wish you all a safe and joyous holiday! Thank you for being such a kind and caring community. We look forward to seeing students on TuesdayJanuary 8th, 2019!!​

November 14
Exciting Learning Opportunities

October and the first part of November have been a busy months!


The magazine fundraiser has wrapped up for another year. A special thanks goes out to Carolyn Campbell, our School Council Fundraiser Coordinator, for doing such an outstanding job organizing this important event for Willow Park and to all the parent volunteers who also came out to help. A thank you to Erin Hogan, our QSP representative, who always makes sure our magazine fundraiser runs smoothly.


Over the past few months our teachers have been analyzing a number of documents (PATS, Accountability Survey and the Calgary Board of Education’s Student Survey) to inform the development of our School Development Plan. In our work with the School Development Plan, we have identified that our student achievement goals will address specific areas within literacy and numeracy. Teachers have identified a number of high impact instructional strategies that will support this work. These are also two areas of focus that have been identified by CBE. We will welcome parent input and further discussion about our School Development Plan at our School Council meeting on November 20th at 7:00 in the school’s Learning Commons. Our Annual 2018-2019 Report will be posted on our school website in the near future. It will include a chart of our 2018 Provincial Achievement Test Results.


The Remembrance Day Assembly on Friday, November 9th was very moving and well received by students, staff and parents. A special thank you goes out to all of the students who participated in the assembly and to Ms. Quinn-Hall, Ms. Schurig, Ms. Romanchuk, Ms. Williams and Mr. Meadows who supported the students in this outstanding assembly.


There are a few staffing updates I would like to share with you. We would like to welcome back Kelsey Hardman who is teaching Mrs. MacGowan’s Grade 6 class during her maternity leave and Sigora Wolff who will be assigned Dr. Kendrick’s classes as she will now be supporting literacy for students in Grades 5-7.


On Friday, October 12th, approximately 25 students from our “Me to We” Club earned the right to attend the inspirational and invigorating “We Day” at the Rexall Place in Edmonton! Students had an amazing day. They were among thousands of other students from across Alberta who were selected to go on this special event because of their commitment to making a difference in their communities and their world. Thanks to Mrs. Mallabone for organizing this special day and to Ms. Coles and Mrs. Tremblay for joining the group!


Halloween was a fun filled day with students and staff dressed in wild and crazy costumes. One of the highlights of the day was the Haunted House created and hosted by Grade 9 full year Drama and Art students. Thanks to Mrs. Pedersen and Mr. Shank! A special thanks goes out to the parent volunteers who helped out as well!


Our Girls’ Empowerment Group for Grade 7-9 girls started last week. We would like to thank Madison Sikking from Aspen Family Services for sponsoring this program.


We had a great parent turn out for our High School Information Night on Thursday, November 8th. A special thanks goes out to Mr. Khubyar for making this night a reality!! It was wonderful to see representatives from Joane Cardinal-Schubert, Lord Beaverbrook, Central, EP Scarlett and Henry Wise Wood attend this meeting.


​Conferences will be held on November 22 and 23rd. It is expected that your children attend these conferences with you as they will be sharing their learning and progress with you at this time.​

September 21
A Wonderful Start!

Welcome to a wonderful year at Willow Park School! The start up was terrific. We welcomed 629 students to Willow Park! On Tuesday, September 4th students new to our school had the opportunity to hear indigenous artist, Chantal Chagnon, acknowledge that we are all Treaty 7 people and residing on Treaty 7 land. Chantal also sang her traditional welcoming song that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Our School Council sponsored a pizza lunch for all our new students. Willow Park welcomed back former student Mitchell Brady led band member of Static Shift to share with our learning community how the arts and specifically his time at Willow Park, positively impacted his life and career as a musician. What an honour and inspiration it was to have Mitchell join us. At the end of this eventful week, staff and students enjoyed a Welcome Back Barbeque again kindly supported by our School Council. A special thanks to our staff and students and School Council for making our first few weeks back to school so memorable.


We would like to thank parents and students for attending our conferences on September 20th and 21st. These first conferences are very important as they give the staff an opportunity to learn more about your child and how we can support their learning throughout the year. We look forward to a successful partnership between parents, students and staff this year.​

June 29

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June 28
Summer Holidays Have Arrived

​The summer holidays have arrived! It has been an incredible  year filled with rich learning experiences for our students. There have been many guests, artists and field trips that have enhanced our students’ learning.

Our Track and Field day at the end of May was a lot of fun for the students. A huge thank you goes out to our Physical Education team and our parent volunteers who worked so hard to make the day such a success.

Our Grade 9 Celebration at Heritage Park in June was thoroughly enjoyed by our students. They loved the rides and were very impressed with their roast beef dinner. It was wonderful to see all of the students laughing and dancing the night away! A huge thank you to Mr. Davidge and Ms. Quinn-Hall for organizing this wonderful evening and the Grade 9 Ceremony and to Ms. Cooper for taking all the spectacular pictures at all the events!

I would like to say a special thank you to our School Council who are so dedicated to support Willow Park students and their learning. We would also like to thank our Willow Park parents for supporting our fundraising events over the year. We are so fortunate to have such an outstanding council!

A huge congratulations to Ms. Faulkner, who was appointed the principal of Rosedale School! Ms. Faulkner’s passion for students, the arts and innovative learning will be dearly missed. The Rosedale community are so fortunate to have her as their new principal!

We are sorry to see Ms. Garden, Ms.Liznick, Ms. Ruuska and Mr. Egener leave Willow Park. They have been a tremendous addition to our school and they will be missed. We wish them well! We are excited to announce that Whitney Riecken will be teaching Grade 8 Math/Science next year! Welcome back!

Today was our last day of school and there was a lot of excitement in the air. An information letter regarding next year went home today in your child’s report card. 

Please remember to check our school website throughout the summer for more information and further updates. Our first day for our new students will be Tuesday, September 4th and Wednesday, September 5th will be when our returning students will return.

We wish you a wonderful holiday with family and friends and look forward to seeing everyone in September!​


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