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February 2018

As a teaching and learning community we continue our focused work in assisting students to further develop their ability to comprehend fiction and nonfiction collection of works. Students continue to be encouraged to utilize the metacognitive strategies: draw connections between their knowledge and the passages they read, determine importance, and engage in visualizing, inferencing and synthesizing to fully understand material they read.  Teachers are continuing to learn new strategies through our professional development to enhance student learning in the area of literacy.  Our latest professional development was in the area of Collaborating with Colleagues.  In pairs or small grade groups, teachers reviewed and discussed tasks that students had engaged in to demonstrate their understanding of text.  We considered the work student’s did as it related to the English Language Arts curriculum and our report card stems in order to determine accurate levels of proficiency for grade levels.  This is work that we are doing in schools as well as across the CBE.
One of our other priorities is to facilitate improvement in the area of mathematics.  We have Katie Carter, a Math Coach working with us two days per week in this area.  She has been working with our grade two and three teachers modelling, coaching, and co-teaching important strands of the mathematics curriculum to students.  Her expertise is phenomenal and we are observing students’ making connections and deepening their understanding in a variety of mathematical competencies.  She will soon be working with our grade five teachers and students.  Our goal is that by the end of the school year, all teachers and classrooms will have the opportunity to work with Katie in the area of mathematics.
Every year Alberta Education sends out the Accountability Pillar Survey that is completed by all grade four students, their parents as well as teachers in our school.  It is a set of 16 performance measures developed to assess jurisdiction performance in the delivery of educational outcomes to students across Alberta. Basically the survey is seeking opinions about our school, the work that our students do, how safe they feel at school, and the opportunities that we provide for our students.  Results have a significant impact on the perception of the quality of education in the Calgary Board of Education and in individual schools. Alberta Education and the public use the results of the Accountability Pillar Survey to assess satisfaction with the quality of education. It is important that this assessment be based on a response that reflects the breadth and diversity of the CBE family.  This year the surveys have been mailed out to all grade four parents, please complete the survey and return it to Alberta Education by February 23rd.  We value your opinions and will use the results to direct our focus for the 2018-2019 school year.  Our teachers and students are completing the survey online at school this month.
As part of our Health and Life Skills curriculum we are teaching students social skills like problem solving, compassion, respect, cooperation, conflict resolution, working with peers, making good choices, building character, and more.  As a teaching community, in addition to the Zones of Regulation Program that we brought in earlier this year, we wanted to have a unified strategy to teach our students pro-social skills so that they could be successful in life.  A group of teachers volunteered to research programs that would best meet our students’ needs and presented their top three choices to us.  Teachers unanimously voted for The Virtues Project.  On January 31st we presented information to the School Council and asked that they endorse this program, they supported us and so we will be utilising this program throughout Abbeydale School!  The Virtues Project has 52 virtues that are taught; these are honoured by many cultures and traditions throughout the world.  Some examples of the 52 virtues are: assertiveness, compassion, confidence, consideration, courage, flexibility, generosity, humility, patience, tolerance, trust, and self-discipline.  More information will be coming about this fabulous program, including the possibility of a parent evening to share the program with parents.
We are working hard to get lunch time and after school clubs organized.  There will be two sets of clubs that students will be able to participate in over next five months.  Students will have the opportunity to sign up for two clubs per week each term.  It was important to us to have student voice in our decisions about what clubs to offer and so students completed ballots to identify the top three clubs they would like to participate in. We tallied the results and are offering their most popular choices.  The first set of club activities will start February 20th and go until April 27th.  Our wonderful teachers will lead one of the following clubs: lego, basketball, friendship/girls group, art, cards/games, math, floor hockey, sign language, and book/library club.  We are offering clubs according to division so that students in grades K, 1, 2 will be together and those in grades 3, 4, 5 will be together.  We held an assembly to describe the clubs to students on February 8th and students are in the process of signing up for the two clubs of their choice.  The week of February 12th students will know which clubs they are in for the first term.  Descriptions of the clubs will be posted on the bulletin board across from the office, come check them out when you are in the school!  Those that are participating in after school clubs will have a letter come home with a permission slip for you to sign as they will be staying longer at school and require your permission to do so.
The performance by the indigenous dancers and drummers before the winter break was a fantastic experience for all who attended!!  It was a wonderful way to learn about part of their culture.  We are going to continue to learn and explore more in this area. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.
​ ​ ​ ​  
Starting this month our students will participate in activities presented by Scientists in Schools.  They will be presenting the following science programs for our students:
Kindergarten - I Can Be A Scientist Grade 1 – Sensational Science Grade 2 – Looking at Liquids Grade 3 – Life’s Like That Animal Cycles Grade 4 – Waste in Our World Grade 5 – Chemistry and Weather
This is a phenomenal opportunity for our students to explore and learn about science concepts.
We are all very excited about the Olympics!  When you are in the school, please look at our Olympics bulletin board in the hallway down from the office.  Each classroom has a country that they are focusing on.  We are doing some whole school math as we graph the number of medals each country receives.
As always, we value your insights and thoughts about Abbeydale School.  Please feel free to drop by the office and chat anytime. On behalf of all of us in the school, thank you for your continued support.
Tresa Pedersen Wright                                                             Greg Bennett Principal                                                                                  Assistant Principal

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