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Alert:  All Classes Cancelled - Do Not Send Your Student to School

On Sunday, March 15 the government announced that all classes are cancelled immediately and indefinitely due to COVID-19. We thank the government for ... View Full Details

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Student Resources and Supports for Ongoing Learning in a New Environment
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Update | Fee Refund Process for Families
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Continued Learning Update for All Parents
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Suggestions for Learning at Home | Grades K-9
  • Student Resources and Supports for Ongoing Learning in a New Environment

  • Update | Fee Refund Process for Families

  • Continued Learning Update for All Parents

  • Suggestions for Learning at Home | Grades K-9

Dates to Remember


Principal's Message

Picking up Student Belongings

​Dear parents, 
We will be providing an opportunity next week for one parent or guardian from each family to come and pick-up your child’s personal belongings (learning materials, shoes, etc.). Your child’s teacher will be contacting you with a specific date and time for your family. We will be following the guidelines below to keep everyone safe and would kindly ask you to do the same.  

Guidelines for Picking-up Belongings 
Do NOT come to the school if you are unwell in any way, have been in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 or have travelled outside Canada within the last 14 days. Please be responsible and help prevent potential spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. 
Only one parent/guardian from each family will be permitted to enter the school (no children please). 
At your given pick-up time, line up at the main door using the red pylons to ensure physical distancing (grades 5-6 in the mini and K-4 in the core). 
Please enter the school when asked to do so. Please remember to keep a safe distance from others at all times. 
Bags of student belongings will be set out in alphabetical order.  

Lost & Found 
In the core, there will be some shoes from the lost & found on display near the exit. If you spot a pair that belong to your child, you are welcome to take them with you. 
If your child is missing another item that is particularly important to them, please let your child’s teacher know and we will do our best to locate it for you. The rest will be held safely and made available for all parents to look through at another time. 

Library Books 
If your child has library books at home, please bring them with you to drop off in the bins provided. 

More than One Child in the School 
If you have more than one child attending our school, please come to pick-up all their belongings at the pick-up time given for your oldest child. All belongings will be gathered and waiting in one place. 
Grade 3 Parents: We also have some cash refunds and cancelled cheques for you to pick-up. Please plan to come at your given pick-up time for grade 3. 

 Thank you for your cooperation in closely following these instructions in order to maintain everyone’s safety. Please contact the office if you have any questions. 

Schedule for Parent Pick-up of Student Personal Belongings Wednesday - Mini Thursday - Mini Wednesday - Core Thursday - Core Friday - Core 9:30 Bergman A-J 9:30 Banks A-J 9:00 Zollner A-J 9:00 Tuttle A-J 9:00 Jenson AM A-J 9:30 Zollner K-Z 9:30 Tuttle K-Z 9:30 Jenson AM K-Z 10:30 Bergman K-Z 10:30 Banks K-Z 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:30 Henderson A-J 10:30 Cornwall A-J 10:30 George AM A-J 11:30 Mason A-J 11:30 Asmundson A-J 11:00 Henderson K-Z 11:00 Cornwall K-Z 11:00 George AM K-Z 11:30 11:30 11:30 12:30 Mason K-Z 12:30 Asmundson K-Z 12:00 Kounougeris A-J 12:00 van Ellenberg A-J 12:00 Jenson PM A-J 12:30 Kounougeris K-Z 12:30 van Ellenberg K-Z 12:30 Jenson PM K-Z 1:30 Moir A-J 1:30 Croteau A-J 1:00 1:00 1:00 1:30 Boothman A-J 1:30 Patrick A-J 1:30 George AM A-J 2:30 Moir K-Z 2:30 Croteau K-Z 2:00 Boothman K-Z 2:00 Patrick K-Z 2:00 George AM K-Z 2:30 2:30 2:30 3:00 Issler A-J 3:00 Mottershead A-J 3:00 Mah A-J 3:30 Issler K-Z 3:30 Mottershead K-Z 3:30 Mah K-Z ​ Sincerely, 
J. Campbell

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Today is the day! All proceeds go to the school!

Pink Shirt Day tomorrow!

Look what’s coming soon! Yay for spring cleaning the garage!

Family Literacy Week is in full swing! Students selected books from the Free Little Library yesterday ( & will have another chance today!), recommendations of 📚 to read have been shared, the 1st round of prizes have been won... stay tuned for more!

As we prepare to recognize Family Literacy Week (Jan 27 - 30), we’re asking for donations of gently used children’s & young adult books for our school-wide “Free Little Library”! We’ll be accepting books all next week. Thanks to those who have already donated these amazing 📚 💕

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