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Principal's Message

Nov 29, 2019

Good afternoon families,
I am often reminded by our amazing families about how far a gesture of gratitude and appreciation can go. Thank you to so many families who have been so very kind and generous to CJP over the last few weeks.  Amidst all the negative in social media, in our e-mails etc., we continue to receive some of the kindest and most supportive messages from our families. Thank you for taking the time to write down your thoughts and share with us. Your notes of positive praise, encouragement, and recognition are shared broadly amongst our team at CJP. They often give us the boost we need to smile larger, support more, and move forward.  
When budgets are tight and all families (including your CJP family) are asked to cut here, pinch there, hold back just a little longer, I look at the volunteers who contribute daily to our school. One parent so kindly pointed out to me “I may not have money to give, but I have time and am happy to give that”. We are supported in so many ways by volunteers, whether it is the middle school students (mostly but not always our graduates) who diligently arrive weekly on their early dismissal days to help out with technology, reading, cutting, bulletin boards etc. The hours and hours of those parents looking after all the fundraising initiatives from Co-Op gift cards, the book fair, spirit wear, Purdy’s...and the list goes on.  To those parents who support us in less visible roles like room parents, cutting out laminating in their homes, at the casino, and watching groups of children while other parents volunteer. Thank you. 
A huge thank you to those parents who remain positive and supportive through thick and thin. We appreciate those drop-off and pick-up parents who answer questions posed from other parents outside on the compound in such supportive and well-informed ways. Your positive contribution to our school culture and community does not go unnoticed.  
Lastly, to our School Council Executive and all those who participated in our meeting this past week. I walked away from our meeting feeling so well supported and understood by those who attended. I was encouraged by your willingness to support the school in what is a huge time of need. We appreciate your generosity of time and funds to assist us in continuing to provide excellence in education to all who attend CJP.  Thank you for attending the meeting this week, for asking such great clarifying questions, and for offering your support. The minutes of the meeting and all that was shared regarding the budget will be posted in the days to come.  
Enjoy your weekend. Stay Warm. 
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Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe 

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Captain John Palliser School

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School Contacts

Leanne Bettesworth
Assistant Principal
Miss Helen Sharpe
Education Director
Mrs Prem Randhawa
Althea Adams

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Exceptional/Complex Needs Montessori Regular
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9:10 AM
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