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Kindergarten Mrs. Ashby
Ms. Kenney
Grade 1Mrs. Noorani
Mrs. Stewart
Mrs. Watson
Mr. Woodill
Grade 2 Ms. Ilao
Mrs. Kurji
Mrs. Moore
Ms. Saifeddine
Grade 3 Ms. Coram
Ms. Cushon
Mrs. Dhaliwal
Mrs. Katchur
Grade 4Ms. Nazerali
Mrs. Plunz
Ms. Maclean
Ms. Montgomery
Grade 5Ms. Lasante
Ms. Lavallee 
Ms. Taylor
Mrs. Bui
Grade 6Ms. Metzler
Ms. Bahad
Ms. Storey
Mr. Vlielander
Junior HighMs. Bailey
Ms. Cheema
Ms. Chan
Mr. Dhillon
Ms. Gould
Mr. Hamilton
Mrs. Johnston
Mrs. Jones
Mr. Parekh
Mr. Patterson
Ms. Purewal
Ms. Hagan
Ms. Sharma
Ms. Snowdy

Fine ArtsMrs. Bassi
Mr. Batley
Ms. Ferrara
Ms. Macleod
Mrs. Lee
Ms. Solarski
CTFMr. Gordon
Ms. Sproxton
AthleticsMr. Caulder
Mr. Cormier
Ms. Ferrara
Ms. Royle
Mrs. Theberge
ELL Support
Student Services
Student Support Teacher
Mrs. Bassi
Mrs. Yee
Mrs. LaPointe
Ms. Whitney
Ms. Elrassoul

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Today we sent a year end message to families about our planning for school re-entry this fall. Re-entry survey results and a transportation reminder. Check your email to read it online: #yycbe #WeAreCBE

Due to increased traffic, we’re experiencing issues with the online report card feature of PowerSchool. Check out these instructions on how to view your report card marks/indicators. Sorry for the inconvenience! #yycbe #WeAreCBE