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​Spring has sprung and the grass is beginning to rise. There is major excitement in the air!! It’s spring!
This can be a lovely time of year but also a time when we need to work with our young people. Student safety is of major concern to us. Unfortunately, it sometimes doesn’t appear to be of concern to them. So, we must take matters into our own hands.
Crossing the street – please remind students to be super vigilant when crossing the street. They must STOP and look both ways. Too many parents have brought to our attention that students step off the curb and proceed across the street without looking. Cars have had to slam on their brakes and swerve to miss students. Surprisingly, I am speaking primarily about our older students. Please take time to remind your children of their responsibilities as a pedestrian.
I have requested ALL classrooms engage in conversations about being a defensive pedestrian.
At the school, we will be working with a group of interested parents to find ways to address the issues we are experiencing around the school with traffic and student safety.
Riding Bikes and Scooters – This is so exciting for us here at the school. Our building is within walking distance for the majority of our students, but with the wonderful weather many of them will be jumping on their bikes and peddling to school. We have a good number of bike racks outside of the building and, with the Sport Court being constructed, we are adding more.
With bikes come challenges. Students are not allowed to ride anything with wheels on the school grounds - this is a safety concern. You will often see me or someone from my team telling students to walk their bikes, scooters or whatever they may have. This is part of CBE expectations. We also expect students to lock their bikes and scooters up to avoid vandalism or theft – not bringing them into the school. Last year we had a couple of items stolen and our cameras revealed it was not a student who was taking things but an adult. The police were called and the video footage was provided.
Don’t forget it is the law that CHILDREN must wear HELMETS. According to Calgary Police services, about 20 young people aged nineteen and under die from bicycle-related injuries each year in Canada, while another 50 experience permanent disability. Each day we encounter students who are not following the law. You might want to discuss who pays the ticket if the police come by.
Cars – The mornings around DGS don’t appear to be a big issue for traffic. Families are wonderful at stopping, unloading students and heading out. I realize your ability to do this is partly due to the school doors being open at 8am for students. We are happy to do this for our families - we actually enjoy interacting with the students as they enter the building. Now, the end of the day is another story. Please consider whether it is necessary to drive to pick up your children. In bad weather this is understandable; however, when it’s nice out it makes more sense for students to walk. This is great exercise and can allow them time to unwind and clear their minds as they walk home.
We want to work with families and we all have a role to play in our student’s safety.​ 
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RT @PearsonPatriots: Congratulations to LBP grad (‘07) @jess_giang for winning both an Oscar & Golden Globe for her work on “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”. This is an incredible accomplishment for a very talented and passionate individual!

Today was the last day of classes before spring break!! Hope all of our students, teachers and school staff have a fun, safe and rejuvenating break! #WeAreCBE

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