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Even Spider-man is Supporting us in our Read-A-Thon
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When Did Anxiety Become The Enemy

​If you read research on anxiety and stress you will quickly learn that both are inevitable. Everyone experiences these states at some point. It is all in how we use them that will decide whether they are going to be negative or positive. When we are anxious about something we can choose to become proactive and use the feeling to get the job done, to tell the truth, to help others or whatever we need to do to move forward. If we choose to not be proactive, to avoid situations, then anxiety is allowed to take over causing problems in our life. 
As adults, it is our job to help children realize that first and foremost, anxiety and stress are going to happen, they cannot be avoided. Then we need to help them understand that only by tackling them head on can we be in control of our anxiety and stress, rather then them be in control of us. Of course this sounds simple, we know it is not all that easy. 
As adults we need to push our children to face these expereinces, and not try to take them away all the time. We may think we are being helpful, but in the long run we are teaching them that someone will always be there to solve their problems. Learing to be accountable is important, learing to deal with anxiety and stress is part of growing up. These are not bad things when we put them in context and we deal with them as situations arise. 

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RT @PearsonPatriots: Congratulations to LBP grad (‘07) @jess_giang for winning both an Oscar & Golden Globe for her work on “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”. This is an incredible accomplishment for a very talented and passionate individual!

Today was the last day of classes before spring break!! Hope all of our students, teachers and school staff have a fun, safe and rejuvenating break! #WeAreCBE

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Dr. Martha Cohen School

116 Brightondale Park SE Calgary, AB, T2Z 0V1
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Mr Jason Hartl
Assistant Principal
Mr Darcy George
Area Director
Mrs Sylvie Monfette
Michael Bradshaw

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8:33 AM
3:10 PM
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