CBE-Wide Policies & Guidelines

We have several policies and regulations that guide the CBE’s board-wide work, including:

  • Governance policies, enabling the Board of Trustees to effectively lead, direct, inspire and control the outcomes and operations of the district

  • Administrative regulations, the set of rules, expectations, and guidelines identified by the Chief Superintendent that support and align the operation of the CBE 

  • Results policies that set clear direction for student success

​In addition, the School Act from Alberta Education sets out the goals, roles and responsibilities of Alberta’s Early Childhood Services to Grade 12 education system.​​​​​​

​The CBE’s Three-Year Education Plan

The CBE has a Three-Year Education Plan that connects each of our schools and employees to the ultimate goal of student success. The plan is aligned with the direction of Alberta Education and focused in four categories: personalize learning, build professional capital, steward our resources and engage our stakeholders.​​​​

​Personal Information (FOIP)

The CBE is bound by the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIP)​, which has two purposes:

  1. To provide individuals with greater access to information from public organizations.
  2. To protect individual privacy. 

​Our school will provide information to parents/guardians regarding their child’s progress in school. We do not disclose information to other parties unless a specific request with signed authorization is made by a parent/guardian. There are some routine school-related activities where personal information is collected about students that may be disclosed. Examples of these might be displaying student work in hallways or publishing achievements on our school website.


Governance & Legislation

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