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April 03
EMS Learning Update

Good afternoon parents/guardians,

Spring break ends today and we are preparing to return to teaching and learning - albeit now from home.  Teaching and learning from home will be something new for all of us - rest assured, we will get through.  You will be getting two emails today.  This email will outline the plan for students for April 6-9 (no learning April 10 - Good Friday).  The second email today will provide information on Google Classroom and Google Meet.  These are the tools that EMS has choosen to support online learning from home.

Please remember that the school is closed.  Access to the school is by appointment only.   If your student requires access to the building to pick up an essential life item from their locker before we schedule locker cleanout and pick up (see below), you will need to call the school during office hours and make an appointment.  No one will be admitted to the school without an appointment being made in advance.  If your child is sick and/or displays any symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you stay home as you will not be admitted to the school.  Office hours are as follows:

  • Monday-Thursday: 800am-300pm
  • Friday: 800am-1pm

We are currently in the process of creating a schedule for students to come to EMS and pick up their personal belongings.  As per AHS and CBE guidelines, we must limit the number of people that are in the facility at one time.  Once the schedule is created and finalized, instructions for sign-up will be emailed to parents/guardians.

Next week, home room teachers will be reaching out to all students in their group to check-in and see how they are doing and to also ask questions around learning from home.  The information provided by students/parents/guardians is essential for us as we prepare the best possible learning experiences for EMS students moving forward.

***Teachers will be reaching out primarily by phone (email if they cannot get an answer to a phone call) between Monday-Wednesday next week.  It is imperative that you answer the phone and/or reply to the email that is sent.***  If your contact information has changed since the beginning of the year, please reply to me directly so I can update our records.

Teachers will be planning and preparing lessons and tasks for your children from April 6-9.  Online learning will commence Monday, April 13.  A detailed schedule will be emailed to parents, posted in Google Classroom and posted to the school website next week. 

Access to technology and the internet may be an issue for you.  Paper packages of assigned tasks will be made available only to students/families who do not have access to technology.  Devices that suppport Google Classroom/Meet are desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, Playstation/Xbox that can access the internet...the internet is also required.  As of now, we are still awaiting direction on the distribution of paper packages to students from the AHS and the CBE.  Once that is received, a pick-up and drop off schedule will be established for each grade.

I would like to thank you for your continued patience and support through these difficult times.  Teaching and learning online from home is something that very few of us have done before.  Please know that EMS staff are a hardworking, dedicated group of educators that will support your child(ren) through uncharted waters.

Kevin Godfrey
Proud Principal
Ernest Morrow School​
December 04
Principal Introduction

I am thrilled to announce my new appointment as the Principal of Ernest Morrow.  I am currently the Assistant Principal at Samuel W. Shaw School in the community of Shawnessy in the SW. I have been at SWS for just over one year and have enjoyed working with the students, staff, parents/guardians, and members of the community. Previously, I was the Assistant Principal at Woodman School for three years and a learning leader/teacher at RT Alderman School and Midsun School.

As the current Assistant Principal of Samuel W. Shaw School, I will continue to focus on my responsibilities at SWS until a date has been determined for me to start at Ernest Morrow.  The school is in great hands with Ms. Reed as the Acting Principal and I look forward to meeting and discussing our transition plan.  I am very excited to collaborate with parents/guardians, students, and staff to continue to build a supportive and positive place for your children to learn.

Once I begin in the New Year, my goal over the first few weeks will be to understand who our learners are at Ernest Morrow.  I will be in classrooms working with students and staff as we work together to create safe and caring learning environments, life long learners, and future leaders of our community, province, and country. 

This will be an amazing journey and I cannot wait for it to begin.  Best wishes to you and your family as we get closer to the holiday season.

Yours in education,

Mr. Kevin Godfrey​

November 08
Principal Farewell
The purpose of this post is to let you know that on November 26th, I will be taking a position as Policy Coordinator for the Calgary Board of Education. I will continue to be principal of Ernest Morrow School until then.  As we wait for an announcement of the new principal of Ernest Morrow School, you can rest assured our students will continue to be cared for and the school looked after by Mr. Moses, the Assistant Principal, and the rest of our staff.  

I first want to say thank you for the privilege of serving your child. It has been my pleasure to be at Ernest Morrow getting to know our students. They are funny, serious, and challenging while still demonstrating that they have been raised with those really strong values of kindness and respect. These are amazing kids who have continued to rise to the challenges we present them and show us that they are highly able. Some of my favourite conversations were discussions initiated by the students around school finances, the need to study Black history, and the need to create a visually appealing place for students to learn. Ernest Morrow will have a special place in my heart.

I want to thank our School Council who continue to work towards supporting the school in creating a strong learning environment for students.

It has been an honour to work with the teachers at Ernest Morrow. We began a journey in March of 2017 to create Morrow, a place in which students feel safe and know they are going to get a quality learning experience. There have been many changes and the teachers are an amazing group who consistently demonstrate their commitment to our students. The teachers at Ernest Morrow are happiest when they get to talk about their students and ways to make learning more engaging and relevant. Your child is in good hands.

Finally, I want to thank you, the parents. It always takes time to build relationships in a new building, but you have been welcoming and have shown a willingness to work together in supporting your child. Many of you have shared wisdom and insights with us as a team. Parents, students and staff will be provided with the opportunity to respond to a survey around principal selection. Please look for that survey next week.

I am grateful for the trust you place in myself and the team at Ernest Morrow.  I wish you and your family much health and success in the future. We never say goodbye, but Farewell for Now Friend. My deepest respect to all of you.  


Denise Sauverwald

September 14
Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

It has been a fantastic start to the new school year. Both the students and teachers have worked hard to create a welcoming and safe learning environment for all students. Both students and teachers have commented on the change in atmosphere at the school this year.

One of our goals this year is to provide better communication and access to students’ learning throughout the year. The following offerings are available this year:

·         Website – our calendar will be updated consistently with school events and activities

·         Course Outlines – to be posted on the Teachers’ blogs, which you can find on the website

·         Teacher Blogs – updated to let parents know what is happening in class

·         Curriculum Sharing Nights – an opportunity to come and see your child’s work twice this year. This is not a parent-interview and is led by your child

·         Parent-Teacher Interviews – an opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher to review your child’s learning twice a year – Parents will book conferences online

·         Contact the teacher – Each teacher has provided parents with their email

·         Showcase – each exploratory will showcase the work students are creating, designing and solving problems 

Teachers are working incredibly hard to understand Power School, which is our new system for attendance, marks etc. The Power School app will allow parents to have up to date and timely information. For example, parents are able to check hourly on their child’s attendance. Teachers will be putting all assignments into Power School and each of the assignments will show parents how those assignments connect to the report card stems. We owe many thanks to Ms. Currie, our Admin Secretary for the many hours she has put into making Power School a success. An information package went home to help parents sign up for Power School. You will need:

Creation of MyCBE account

Your email address

Power School app – can download right to your phone!

With the exception of our specialized settings, all of our students are now riding City Transit. The students have found this transition to be quite easy and we have had positive feedback. I want to remind parents that there is support for the price of the bus passes through the Fair Entry Program through the City of Calgary at http://www.calgary.ca/CSPS/CNS/Pages/Neighbourhood-Services/Programs-and-services-for-low-income-calgarians.aspx . They will send the passes to the school for your child. For parents who are seeking the rebate on bus passes, you will need to make sure you keep the passes. Rebates start and be available in October.

As a staff, we are all reading Discipline with Dignity. This book will support all of us in creating a learning environment that is inclusive of all learners and supports us in creating the safe and caring learning environment we want all students experience. Teachers are currently in the process of determining baseline assessments for all students in the building. We are assessing mathematics, writing and comprehension. The information from these assessments will inform teachers’ planning and our work around meeting students’ learning needs. The information from these assessments as well as the students’ work in the classrooms will determine our goals for the year in our School Development Plan. I look forward to sharing that plan with you at a School Council meeting.

Please get involved by attending the School Council meetings. We try to share information and answer questions of interest to parents.

Again, I want to thank you for the honour of working with your child. The students at Ernest Morrow continue to prove that they are highly able and want to grow and learn while taking on challenging work. 

June 06
June 2018

Every year the end approaches faster than we expect and there are a million and one tasks to accomplish. The end of the year brings some guarantees. Everyone is ready for the holiday, everyone will miss their friends over the summer, everyone thinks about the year they have had, and there will be changes the next year. Some of those changes are in the classrooms, the teachers and the subjects we are learning. Sometimes there are changes that are expected and others that are not.

This is a time of year when we experience the thrill of celebration in the hard work and successes accomplished throughout the school year. As a staff we have reviewed our year-end celebrations and asked some really difficult questions of ourselves. We looked at the awards that have been traditionally provided and through many discussions came to understand that many of the awards are reflective of a time long ago when practice and learning were different. At Ernest Morrow we are working to celebrate each student, and recognize each of their talents, successes, and growth.
Things will look different this year. Grade 9 students are not graduating, but they do want to celebrate their time at Ernest Morrow, their transition to High School, and the accomplishments they’ve made, and the memories. Students worked with the Grade 9 teachers to design their year end celebration.
  • June 15th, Grade 9 students will have a picnic at Elliston Park.
  • June 27th , Grade 9 students will begin their day with a variety of activities. Parents will then be invited to join the students in their classrooms for recognitions. The celebration will end with one final gathering in the main gym with a couple of good-byes from the principal, teachers and students. Finally, at the student request, they will walk across the stage.
Grade 6, 7, and 8 celebrations will occur on June 26. Students will receive recognition in their classrooms and celebrate the accomplishments of the year with their teachers.
Athletics will be a separate celebration in the evening of June 26. Every student who participated on an athletic team will be able to attend with a parent. Recognitions and celebration of the accomplishments that year will be the focus of the celebration.
For more information, please see the calendar for more details.
Another change next year will be the transition from Yellow Bus Transportation to City Transit. The Calgary Board of Education has worked with stakeholders including the communities, parents, staff, and students to examine more effective ways to get over 120, 000 students to school in a safe and efficient way. The solution was to move from the yellow bus to City Transit. They have found that students are very comfortable taking city transit and that results are proving parents are very satisfied with the experience their students are having taking City Transit. 
For parents who want to support their child in learning how to take city transit, there are training sessions available to parents and students over the summer. Please see https://www.calgarytransit.com/news/get-board-travel-training-summer-camp-2017 for more information.
There will be changes in the building from the restoration done after the fire.  One wing will be new. Our gym floors are being replaced which is long overdue.
Finally, I want to thank all of the students, parents, and staff for a successful year. We are working hard to examine our practice and continue to improve the learning experience offered to students at Ernest Morrow School. I am very proud of the staff at Ernest Morrow and their willingness to examine our work in the service of students. As we continue to do this work, there will be more changes always with the goal of personalizing learning for each student at Ernest Morrow School. The two constants that we can guarantee is that we look forward to our journey with the students the next year, and we are always excited to see them back in August.
I wish all our families a safe, healthy, family and love filled summer.
Denise Sauverwald
Principal – Ernest Morrow
May 07
May 2018

​There have been many comments about wishing for May flowers over the last few weeks. We are finally in sight of warm sunshine and the ability to be outdoors. Students will spend as many Physical Education classes outdoors as possible. A few students have already shown up with some really good sunburns, so please remind your child about the importance of sunscreen and plenty of water. Having a water bottle at school can support your child in drinking more water. We have installed a second water fountain in the East Wing that has a tap just for filling water bottles. 

We received our budget for next year and we are currently working to develop our staff for next year. Projections have our student population at 650 students for the 2018-2019 school year. In our efforts to support our School Development Plan and The Calgary Board of Education three-year plan, we are hiring a math coach and a literacy coach for the next year. These professionals will be in the building full time to support our teachers in delivering an excellent math and literacy program. We are pleased to have the opportunity to maintain our Indigenous Learning Leader to continue our work in understanding Indigenous perspective and worldview, Truth and Reconciliation, as well as the support of our Indigenous students in the school. This year we have worked with The Critical Thinking Consortium to support teachers in developing learning tasks the challenge students to think critically and solve complex problems. We are hoping we will be able to continue that work next year. 

Transportation and fees are always two topics of which parents have many questions. As we know more information, we will keep you informed about decisions made by the CBE. Updated Parent and Student Handbooks will be ready for the start of the 2018-2019 school year. 

I hope you will join us on June 12, at 7:00 for our Fine Arts Showcase. Students will highlight the work they have done in their exploratories and classes. We are also re-examining how we recognize our students each year. Focus groups were formed and we have asked students for feedback on the annual ritual of celebration and goodbyes. We will provide parents with more information as plans are confirmed. We are also looking forward to an family event in which families will be able to work together and build benches for our school. It is an opportunity to meet the community and work together on a much-needed project. Mr. Lajeunesse and Mrs. Matheson have been working hard to identify a design for the benches and getting the materials together. A notice will go home providing parents with the details. 

I want to thank the parents who sent their support and wishes for our staff after the fire. Your care is much appreciated. Our students found the change and disruption very challenging and we are supporting them. There is an update letter about the restoration on the website. 

Please check out our new website. It has been updated in most areas, and we have more work to do. The website will be the place where we will share all of our information. We will be discontinuing the newsletter as we move into the 2018-2019 school year as parents will receive information in a more timely manner on the website. As the website is updated, parents will be notified through School Messenger. 

D. Sauverwald, 

February 05
February 2018

I want to thank the parents who came to our School Council and Parent Association meeting on January 22. As usual, there are great discussions and parents are asking good questions. The topic for this Council meeting was fees. We have made a conscious decision at the school to only charge the fees that were essential and keep them at a minimum. Lunch supervision, transportation, and the refundable security deposit are fees levied by the Calgary Board of Education to cover the costs of running these programs. Any parents who are experiencing financial difficulties are able to apply for waivers for the CBE mandated fees or speak with the principal around support. Parents are encouraged to sign up for a MY CBE account to manage their payments. Please join us at the next meeting on February 26 at 5:30 in the Staffroom.

We are in the process of beginning to think about next year. Students are being surveyed to understand what they would like to see in exploratories, and we will use that information to guide our planning for next year. Once we know our projections for next year, we will begin to look at how we organize classes and schedules. Our goal is to have students choose options and have their schedules before the end of the year.

Exciting projects are in the works. Students have asked for spaces to sit around the school. To that end we have removed the Mustang Market and are waiting for the arrival of a new seating system for the students. We are also in the planning stage of working with Construction and our Design course to create other seating areas in the building. Another design project we are looking at is the creation of a community garden in the courtyard. Some of our grade 8 students are now making weekly visits to the Manor to play games with the seniors. Reader leaders are beginning a mentorship program with Keeler School supporting young readers to learn stronger literacy skills. There is nothing better than sharing a great book!

The math coaches worked with our Math teachers for a full day January 26th in support of our School Development Plan and our work to improve math performance at Ernest Morrow. In addition our Humanities teachers worked with TC2 from the Critical Thinking Consortium to support our students in developing stronger critical thinking and problem solving skills.

There are many community groups who support our students at school. Carya is one of our key partners. With Carya, we have a strong relationship with Starbright, Starburst, and Odyssey. There have been some changes to the Starburst program to better meet the needs of the community. Starburst will now have after school programming at Ernest Morrow every second week. The schedule is available on our website, and students who participate should have the schedule each month. Carya is excited about the new programming for Starburst as they will be opening a new community program that will operate in Forest Lawn.

The February calendar is online and provides information for the month of February, including extracurricular, games and programs.

I do want parents to know that we have great kids at Ernest Morrow and we continue to work towards our goal of including students in the creation of a strong culture and a safe and caring workspace. Our students continue to show they can rise to any challenge we present. We are so proud of them.


D. Sauverwald, Principal​

December 04
December 2017
On behalf of the staff at Ernest Morrow, I want to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday full of fun, family and love. The holidays can be challenging at times, so we have included resources at the end of the newsletter that may be of support to some of our families. At our October School Council meeting a number of parents came to discuss report cards and communication of learning. Parents expressed their concerns regarding the report cards and the frustration that sometimes occurs in trying to understand each of the indicators (marks) awarded to the students. Therefore, we have included a document with the report cards that will help explain the report cards further. Parents also expressed their desire for ongoing communication from the teachers and we continue to work towards improving that. Parents were provided with the opportunity to attend a Curriculum Sharing in October to view their child’s learning to date. Parent-teacher interviews in November allowed parents to meet with the teachers to know how their child was doing and to understand the report cards when they came home. Report cards will be sent home December 22, 2017. We have shared Provincial Achievement Test (PATs) results with our School Council and online. The data from the PATs and the Accountability Pillar Survey was information we used in coordination with other data to develop our School Development Plan, which can be found online at http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b644/publi.htm. This year we have decided to focus on writing across all curriculums. Students will work towards expressing their thinking, justifying decisions, and demonstrating thoughtful understandings. It was a pleasure to see all the parents who came out to Parent-teacher interviews. We had a very good turnout and hope to see an even greater turnout at the next set of interviews. Parents are important partners in learning for students. We want to thank the parents who have signed up to volunteer. We want to thank those parents who have come to work with us to provide feedback, solve problems and work together. As you know, the Calgary Board of Education has worked diligently with Alberta Education to decide upon fees levied within the schools to support students. As a result, letters were sent home to remind the parents of the fees due at the school. If there are any parents who require support, they are welcome to meet with the principal to discuss opportunities for support and payment. Again, we wish you a peaceful and restful holiday. We look forward to seeing students back on January 15, 2018. Sincerely, D. Sauverwald, Principal​
October 02
October 2017

​It is hard to believe we have already been in school for seven weeks and that we are heading into our first break, Fall break.

Many of our students have demonstrated strong leadership skills through working with teachers to manage volleyball, fundraise, and get involved in school clubs or athletics. We want to celebrate our students for their involvement in our school community. Students and staff recognized Terry Fox and his dedication to raise awareness about cancer. Orange Shirt Day was organized to recognize the impact of residential schools on generations of our First Nations families. Understanding our history and its impact on the world today is an important aspect of learning.

Our community is large and includes organizations who want to support our students. This includes partnerships with Carya, Act Out, WizeGuys, counsellors, our SRO officer and our Area support team.

Work with the Student Purpose Statement has provided us with the opportunity to set clear expectations and common language for our students and staff. Each day we work to develop strong relationships, problem solving skills and communication skills. As a Middle School, we know that students are working to develop their own sense of identity and understand what it means to be a citizen in our school and the community. This means consistently addressing issues around relationships including bullying and mental health. Ernest Morrow has received grants to support our work around mental health. This year we will be working to foster student understanding of healthy relationships and continuing to support students in understanding their role in developing and maintaining strong relationships.

Ernest Morrow was the recipient of a donation of funds from the Telus Calgary Community Board. The funds received were provided to enhance our Physical Education program. We chose to do this through the purchase of new gym strips ensuring all students had access to these gym strips. We are full of gratitude for this generous gift. Ernest Morrow is also grateful for a generous donation from the First Alliance Church Show ‘n’ Shine. This donation is going to be put towards initiatives to enhance the learning of students at school. Our students enjoy any opportunities to engage in hands on learning experiences, and we are looking to support this need.

Construction on our change rooms is complete. Students began to use the change rooms last week.

I want to thank those parents who have committed to volunteering in our school. There has been an increase in the number of people who are willing to volunteer and we need this strong support for our field trips and other opportunities. If you are able to volunteer, please come to the office to find out how to begin this process.


D. Sauverwald, Principal​


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