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Overdue Thanks

The start of a New Year always gives opportunity for reflection, and as I reflect on 2018, I have much to be grateful for.  I was elated to join Evergreen School in September of 2018 and have so thoroughly enjoyed my first months here.  There have been many fantastic and inspirational moments that I have witnessed in my short time here. Today I want to highlight one of these ​moments and give an overdue thanks to our learning community for the December Foodbank Drive spearheaded by Ms. Patterson's grade 2 students. 
In early December, Ms. Patterson's students were determined to collect donations for the Calgary Foodbank and had set goals regarding the collection of food.  Their goal was an ambitious goal of 9 large foodbank boxes full (ambitious because the previous year the school had collected 4 boxes).  Next, they wrote me a letter asking if I would allow myself to be “pied” in the face if the school was able to reach the goal.  After asking if I could choose the pie, I quickly consented to the idea/incentive for their Foodbank Drive.  One of the things I have learned and love about Evergreen is our students' motivation to help others.  Before the first donation, I knew my fate was sealed.
True to form our students and our community well surpassed the goal by collecting 17 large foodbank boxes full to overflowing with food!  When the representatives from the foodbank came to collect they shared that we were the second largest contributor in the city (second to a Calgary high school).  On December 21st, following our caroling and a performance by our hand bell choir, the time had come for my face to meet its fate.  Mrs. Byciuk's grade 2 class had collected the most food and as a result she would do the honours.  Being a baseball player, let's just say Mrs. Byciuk delivered a strike and my face was soon a whip cream canvas accentuated with a smile. 
For me the event spoke to the power of community when groups collectively set out to reach a goal, and it was an honour to have the pie makeover as a celebration of our collective efforts.  Thanks to the many families that shared pictures and videos of the event as my own daughters and family abundantly enjoyed seeing me get pied!  Thank you to everyone that helped make the Foodbank drive a success and for helping us all come together to support Calgarians in need. This act undoubtedly touched many Calgarians that will never know of the efforts of Evergreen School, but our student’s do it because kindness and generosity matter at Evergreen School!​

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RT @PearsonPatriots: Congratulations to LBP grad (‘07) @jess_giang for winning both an Oscar & Golden Globe for her work on “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”. This is an incredible accomplishment for a very talented and passionate individual!

Today was the last day of classes before spring break!! Hope all of our students, teachers and school staff have a fun, safe and rejuvenating break! #WeAreCBE

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