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Support for Conferences - Glamorgan School
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  • Online Store for Glamorgan Activewear Clothing Open

  • Support for Conferences - Glamorgan School

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Principal's Message

Supports at Glamorgan School

For this school year I want parents to be aware of the many extra supports we have acquired to support students both at school and also at home. With the following information of each resource it is our hope that parents will support their child(ren) at home by providing extra practice, support or enrichment opportunities in core curriculum areas. Please connect with your child’s teacher if you require access support to any of the items listed below. 
At Glamorgan School staff are excited to be working together to continue to develop programs and support for students to achieve and work towards their potential. Each of these items have been included in our wish list items for the Glamorgan School Council, and they have been able to support financially the need to have them available for the students of Glamorgan School.
 Some of the individual supports for students which are in place include the following:

 ‘Raz Kids’
A computer program available for all Glamorgan students from Kindergarten to Grade 3 which will assist students to practice and become better readers.. This can be accessed during school time by students, they may be assisted to work through items with staff members, or accessed anytime outside of school for extra practice. By fostering home-school connections and giving students a variety of books to read at their grade-appropriate level, Raz-Kids has what many parents appreciate as a convenient tool to monitor progress and improve literacy skills. There are many options for independent reading practice and assessment. Because Raz-Kids is accessible through the Kids A-Z mobile app, students can read online leveled books anytime, anywhere. Students can continue practicing skills introduced in the classroom by logging into their Kids A-Z accounts from their home computers, laptops, Android phones, iPhones, or Kindles to complete reading assignments and eQuizzes
With over 500 books at 29 different levels of reading difficulty, every student will be able to access a high-interest book that’s right for them. Each book’s eQuiz questions are tagged with a particular comprehension skill, so when you review quiz scores you know exactly what skills students are acquiring and what skills may require review. When students use Raz-Kids to read leveled books, they can choose from various drawing, highlighting, stamping, and note-taking options that allow them to practice active reading strategies. Raz-Kids also offers digital incentives and rewards to keep students motivated to advance reading levels. After students have completed reading and interacting with a leveled book, they can take multiple attempts at an eQuiz. Students can revisit the text as they take the quiz, and they can re-take it to improve their scores. You get student scores automatically, and with quiz questions tagged for specific comprehension skills you know exactly what skills students need to revisit.

‘IXL Math’
This is a math practice program available for all Glamorgan students from Kindergarten to Grade 9. The range of use is from before Kindergarten, to high school. This platform can be accessed during school time by students, they may be assisted to work through items with staff members, or accessed anytime outside of school for extra practice. This item has been paid for as well through the fund raising efforts of Glamorgan School Council.
For some students this resource could be assigned as homework for some students. IXL is a cloud-based service provided by IXL Learning which can be accessed via Android and iOS and through its web-based interface. The service also includes IXL Analytics, which tracks classroom-wide as well as individual student performance. IXL also includes IXL's Continuous Diagnostic, which evaluates students on six mathematics strands as well as their overall working grade level. It also offers up-to-the-minute insights whenever students complete diagnostic questions each week and generates specific next-step instructions for students.

‘JUMP Math’
 During school time teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 5 are utilizing the Jump Math Program which has a deliberate approach to teaching math. All teachers have had full day in-service sessions to get the greatest results from the program, and the importance of setting up the lessons prior to, the pages provided, in the work books. Students may be requested to complete certain questions, to demonstrate mastery,  prior to moving on to future work and activities.  
‘Assessment and Reporting in the CBE’
Assessment and Reporting in the CBE has been revised as of September 2019. This is an area which teachers will work together through Professional Development and workshop sessions to calibrate our collective understandings. Soon the CBE will populate all School Websites with information regarding the changes which will be implemented this school year. Included under the Teaching and Learning tab is located the Assessment and Reporting section where the Assessment and Reporting information will be added. Also, as a parent resource, I have placed a two page document titled ‘How is my child doing at school?’. This document also includes further summary information of the 4 Point Achievement Scale. Please take the time to review this summary for it provides important information of upcoming changes. This school year all grades and reporting will be only available on-line for parents through My CBE Account. 
How Is My Child Doing.pdf

It is our hope that many of these resources are well utilized and appreciated by parents to support the learning of your child(ren). Please let teaching staff know if you require support with accessing any of the above mentioned platforms.

Glamorgan School is certainly a wonderful place to be and together we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with each of you.


Kevin McDougall
Principal, Glamorgan School

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