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June 23
Have a great summer break!

Our most unusual school year is coming to a close;  we hope that the summer will bring an opportunity for students and their families to safely recreate and relax, and that by August 1st, the Education Minister will be allowing us to plan for a more normal looking school re-entry in September.  

Please note that Report Cards will be available to view on line via PowerSchool on Wednesday June 24thhttps://www.cbe.ab.ca/support/Documents/MyCBE-accessing-online-report-card.pdf  If you have any difficulty with this, please contact the school office.  If you cannot remember your user name (typically your e-mail address) or password, there is a self-service re-set tool that can be used for PowerSchool as well.  Any parents who wish a printed copy of the report please make a request to our Admin. Secretary Mrs. Gilkes: eagilkes@cbe.ab.ca .  A printed copy of the report will be placed in student files.

If you have any questions about the subject results reported please contact the subject teacher before Friday June 26th.  Staff e-mails are available at:  http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/gpvanier/about-us/contact/staff/pages/default.aspx  If there are further issues contact the school office.

Please return all items belonging to the school by Friday June 26th 12:00pm.  This includes any borrowed technology, texts, library books etc. Should band students wish to borrow instruments over the summer please contact Mr. Cripps: kwcripps@cbe.ab.ca

At this time we do not have a detailed decision regarding what school will look like in the fall, and how AHS regulations will determine modifications that may be required.  The Minister of Education is scheduled to make an announcement on August 1st regarding which scenario will be followed when learning resumes Sept. 1st .  Meanwhile, school staff are working in collaboration with CBE senior leadership to prepare for whatever decision is made.  The coming months will continue to have many uncertainties; our goal is to continue to safely  deliver education services and equitable learning opportunities for students to the best of our ability regardless of the circumstances.  We continue to appreciate your partnership and support in this.  As soon as we have more detailed information, it will be communicated to Vanier families.

I’d like to congratulate Vanier’s grade 9 students on completion of this step in your educational journey.  It’s disappointing that we could not all be together for an event that would provide celebration and closure for the school year, along with recognition for significant achievements.  Having just joined the Vanier community in January, I was looking forward to building the kind of relationships with students, parents and staff that make farewells so meaningful.  Sadly, that opportunity as limited, but I know that in the future we’ll do our best to create a moment where we can all come back together to acknowledge what was achieved.

There are some departing grade 9 students I’d like to recognize specifically; every year Kiwanis awards certificates and an engraved watch to students who have made a positive difference in the school community.  This year’s recognized recipients are:

Jace H.

Jorja B.

Rylie W.

Sloane T.

Ella C.

Sydnee T.

Mei-Lin D.

Robert L.

Ellen L.

Jakob V.

Congratulations to the recipients!

Additionally, every year two students are recognized by Education Matters with the Gary Weimann Award.  This recognition comes with financial component that may be used to further educational programs, exchange programs or as donations to preferred charitable groups. 

The grade 9 students put forward for recognition this year are:

Anne V and Ryland C

Again, congratulations to these deserving students.

I want to thank the Vanier community for the welcome afforded to  myself and Ruth Radetzky.  It’s been an interesting journey these last six months, and we look forward continuing to support learning for Vanier students in the coming year.  Mme Radetzky was named permanently to her position and will be with us again in the fall; we look forward to her continuing support of French language learning and all aspects of school life.  We wish you a safe and relaxing summer break.


“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” -  Dr. Seuss


Rob Keith




June 16
Weekly Update

After 3 months of ongoing learning, I want to express my gratitude to students, parents and teachers for remaining as engaged and focused as possible.  I appreciate that this time has been difficult for many, that uncertainty remains and that everyone is hoping for a successful return to ‘normal’ school operations in the fall.

The Alberta Government has released its guidance and more detailed scenario information for reopening and will announce on August 1st which path will be selected for September 1st.  This information can be found at: https://www.alberta.ca/k-to-12-school-re-entry-2020-21-school-year.aspx 

The scenarios presented vary from one in which school will resume with full student participation in classes which continued attention being paid to keeping the school building clean, using social distancing strategies where possible and with some limitations on activities in larger groups.  The second scenario could include a hybrid of modified attendance at school supported by ongoing learning at home.  The third scenario would be a continuation of ongoing learning at home with some expansion of expectations in terms of the number of hours weekly for school activities and assignments.

I encourage you to have a look at the details of the scenarios in on the Alberta Government webpage.  Note that Vanier school staff will implement whichever scenario is recommended to the best our ability and cater the response to our physical plant. 

As we approach the end of the current school year, keep in mind the need to return all school materials. 


Please return all laptops and chargers between June 22 - 26. We are available for return between 9:00 - 2:30 pm Monday through Friday. At return, we will need to sanitize the devices, check for damages, and signed in. Families will be invoiced if the device is lost or not returned. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Cheng (mscheng@cbe.ab.ca). 


If you are still looking to purchase a yearbook, there are only a few available. Please contact Mr. Cheng (mscheng@cbe.ab.ca) if you want to purchase one. Please note that we are receiving our yearbooks in September and will send out another message then for families to pick them up. 


Individual Program Plans are available to pick up by families. They will be on the front foyer tables in brown envelops. If you are unable to pick them up, please contact Mr. Cheng (mscheng@cbe.ab.ca) for alternate arrangements. 

Report Cards:

We will make digital reports available via PowerSchool on Wednesday June 24th – if you require a printed copy they will be made available either for pick up at the school by June 26th or they can be mailed at parent’s request.  Please contact our Admin. Secretary if you need a paper copy: eagilkes@cbe.ab.ca A paper copy of each student’s report will be placed in their student information file.  Please note that reports reflect a non-standard delivery of curriculum and instruction and related changes in assessment due to Covid 19 restrictions and Alberta Education directives.  If there are any concerns with the reports we ask that you first notify subject teachers via e-mail for clarification.  Teacher e-mails are available on Vanier’s web page.  If there are issues that can’t be resolved please contact the school office.


Some families are making inquiries regarding the possibility of having some sort of farewell event for the school  year; the CBE’s Chief Superintendent communicating on behalf of AHS has issues the following clear message to schools:

In the past week there have also been many updates and changes to health restrictions put in place by government and health officials. However, the decisions we have implemented for the CBE remain in place for the remainder of this school year:


§  in-person classes are cancelled;

§  diploma exams are not taking place except for a limited number of students with special circumstances;

§  summer school will continue to be offered online only;

§  facility rentals are cancelled; and

§  all year-end school or staff celebrations remain cancelled.


Clearly this is not the way we would like to end the school year; we hope that when restrictions on assemblies are lifted, we will be able to host some kind of celebration at the school for our departing grade 9 students.  The staff at GP Vanier wishes the best for the coming year to all grade 9’s heading to high school. 

As always, we thank you for working in partnership with school staff, and hope that your family is keeping safe and well

Rob Keith

June 10
Weekly Update

Thank you to all parents who have been responding to our surveys about bussing, reopening and planning for next year.  These surveys will remain open until Monday June 15th.  We appreciate your feedback.

Ongoing Learning:

Teachers are encouraging all students to remain engaged in ongoing learning as we head in to the final weeks of the school year.  Normally next week would be the beginning of our final test and exam period.  Given the constraints of Covid 19 regulations, teachers will continue to provide learning activities and opportunities to engage through until June 26th.  The Provincial Health authority is going ahead with Phase 2 of their reopening plans, but in person classes will remain closed, and there will be no achievement testing of final exams at the middle school level. 

Year End:

Some parents have been asking about a year-end wrap up event; at this time we’re not able to plan for anything like this in person at the school, even outside,  as the Phase 2 restrictions and CBE regulations still will not allow gatherings over 100 people.   For details see https://www.alberta.ca/guidance-on-outdoor-activities.aspx  If we are granted permission to have any sort of event, most likely a ‘drive by’,  before the conclusion of the school year we will send notification around this.

Option Selection:

Thanks to all the families who have identified their ‘top 12’ option areas for the fall.  This will help us determine what we can offer and how staff will be deployed to make sure there are a good variety of options for students.  There will be further opportunity to refine the selections as we continue our planning.

Return of materials/laptops:

In the next two weeks we will be sending more information about returning borrowed items from the school, and final opportunities for students to collect their belongings.

Athletic Uniforms

Families will be billed for un-returned uniforms.  If you still have an athletic uniform, please phone the school to arrange a time to drop it off.

Student gym strip

Any students who have not collected their gym clothes and/or materials from their school or gym locker, please phone the school to arrange a time to drop it off.


For students who have Individual Program Plans, Mr. Cheng is requesting the following:

IPPs will be available for pick up starting June 15 in the front foyer. You do NOT need to sign and return the IPP this year. If you are unable to pick up a copy, please contact Mr. Cheng at mscheng@cbe.ab.ca and we can mail it to you. 


Last call for any students who wish to order a yearbook – please also contact Mr. Cheng – the yearbook fee ($30.00) can be applied to fees in PowerSchool.

Shop Projects:

Mr. Eitzen is still offering take-home construction projects.  The choices are Jacob’s Ladder, Tissue Launching Crossbow, Trinket Box, CO2 car, and Birdhouse.  Please contact him at mdeitzen@cbe.ab.ca.  Last date for projects will be June 19th .

Parent Council Casino:

Please note that although Casinos are being allowed to reopen with restrictions as of June 12th, Charity Volunteer Casino operation will be phased in with a revised schedule:


This means that the Casino planned for Vanier Parent Council will be moved to a future date and will not be occurring on June 14th and 15th as previously planned.  Parent Council will be providing updates as more is know about the revision to the schedule. 

We continue to wish all Vanier families the best, and hope that you are keeping safe and well.

Rob Keith

June 02
Weekly Update

We continue to have some families unable to receive messages from the school as their main e-mail address has changed.  If you know a family who has not been receiving updates encourage them to contact the school office so that we can verify their correct e-mail and ensure that they are receiving information.


Please note that CBE has set up some engagement opportunities for parents and students to share their thoughts about potential reopening of schools.  These can be accessed via the following links.

Student Survey Link:  https://engage.cbedialogue.com/en/projects/2020-21-re-entry-surveys/engagements/2020-21-re-entry-survey-for-students/sections/1

Parent Survey Link:  https://engage.cbedialogue.com/en/projects/2020-21-re-entry-surveys/engagements/2020-21-re-entry-survey-for-parents/sections/1

Vanier also has a survey regarding Fees we invite parents to complete:  https://gpvanier.cbedialogue.com/en/projects/fee-survey/engagements/2020-21-school-budget-and-school-fees   

Transportation and Designated Schools:

We have had a reminder from our planning and engagement department regarding designated communities for Early French Immersion:

“Students in the Early French Immersion Program from Evanston and Sage Hill communities were re-designated to F.E. Osborne School. Students from these communities will remain at G.P. Vanier for Grade 9 in the 2020-21 school year.

Students currently attending Georges P. Vanier School

In a notice dated December 6, 2018, the CBE informed parents and students that students entering Grade 8 and 9 from the Evanston and Sage Hill communities would remain at Georges P. Vanier School to complete Grade 9.  At the time, the CBE committed to phase in the designation changes for students attending Georges P. Vanier School until the end of the 2020-21 school year.”

This reminder applies only to potential incoming grade 7 Early French Immersion Students who live in Evanston or Sage Hill.  Charter Yellow School Buses are no longer being provided to GP Vanier School.  If you are concerned that this applies to your circumstance and you need to request a transfer, please contact the school office.

Report Cards:

Teachers are inputting assessment results and comments for the creation of the final report cards.  As outlined in the initial commitment from the CBE and Education Minister, students will not be penalized for the change in program delivery during ongoing learning due to class closure.  We understand that these are unprecedented times, and that there has been a great variance in student’s ability to engage in their learning and demonstrate their best.  Their assessment will reflect their performance prior to classes being closed, and any improvements due to their work following.  There will be no final exams or Provincial Achievement Tests.  Report Cards will be shared electronically with parents; if you are requiring a paper copy of the final report, please notify the school and we will ensure it is mailed or available for pick up.

Off Campus:

We would like to acknowledge parent’s patience regarding refund of fees paid for school activities including off campus.  CBE has committed to attaining a maximum possible refund for those families who were signed up for the Quebec trip in April.  At the moment, CBE will not be permitting any planning for major off-campus trips until 2021 with the earliest possible departure date being April 1st.  We’ll continue to communicate with parents regarding support for these trips, and hope to be able to offer them again if permitted. 

Returning Technology and materials:

Please note that all borrowed Chromebook, Textbooks and other school materials are to be returned the week of June 22nd – 26th.  Any effort that can be made to clean and disinfect items is appreciated.  Band students wishing to keep their instruments over the summer please contact Mr. Crips to make arrangements. 

Next Year Planning:

As you know, we are continuing to plan for next year’s classes and will be sending information regarding option selections this week.  At this time we do not know what direction will be given regarding reopening of classes in the coming school year, and what restrictions may occur, but will do our best to respect student’s choices around their options to the greatest degree possible.  If you have questions, please contact the school office.  Some parents have also been asking about what extracurricular activities may look like for the coming school year.  The offering of extracurricular sports, clubs and activities will be dependent on health regulations specific the phase of reopening and the nature of the activity.  Opportunities will be communicated as we have more information. 

As always we appreciate your patience, partnership and effort during the pandemic.  We hope that families are keeping safe and well.

Rob Keith 

May 26
Weekly Update

​We hope that students and their families are keeping well, and are able to take advantage of some of the easing of restrictions associated with Phase One of the Alberta plan for re-opening services and the economy. Many families are speculating about how and when classes may return to normal; at this point we still have no concrete indicators from either CBE or Alberta Education but are engaged in planning for this eventuality.

Factors that continue to affect our decision making include:

- Removal of Yellow Charter School Busses for approximately 150 students

- Reduction in available spaces for Language and Literacy program students

- Overall reduction in staffing due to cuts in funding by the Alberta Government for Education

- Impact of Covid-19 on our student population and their families

Part of our organization involves getting information out to families to prepare.  On Friday may 29th, surveys will be sent home regarding potential option class selection.  We encourage students, with the help of parents, to complete and submit these forms as soon as possible so that we can determine what we will be able to offer in the coming school year.  If you have any questions about option course selection, please call the school office.

As we draw towards the end of the current school year, the following list of dates is guiding our process:

May 25 – 29 – Fee refund cheques completed and mailed to families

June 1st – Individual Program Plan students’ plans updated for current learning, priority learning and key understandings – IPPs to be sent home by June 15th 

June 8 – 12 – ongoing learning

June 15 – 19 – Finalization of report card indicators and comments

June 21st – last date for entry of report card indicators and comments

June 15 – 26 – Transition planning; finalize supports families may need through summer months

June 24 – 26 – Last opportunity for students to pick up any items remaining at school

June 26th – deadline to return borrowed school laptops

June 26th – last day of ongoing learning activities

All schools will use online versions of student report cards – any families wishing to pick up a printed copy of the final report please contact the school. 

As always, we’ll do our best to answer your questions, and to be available to students as they need assistance.  We truly appreciate your ongoing partnership and support, and look forward to working our way back to normal as soon as possible.


Rob Keith

May 20
Weekly Update

As we head to week 10 of cancelled classes, we want to again extend our thanks to students and parents for your continued efforts towards ongoing learning.  We hope that you are keeping safe and well, and that you are managing to stay positive during the crisis.

We are making plans for the coming school year, but do not have any detailed information yet regarding what this will look like in response to Covid restrictions, and when it will occur.  What we do know is that budget adjustments being made by the Alberta Provincial Government have lead to some decisions within CBE about how to best manage resources for 202-21.  The Chief Superintendent of the CBE has released a short video explaining the process and what is presented to CBE school trustees for approval:


A short document also contains some information regarding the impact of the funding model on CBE schools:


At Vanier, the most significant impact relates to the Charter Bus Service which was provided this school year for 147 students.  In the coming school year, and in the future, there will no longer be yellow school bus service to GP Vanier.  CBE Transportation has determined that students attending Vanier will need to make their own transportation arrangements.  In my personal experience, I have worked at a school that went through a similar transition; students and parents found that Calgary Transit provided a safe, efficient and reliable service.  Many families found that they preferred using city public transit to the yellow school buses.  If you’d like to have a look at the transit options available, you can visit the ‘plan a ride’ page at: https://www.calgarytransit.com/plan-a-trip

We are very interested in hearing from our community regarding this change and its potential impact on our classes organization for the coming year.  If you have not already done so, please take a moment to complete a quick survey regarding your intentions:


We want to make the best decisions possible while planning for the eventual return to regular classes.


Stay safe,

Rob Keith

May 13
Weekly Update

As always we hope that students and their families are staying safe and well.  We appreciate the efforts being made at home to stay engaged with ongoing learning activities, and the feedback coming to help guide the work.

Please note that Friday May 15th is a staff professional day and teacher’s schedules and availability may vary.  Monday May 18th is Victoria Day/Journee de Patriotes – teachers will not be available, and new work for the following week will be provided on Tuesday May 19th.  Students requesting paper copies or construction projects may pick them up from the school on Tuesday morning between 0900 and 1100.

There will be some communication coming from CBE to parents regarding organization for next year, and to gain feedback regarding re-opening of schools.  In addition, there will be some communication coming from GP Vanier school regarding transportation.  We will be following up with messages and a survey regarding this that will help us make the best plan possible when we are able to re-open classes for students.  When you receive these surveys it is appreciated if you are able to complete them as quickly as possible to assist with our organization.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Vanier’s School Council/Parent Council as well as the Band Parent Council for helping us with new equipment.  Before classes were cancelled, we ordered 30 new iPads for instructional use, and Mr. Cripps has worked to refurbish and acquire new band instruments to bolster the program.  Your time, energy and generosity are greatly appreciated.  We hope to be able to put this new equipment and technology to use in September.  

Many of Vanier’s students have participated in the ‘Linkages’ program which connects our students with seniors.  The organizer of the program, Betty Good, has sent the following information regarding how students may continue to participate in an on line project:

Hey Canada, what do Intergenerational friendships mean to you? 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of Intergenerational Day in Canada!

We’re calling Canadians of all generations - please help us build a virtual national quilt!

What do intergenerational friendships mean to you?

We want your creative drawings, photos, inspirational notes, pictures of sculptures, etc.

Please send them via email to: igday2020@gmail.com by Sunday, May 24.

Submissions will be compiled into a beautiful national quilt that illustrates that we are a diverse and unified country that is stronger together. The IG Day Quilt will be showcased and celebrated across Canada on Intergenerational Day, Monday, June 1, 2020.             Thank you so much for being a part of this collaboration! 

Betty Good on behalf of: LINKages Society of Alberta and other organizations

**If you want to include your name, please only show your first name to protect your privacy. If you are under 18 years old, please have your mom/dad/guardian write a note giving permission for you to submit. Take a picture of the note, and send it along with your art.

Sample of note:

By entering (your name) submission, I hereby give full consent to use their photos, drawings and/or all artwork submitted for the Intergenerational Day Canada Quilt to be displayed virtually and/or printed and displayed. I verify that this is my property to offer.

Signed: _____________________

Stay Safe!

Rob Keith

May 06
Weekly Update

We continue to send our best wishes to all GP Vanier students and their families, and hope that everyone is keeping safe and well.

May 4th – 8th is Mental Health Week; we hope that in spite of the difficulties imposed by the current situation that students and their families are feeling safe and supported.  Resources related to mental health strategies and supports can be found at https://mentalhealthweek.ca/  

Today the Education Minister confirmed that classes will remain closed for the remainder of the school year, and that plans are being considered for how schools may open again.  The announcement is being made on the basis of public safety, and recommendations from the Alberta Health authority.  CBE is responding accordingly as we continue with ongoing learning and support for students from a distance.  At this point we do not know when classes may resume, nor do we know what health restrictions may be in place at that time.  We will continue to do our best to keep students and parents updated. 

Our staff continue to work with students, to deliver ongoing learning and to provide opportunities for classes to meet on line.  Mr. Eitzen has some ideas about how to turn your basement into a Ninja Warrior course to inspire all students to stay physically active while in isolation: https://youtu.be/QvfEh9i6c4k

Please note that we are working on refunds for fees collected by the school and will mail these out as soon as possible.  We are also working on planning for next year and will be updating information on the school web page.

Stay safe,

Rob Keith

April 28
Weekly Update

As we turn the corner into May, and mark the 6th week (7 if you include spring break) of cancelled classes for students, I’d like to express my continued appreciation for the partnership between students, teachers and parents which is allowing for ongoing learning. Clearly we’re not in an ideal situation, but by remaining positive and engaged, good things can come from this experience.  We continue to wish all students and their families the best, and hope you are all staying safe and healthy. 

Mr. Eitzen would like all students to continue to engage in physical activity – for health and stress relief – and has provided the following as encouragement:

The Eitzenator Two Week Fitness Challenge:


 Mr. Eitzen can also be contacted regarding Construction Projects for completion while under isolation.

 For grade 9 students, an opportunity is available from CBELearn to engage in High School Math preparation.  They are offering a full 3-credit on line class for Math 15 – the grade 10 level course aimed at providing foundational math skills for high school.

 “This course is focussed on improving student mastery of mathematical skills, concepts and ideas. Students will build numeracy through thinking critically, identifying and solving complex problems, and demonstrating good communication skills. Learners will engage in collaborative tasks and formative assessments designed to develop student agency and independence while acquiring mathematical knowledge. The content focus is Grades 7 through 9 math curriculum as this forms the basis for higher level math courses. No Mathematics 10C course material will be covered.

The course can provide an opportunity for improved skills particularly for students who have struggled with math concepts in middle school.

CBELearn has provided the following details of how the course will run:


Ø  All CBe-learn online courses are delivered using Brightspace by D2L.

Ø  This 3 credit course will open mid-June and will end on July 27.

Ø  Grade 9 students will be required to take the 1 credit introductory online course called "Essentials for Online Learning Success". They will be given access to this course on May 21, 28 or June 4 and it must be completed by June 8.

Ø  As always, if a student wants to accelerate and finish the course early, we have ultimate flexibility to allow that to happen.

Ø  There are no tuition fees for CBE students.

Ø  Registration starts on May 1 and it will close on (or before) June 1.  Current School staff will add interested student’s names to the registration.

Ø  Instructions about how to login to the course will be sent to the student once their registration has been processed.


If you are interested in having your grade 9 child enrolled in the CBELearn Math 15 course, please send their name to Mr. Keith at the school – rakeith@cbe.ab.ca

We do not have any detailed updates regarding the refunding of school fees at this time.  We expect that CBE will be refunding fees set by the central organization automatically via the PowerSchool app to parent’s credit cards, and that a procedure for schools to refund collected money will be rolled out shortly.  As soon as the details around this become available, we’ll communicate via school messenger to all parents.

We also have no detailed information about how and when classes may resume.  The CBE takes its direction from the Education Minister’s office, and of course from Alberta Health Services.  We are engaging in planning for next year and appreciate parents notifying us of any changes which might affect their child’s enrollment at the school.  If this is occurring for your family, please call the school to let us know. 

Finally, I’d like to thank parents who have made contact to share their concerns and suggestions regarding ongoing learning activities.  These are shared with staff for discussion so that we can learn from each other, from students and from parents about what’s working and what’s not.  We encourage all students to remain engaged in the learning activities,  to contact their teachers with questions, and to fully participate in all offered live Google Meet sessions. 


Thank you again for your partnership,

Rob Keith

April 21
Weekly Update

As always, the staff at GP Vanier hope that students and their families are keeping safe and well.  Alberta health Services continue to give direction regarding the best ways to lower risk of transmission of Covid 19 – the CBE’s main web page posts updates related to the school system’s response including a page of frequently Asked Questions:



In terms of ongoing teaching and learning, we appreciate the feedback provided by students to their teachers regarding their workload and assignments; this process will continue as we deal with current conditions.  Option and PE teachers continue to add optional activities to their D2L shells - Some students have been taking advantage of Mr. Eitzen’s kits from the Construction Room:




If you are interested in making one of the projects, please contact Mr. Eitzen and he will make arrangements with you to get one from the school. 


Some families have been wondering about Vanier school fees.  We are still waiting for CBE finance to complete their work and will be following their direction regarding refunding fees as soon as possible.  We’ve also been receiving messages about this the school yearbook.  We do intend to have it published and available for students in September as originally planned; however, some of the material  for the yearbook may not be available.  If you are interested in having a yearbook, it can be purchased using the Fee App in PowerSchool.  The price is $30.00.


Before classes were cancelled, teachers were preparing to distribute Individual Program Plans (IPPs) for those students with specific designations.  The IPPs were to have been sent on April 17th; however, CBE has asked for all IPP communication to be postponed for the time being as teachers are not currently able to work directly on classroom strategies with students.  We hope that a format for completing the current cycle of learning related t Individual Program Plans can be completed before the end of the school year.


Every year, grade 9 students have the opportunity to apply for the Gary Weimann Award for community service.  The award is for students who are completing grade 9 at Vanier, and who have actively engaged in service activities.  There are two awards of $500 each.  Application for the award involves writing a short essay and submitting it to Education Matters. The full application and description brochure for the award is available on the Vanier Web Page on the ‘About Us’ page: 



Thank you to all students and families for your patience and partnership.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call the school.


Rob Keith

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Today we sent a year end message to families about our planning for school re-entry this fall. Re-entry survey results and a transportation reminder. Check your email to read it online: https://t.co/qFKMVzfIHS #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/2V4iqs1Xqo

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