​​​Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities allow our students to pursue passions and interests that fall outside the normal curriculum. These activities can include special interest clubs, arts, music and athletics. Our school is proud to offer a variety of extracurricular opportunities that enhance our students' learning experiences.​​


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RT @yyCBEdu: CBE Spring Break runs Mar. 23 – 27 for Traditional Calendar Schools, until Apr. 3 for Modified Calendar Schools. CBE Schools are closed during this time. Students and Staff, enjoy your time off, be safe and take care of yourselves. #WeAreCBE

RT @UsihChristopher: Every aspect of civil society has been impacted by #COVID19. One thing remains the same: the power of #kindness. In times of great uncertainty, how we care for each other (and for our students) has the greatest impact.Thank you for paying if forward. #WeAreCBE

Principal's Blog for March 20th @HawkwoodSchool .... #wearecbe @yyCBEdu https://t.co/GGhjznIVLn

New Principal's Blog coming tomorrow .. stay tuned!! #wearecbe https://t.co/mEoyGSFUys