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This Week at HAB - Conferences and AHS Note
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Conferences, Traffic Safety & Update
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Calgary's Child and Weekly Update
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Author Visit, Lost & Found & Weekly Update

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Principal's Message

October Message

​Every September and October our staff work very hard to create a School Development Plan. This year was no exception. During our early dismissal days throughout September and October we came together as a staff and analyzed our report card data, looked at what parents, students and staff reported on our Accountability Pillar Survey set out by Alberta Education analyzed the results from the CBE Student Survey and analyzed results from our Teacher and Support Staff Surveys.
This year the data showed us we needed to continue to focus on writing and math. More specifically we are looking at students increasing achievement in the following areas:
​Writes to develop, organize, and express information and ideas (Grades 1 - 4)
Expresses ideas and creates understanding through a variety of media (Kindergarten)
​Increased achievement in understanding number
Additionally, we have added a well-being goal:
​Students will demonstrate the Circle of Gifts and improve self-regulation skills throughout the year.
We will focus and hone our instructional strategies in the above areas during all of our early dismissal times and professional days. All the work we do in our building when your children are not in attendance is directly related and connected to our School Development Plan. Should you wish to read more about our School Development Plan, please refer to this website under About Us and then click on Our School. You will then find a link to our School Development Plan (SDP) on the right-hand side.
Another area we discuss regularly as a staff is assessment. We work hard to ensure our assessment practices are aligned with system expectations and between teachers. The report card is one way we communicate assessment to you. The report card should never be a surprise to you and you should be well-informed about how your child is doing throughout the school year. Feel free to email your child’s teacher or book an appointment to meet with them at any time throughout the school year to discuss your child’s progress. Parent/teacher/student conferences are another way to stay informed about your child’s progress. Our first set of conferences will be November 21 and 22. Please look for emails regarding details of these conferences closer to the time.
One way you can learn more information about what your children do all day in school is to come to Cookies and Conversation with Administration. This year, some of this time will also be devoted to our School Council meetings. Your voice matters and we look forward to working and learning alongside you. Our next Cookies and Conversation/School Council meeting is October 28 from 1:30 – 2:30. As per your request, we will talk about how we teach reading to your children and how to access the Alberta Curriculum online. We will have takeaway information about reading at this meeting. Everyone is welcome.​
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RT @BrarHab: We won popcorn and a movie for the month of October. Keep walking and wheeling to school to help with traffic safety! @HABschoolCBE

RT @Wilson_HAB: One student from every class decorated a pumpkin in the learning commons today. Each grade picked a favorite book character. Can you guess who they are? @HABschoolCBE #Habcbe

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RT @mrsyoungHAB: We hope to see many parents again at our Cookies and Conversation at 1:30-2:30 pm. Topics include Alberta Curriculum, Reading, and School Council. Ms. Sidhu has volunteered to make us authentic chai! See you soon!

RT @MHarveyHAB: We were excited to welcome an author and illustrator to HAB today. We loved hearing about the writing and illustrating process. @HABschoolCBE #HABCBE

RT @TPilatoHAB: These are the pumpkins we will be using to create our pumpkin patch in the classroom. Today some students worked together to line them up from biggest to smallest! #HABCBE #HABscoolCBE

RT @MakRichHAB: We have been learning about the growth mindset. Did you know that our brain is like a muscle? We need to exercise our brain by using positive self-talk. Each week we will have a new affirmation. Ask me what this affirmation means to me. #HABCBE @HABschoolCBE

RT @AddisonHAB: Today we used dice and practiced writing our numbers. We demonstrated our understanding of numbers @HABschoolCBE #HABCBE

RT @OmanthiH: We exercised our democratic right and VOTED! We are feeling informed, empowered, and grateful. We believe we can our world one vote at a time! Thank you @CIVIX_Canada And @studentvote for your resources! @LairdHAB @HABschoolCBE @ElectionsCan_E

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