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CBE / Flames Fundraiser | Nov. 28, Jan. 9 & Mar. 21
spotlight iamge
Hats off to CBE Schools for Cutting waste by the Ton
  • CBE / Flames Fundraiser | Nov. 28, Jan. 9 & Mar. 21

  • Hats off to CBE Schools for Cutting waste by the Ton

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Principal's Message

November 2018

​Every September and October our staff work very hard to create a School Development Plan. This year was no exception. During our early dismissal days throughout September and October we came together as a staff and analyzed our report card data and looked at what parents, students and staff reported on our Accountability Pillar Survey set out by Alberta Education.
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This year the data showed us we needed to have a focus on writing and math. More specifically we are looking at students increasing achievement in the following areas:
·      Writes to develop, organize, and express information and ideas (Grades 1 - 4)
·       Expresses ideas and creates understanding through a variety of media (Kindergarten)
·      Models, represents and communicates mathematical ideas (Kindergarten – grade 4)
We will be focusing on honing our instructional strategies in the above areas during all of our early dismissal times and professional days. All the work we do in our building when your children are not in attendance is directly related and connected to our School Development Plan. Should you wish to read more about our School Development Plan, please refer to this website under about us and then click on our school. You will then find a link to our School Development Plan (SDP) on the right-hand side.
Our professional day on October 26 allowed us to focus on non-fiction writing skills and how to bring this to your children. During this time, teachers explored the different forms of non-fiction writing and began to plan tasks related to one of these forms. Students have already begun to explore different non-fiction writing throughout their day at school. Procedural writing or instructional writing, labeling pictures, making lists, scientific experiments and writing about mathematical problems are all examples of non-fiction writing your children engage in every day at school.
One way you can learn more information about what your children do all day in school is to come to Cookies and Conversation with Administration. On November 15, we talked about reading and how we teach your children to read. The next time we meet will be December 13 from 1:30 – 2:30. During this time we will discuss math. All parents are welcome.​

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