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CBE Spring Break Fundraiser
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Parent-Teacher Conferences | Feb. 13, 2019

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Thanks as well to all those with children in Grade 4, who completed the Alberta Government’s Accountability Pillar Survey. It provides Huntington Hills with great information on what you feel we are doing well and areas that you feel we can improve on. Students who returned the surveys to us enjoyed a complimentary pizza lunch February 25. The surveys were forwarded to Alberta Education as they were returned to us.
March 22 is a non-student day and the start of Spring Break for our students. Teaching staff will be continuing to work on our School Development goal of improving math scores continuing to develop success criteria for math tasks. This work is intended to show to students, examples of what successful completion of their math tasks should look like. Students look at the examples to see how they compare to their work, and how they would add to their work to better demonstrate their understanding of the math concepts. We welcome students back after spring break on April 1.
Huntington Hills School Council and Huntington Hills School are exploring an exciting new project for the southwest area of the school. We are looking at putting in an amphitheatre for larger outdoor gatherings which would incorporate a set of stairs and sidewalk that would link to our office. This would provide an official sidewalk, stairs and access from the parent drop off location up on Huntercrest Road directly to our office. Design features include some form of flower and garden beds for our students to work with and a larger seating area for bigger groups to enjoy. If you would like to hear more about this initiative or other areas where our School Council supports your students, please come out to the March 7th Council meeting at 6:30. Babysitting is always provided by School Council!
Just a reminder that we have one more Parent-Teacher Conference on April 18. Have a wonderful Spring Break!
Mr. Layden

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