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November 25
November Message

​I want to start this week off by saying a big thanks to all those parents that I was able to meet at the conferences this past Thursday and Friday. It is clear that you are involved and want your child to have a successful experience at school.

The relationship between the home and the school is critical as we support these young learners in their educational journey. If you were not able to connect with your child’s teacher during conferences please do not hesitate to reach out at any time either through an email or through a phone call.

One area of communication that needs to be reinforced is that conferences are not the only time we want to connect with you. We also want you to know that you do not need to wait until conferences to access answers to questions you may have. We are available to answer them when the need arises. 

One aspect that has impressed me a fair bit over my first week at Baz has been the depth to which the staff here know the students. When I was introduced to a student or asked a question about a student there is a great depth of answers and information about your child. This is such a great starting point in supporting your child in their learning.

 This past week the volleyball teams wrapped up their season and had by all accounts a wonderful wrap up. I want to publicly thank those coaches for the dedication they make in providing the opportunity for the students to have the opportunity to have such a great volleyball experience. This past week the wrestling team started up its practices. If your child is looking to get involved and missed the sessions this week have them connect with Mr. MacKay or Mrs. Agnew.

 It is awesome to see so many coming out to the wrestling team. Basketball will start soon have your child check out the schedules on the events board across from the office. Tomorrow is the start of the next Term. Students received their new schedules on Thursday. We are asking the students to not make any changes this week. There is a process for students wishing to make changes and we will attempt to honour the changes as they arise.

 We have an amazing opportunity this coming week as Mark Giordano will be visiting us at Baz. Mark has made significant contributions to the learning at Ian Bazalgette through generous donations over the past several years. We are extremely grateful to him for his generosity and for his connection to the school.

We will be celebrating with him his impact in the community and the learning. It will be a great opportunity to connect with him and celebrate the relationship. Team Gio is also bringing in pizza for the students – what a great treat. 

Ian Bazalgette

October 01

Dear Parents and Guardians:

It is with mixed emotions that I announce I will be leaving my position as principal of Ian Bazalgette School.  My time here has been hugely rewarding, and I have very much enjoyed the experiences I’ve had and the relationships I’ve built.

When the selection process for a new principal is complete, I will be joining the staff at the Area 3 office as the system principal.  I am happy that I will continue to be able to support the work of not only the staff and students at Ian Bazalgette School, but also the larger Area 3 community.

Thank you for the support that you have given me throughout my tenure at Ian Bazalgette School.

August 22
First Week Back

The first week back has been a busy one for us at Ian Baz.  We have welcomed 25 new students to our school, including two international students.  New students have been practicing opening their lockers and finding their way around the hallways.

We have a number of new items for purchase in our bistro, however the ever popular ice cream continues to be a crowd favourite.

Don't forget to check the calendar for important upcoming dates.  Tomorrow is our Welcome Back Breakfast - open to all community members - please drop by!

Next week on Tuesday is our first School Council meeting - please attend if you are able - we are currently recruiting for our casino on October 28 and 29.  This is our major fundraiser which supports both our curricular programs (field trips, transportation, technology​, equipment) as well as our extracurricular programs (sports, clubs).  If you are able to help, please contact the school office.

Thursday the 29th is our Meet the Teacher evening, running from 5:00-7:00.  This is a chance to meet your student's teachers and get a quick tour of the school.  Hope to see you there!

August 13
Welcome Back!

Welcome back to all of our returning students and a huge Baz welcome to our new grade 6s and any new students to our school.

Don't forget that August 15 is the first day of school.  Grade 6 students and all Science Program students are expected at 8:30am.  All regular program students in grades 7-9 are expected at 12:30.

You will find out your homeroom, get your timetables, lockers and go through all of the student information on this first day.

On Friday, we will run a Friday timetable - options will begin on Monday.

If you can't make it to school for opening day, please give the office a call, or send us an email to let us know when you will be arriving.

We can't wait to get started!!!​

March 21
Activity Day

Today, March 21, all of our students were taking part in our annual Activity Day!  With support from Ed Matters and the fundraising arm of our School Council, all of our students were able to get out and take part in their favourite activities or try some new ones.  Here are the activiities our students enjoyed:

  • Wall Climbing
  • Indoor Soccer 
  • Badminton
  • Swimming
  • Escape Room
  • Mini Golf
  • Bowling
  • Archery Tag
  • InjaNation
​What a great way to kick off spring break!  Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful and restful break.  See you back on April 8th when classes resume.

January 31
January 2019 Newsletter

Report Cards and IPPs

This newsletter marks the midway point of the year and the time when we send home report cards and IPP updates. We do not have Parent-Teacher Interviews at this point in the year, however we are always happy to hear from parents by email or telephone and can schedule meetings where appropriate. The next interviews will take place just before spring break, after Student Learning Updates are sent home.

If you would like to speak to you student’s teachers, please call the school at 403-777-7360 and we can connect you.

Staffing Updates

We have a few staff changes to announce.  Teachers Mr. Michael Stahl and Mr. Jeremy MacDonald left Ian Bazalgette School at the winter break.  We are pleased to welcome Mr. Matt Hawes (grade 6 Humanities) and Ms Ashley Rowley (grade 8 Humanities).  

As well, our Administrative Assistant, Lynne Grey, retired as of January 18th.  Ms Sheila Jenkins has taken over the role in her place.  Welcome, Ms Jenkins!

We will also be saying goodbye to Ms Mary Elizabeth Kaiser, our Assistant Principal. Ms Kaiser will be taking on the role at Sam Shaw School beginning February 19.  We do not have a new assistant principal in her place as of yet, however the recruiting process has begun.

Although we are always sad to see our colleagues move on, it is always a treat when they stop by to say hello and we hear about their new adventures.  If you happen to be in the school, please stop in and give a warm Baz welcome to our new staff, and wish a fond farewell to Ms Kaiser.

Grade 9 Registration for High School

Please note important dates in the calendar (see left bar). All grade 9 students will be completing their registration for high school with their counselors in February. Should you wish for your student to attend a high school other than their designated school, please talk to your grade 9 teacher or the office for information on how to request a transfer. 


Please note important dates in the calendar (see calendar section of this website). 

Athletics Update

We are now midway through the year.  Congratulations to our Cross Country runners, Volleyball teams and wrestlers for their successful season.  The Wrestling team just completed their season last week, with solid divisional wins in all age categories.  Congratulations!

We are now in the middle of basketball season.  We would love to see both parents and students come out to watch our students play.  Just a reminder that all schools have a strict policy around supervision.  For students to be in attendance at a game, that student’s parent/guardian must be present.  The only exception to this is that we are able to welcome ALL Baz students at the first game when we are hosting (this game runs from 4:30 – 5:30pm).

Basketball season runs until spring break.  After basketball, we will be playing Badminton, and taking part in Track and Field.

Overdue Books!

Please check to see if you have any overdue books from either Ian Baz or any other CBE school.  We are happy to take any books back and will return them to any CBE school.


Thank you for your continued support of our school and your students!  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please call the school at 403-777-7360, or stop by the office.


Sandy Searle

December 31
Science School Open House

On Thursday January 17, Ian Bazalgette and Valley View Schools will be holding a joint open house for the Science Alternative Program.  The open house will start at 6:30pm in the Ian Bazalgette gym.  All interested families should attend. There will be a formal program followed by a question and answer time.  Please call the respective school for more information.​

August 14
Welcome Back!

It’s hard to believe that we are already back at it for the 2018-2019 school year!  We are excited to welcome the over 100 new grade 6 students and expand our Science Alternative Program to include grades 6-8.​

We have a number of events and sports starting up right away!  Please check the calendar events for more details.


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