We’re proud of our school and like to share our spirit.

School Spirit

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RT @CBE_CNGunn: The theme for Pink Shirt Day is “Lift each other up”; a simple but powerful message encouraging us to look beyond our differences and celebrate the things that make us unique. We are so proud of our CNG working together to lift each other up. #wearecbe https://t.co/MY2TYVsLxS

RT @MapleRidgeCBE: It was a #pinkshirt kind of day. Many of our students were engaged in fantastic conversations about the power of collective kindness. Way to go Maple Ridge! https://t.co/beX1EgXCyV

RT @TMCCBE: TMC staff and students celebrating Pink Shirt Day by reflecting on and sharing our gratitude https://t.co/IE8couKOIZ

RT @mckenzie_lake: A sea of pink at MLS today as students affirmed their stand against bullying and so did the staff! #wearecbe https://t.co/o8ymUaJZ71

RT @UsihChristopher: A sea of pink at the System Leaders meeting! Thank you all. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/ytw5iV3WuK

RT @Tombainescbe: Tom Baines Staff stands up against #bullying #yycbedu https://t.co/Hr3uIlOTRa

RT @gale_school: Students and staff around the school showed their support for #PinkShirtDay today and came up with ways to #LiftEachOtherUp @Area4CBE #WeAreCBE @pinkshirtday https://t.co/dJjmeyik0a

RT @NSS_School: #PinkShirtDay2020 at the NSS!!! We stand against bullying. https://t.co/xfjo0f1zSU