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JSM Week Ahead: February 24-28, 2020
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Paths to Reconciliation | Royal Canadian Geographic Society & Orange Shirt Society
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Pink Shirt Day
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Join Us | Calgary Flames’ Games Raise Funds for Schools
  • JSM Week Ahead: February 24-28, 2020

  • Paths to Reconciliation | Royal Canadian Geographic Society & Orange Shirt Society

  • Pink Shirt Day

  • Join Us | Calgary Flames’ Games Raise Funds for Schools

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Principal's Message

Season Greetings & Happy New Year

As 2019 comes to a close and we enter a new decade, we are truly grateful for so many things this year. The amazing students at James Short Memorial who eagerly share their stories, discoveries and wonders. We truly appreciate the professionalism and ethic of care that continues to be shown by our teachers and support staff over the last couple months. Our greatest strength is our people. This is evident in the way that staff support each other and the learners every day, and continue to bring high quality learning experiences to all students. 
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We are looking forward to seeing all of the students back at James Short Memorial on Thursday January 9, 2020.

Have a safe and cherished holiday!

 Cheryl Zelmer & Jon Patry

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RT @robynjacobi: It is an honour to have @UsihChristopher and @marilyndyyc address the students at the My World Conference this year #WeAreCBE @robynjacobi @kmalayko

RT @DHSRiebot: Amazing performance from @ForestLawnHigh Competitive Dance Team today at My World Conference! #WeAreCBE

RT @kmalayko: Thank you @sait Trojans student athletes for sharing your story about mental wellness at this years’ My Word Conference. It’s so great to hear first hand stories about wellness. #WeAreCBE #WeAreTrojans

RT @DHSRiebot: “Do what makes you incredible!” 800+ incredible students sharing their voices at My World Conference. Thank you, @Stormshadowsong for sharing your story of resilience and courage. #WeAreCBE

RT @robynjacobi: Students at My World Conference engaging in meaningful conversations with Chief Superintendent Usih to come up with solution-center messages for system leaders about how to best support students #WeAreCBE @UsihChristopher @robynjacobi @yyCBEdu @kmalayko @LPpritchard22 @DHSRiebot

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James Short Memorial School

6333 5 Ave SE Calgary, AB, T2A 3V7
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School Contacts

Ms Cheryl Zelmer
Assistant Principal
Mr Jon Patry
Education Director
Mr Scott MacNeill
Mr Richard Hehr

School Information

Exceptional/Complex Needs Regular
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Morning Start
8:55 AM
3:40 PM
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