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Alert:  All Classes Cancelled - Do Not Send Your Student to School

On Sunday, March 15 the government announced that all classes are cancelled immediately and indefinitely due to COVID-19. We thank the government for ... View Full Details

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Continued Learning Update for All Parents
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March 20 COVID-19 Update
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Suggestions for Learning at Home | Grades K-9
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All Schools Closed Due to COVID-19

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Principal's Message

The Past Week Has Not Been Routine

Dear Parents of Maple Ridge School,
Over many years of commuting, I’ve made an interesting observation. I often end up seeing the same car on the road, followed the same bus down the street or waited in the drive-thru line for a coffee with the same vehicles. I think this is our love of routine. We often do things at the exact same time of the day. Routine anchors us. It is predictable. Ultimately, it is safe. When something falls out of routine, it rattles us. My alarm didn’t go off. I got a flat tire. There is no milk left in the fridge.
We are all aware that the past week has not been routine. It has been a shake up of everything normal on a global scale. Everyone has been impacted in some way.  Likely the greatest fear for most of us isn’t whether or not we will get COVID-19 but the unpredictably of what routine will be rattled next.
Like you, I cannot predict tomorrow. The way things are going, we cannot predict an hour from now. However, it is important that we all find ways to maintain as much routine as possible. This is especially important for our children. Like us, they are more regulated and feel safe when routines are established and maintained. At school, we are working to keep these routines as tight as possible. It brings a feeling of safety, security and predictability to know that music is every Monday at 10:30. Math is every day after recess. The iLab is open and ready when I need a new book to read.
What routines already exist in your home? What routines could be established? Our children need the same predictability we do but they don’t always know how to start or maintain it. The coming days will be a great time to involve them in a conversation about what they feel they need to bring routine and a sense of normalcy to their lives.
Brad Emery Principal

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If you are planning on coming to the school on Wednesday to pick up personal belongings, here are some things you should know. Assigned pick up times, are by last name: A-F 8:30-10:30 G-M 10:30-12:30 N-S 12:30-2:30 T-Z 2:30-4:30

Thank you to those families who came out to the grade 1 celebration of learning today. They have been learning all about cause and effect by designing Rube Goldberg machines. They are then transferring their learning to what cause and effect looks like in an ecosystem.

Learning the science of wetlands and ecosystems today through drama. Thanks to @Evergreen_Th for inspiring our thinking and your creative story telling.

It was a #pinkshirt kind of day. Many of our students were engaged in fantastic conversations about the power of collective kindness. Way to go Maple Ridge!

We are excited to have our Artist in Residence start today. All of our students will be engaged in photography projects. Lesson #1: The Science of Photography. Special thank you to our Parent Association for sponsoring this learning.

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