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September 16
Lion Pride!

​We have had a wonderful startup to the 2019-2020 school year.  Students have come with energy, enthusiasm and a desire to learn. 

We have started the year by reflecting on the concept of PRIDE.  Students and staff shared in our kickoff assembly things that make them proud of themselves, their school and our community. 

We look forward to meeting parents on September 19th from 6:30-8:00.

April 01

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I will be retiring from the Calgary Board of Education at the end of this school year. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with your children and the Mount Royal community for the past four years and this is a wonderful school to end my career on. Your children have brought me joy, laughter, sometimes frustration (lol) and I have cherished every minute of it. I have been fortunate to have such a supportive parent community- you truly work with the school to make Mount Royal a great place to work and learn.

I will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of our school until June 30 and will make the transition to the new principal as seamless as possible. Please know you will always be in my heart and mind!

The Calgary Board of Education welcomes input from parents, students and staff regarding the programming and leadership attributes you value. Your input is taken into consideration as part of the hiring process and will support the selection of a new principal for Mount Royal School. It is also shared directly with the successful candidate to inform their entry plan into the school. An online survey will be available on the Mount Royal School website from tomorrow Tuesday, April  2 to Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 4:00 pm.  You may also click on this link: https://ca.surveygizmo.com/s3/50045488/Mount-Royal-School-Principal-Selection


February 13
Athletes Don't Vape....

​The students of Mount Royal have taken on the challenge of promoting wellness instead of the vaping trend that is sweeping our city. Our students have a strong belief in strong mind, strong body and would like to be seen as a positive role model for their peers. 

Teachers submitted names of students who they believe are excellent role models to respresent our school in wearing Athletes Don't Vape t-shirts to school. Very quickly other students wanted to participate and now we have an order in for others to join in.

We look forward to seeing how this innitative will impact our student body!

October 15
Below the Waterline

​Last week Dwayne Peace did a presentation for parents that was called "Parenting with Eyes Wide Open". I have heard Dwayne speak on several occasions and have read his newly published book. What stands out for me is his analogy that humans are like icebergs-that we only let others see 10% above our waterline. That most of who we are and what we stand for can be submerged in the 90% below our waterline.

Teens are no different. As parents and teachers we need to spend the time and effort it akes to see what is below our children's waterline-what makes them tick, what are they afraid of, what are they hiding from themselves and others?

Dwayne talks about everyone having a story that no one knows about and that if we took the time, we could gain more compassion, respect, understanding and empathy. Taking the time to look below the waterline is my lesson for the future!

September 27
Parenting Presentation

Parenting Presenting-Thursday, October 11 at 6:00pm-8:30 pm-Mount Royal School

Parenting with Eyes Wide Open
2.5 hours – Adults ONLY-no students please

Book will be available at the end for $20 (inc. gst)

This parenting presentation is sponsored and paid for by the Mount Royal School Council.

This session provides the same information to parents that their children received in an abbreviated format and from a different angle. This session will cause parents to think about their parenting style and the bad habits that they have carried over from when they were raised. Parents will view the last 15 minutes of the 60 minute video the students watch. Dwayne will then share what the youth are telling him in the Part 2 small group sessions such as:

  • they are tired of the fighting, screaming and hollering going on in the house
  • they are tired of being compared to their siblings
  • they wish they were closer to their parents
  • they miss spending time with their dad’s
  • why are they under attack when they do something wrong but they are not celebrated when they do something right
  • they are afraid of not meeting their parents expectations…and much more.

There is also a portion of this section that focuses on Dad’s role in the family. This is a very powerful session for parents to attend for the sake of their children.

The book, “Parenting with Eyes Wide Open” was completed due to the many requests by parents to have one for a resource after the adult session was completed.

Please let Mrs. Weber know if you plan to attend this session at nweber@cbe.ab.ca .




September 12
Meet the Teacher

​Our annual Meet the Teacher is coming up next week-Thursday, September 20 from 6:30-8:00. We will start with a very brief introduction in the gym of the staff and then allow parents times to speak to any teacher they wish in the same location. I would highly recommend that parents know who their child's TA is so they can connect during this open house.

August 28
School Start Up

​Where did the summer go? Parents, you must be excited as the students to have them come back to school! If you are recieving SchoolMessenger messages from our school you do not need to register your child at Mount Royal as they have been automatically rolled overed from our feeder schools.

On September 4 students return to school as follows:

8:30   Grade 7's only-they will spend time getting to know their TA teacher and how Mount Royal operates before the older students join them.

10:00     Grade 8 and 9

As far as school supplies goes, please ensure your child has the basic supplies: backpack, binder, paper, pencils, calculator, glue,  indoor running shoes for gym. Ipads or personal computers are also a nice option if families are able to provide this as we now have a new Wifi systems that can handle the traffic. Students can either bring their gym strip from last year or purchase a new set in September.

Switching classes-we are asking that parents do not ask to have their child switch into another class. Teachers have spent copious amounts of time creating the best learning environment for their child. Students do not always recognize the best environment for learning which includes they might not be in the same class as their friends. They will still probably be in optiuons, health and PE together anyways.

June 27
Staff Changes

​It is that time of year were we must say good bye to staff members who will be leaving us at the end of the school year:

Mr. McCafferty is leaving the CBE and moving on to new adventures-we wish him the best on his new career choice.

Ms. Chan's probationary contract is up and she is looking forward to a new position with the CBE.

Mr. Froehler is leaving us to be the new Learning Leader at A.E. Cross-we would like to thank Mr. Freohler for the excellent work he has done with our ELL students this year.

Our new Assistant Principal will be Laurette Lavoie who is coming to us from CBELearn.

Currently we have hired two new staff to work with the Grade 7 team: Mr. Bakshi and Ms. Ulmer. We would like to thank Mrs. Purslow for stepping into the acting role this school year.

We would like to wish our families all the best-have a great summer!

June 11
School Supplies-2018-19

​We are quickly approaching the end of the school year and believe it or not parents are thinking about buying school supplies for next year. It is sometimes very difficult to tell parents exactly what students will need as teachers could change schools.

To make it easier on parents were are asking parents to consider the following:

1. Back pack that can carry textbooks and binders

2. Indoor running shoes for PE. Students will be expected to change for PE and we will be taking orders for gym strip early in September.

3. Binders and lined paper that is hole punched

4. Pens, pencil crayons, glue stick, ruler

5. Optional but very useful: Chrome book, laptop or ipad

In the first week of school teachers will then add in any special items students will need for the upcoming school year.

June 05
Grade 9 Celebration

​Just a reminder to all Grade 9 parents that we will be having our Grade 9 Farewell this Thursday, JUne 7 at 6:00pm. We will be having a short ceremony for students and their parents from 6:00-7:00pm and a social gathering afterwards for parents and students. It will be a great opportunity for the Grade 9's to take photos of their friends and teachers.

Parents will leave around 7:30 pm and students will have a dance until 9:00 pm.

We would also like to remind parents that students from other schools are not allowed to attend this event-it is only for family of the Grade 9 students.

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A reminder that there is no school for students at Mount Royal tomorrow or Friday. We look forward to seeing you at interviews tomorrow.