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Hats off to CBE Schools for Cutting waste by the Ton
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Parent Engagement Meeting
  • Hats off to CBE Schools for Cutting waste by the Ton

  • Parent Engagement Meeting

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Mathematical Thinking

​I apologize that this is late being posted, but I have been very engrossed in two online mathematics webinars over the past two days relating to how to match our instruction with the learning progression of children in addition and multiplication. 
One of the areas of research that has gained great notoriety over the past few years is “growth mindset”.  Simply put, this is the belief that our brains are constantly growing and changing and that we alway​s have the ability to learn things that we may not yet understand.  People who have open mindsets consider math as being filled with beauty and puzzles that are inviting them to solve.  This is the thinking we want to develop in our students, and also in ourselves.
As you know if you read my blog regularly, we have recognized that math is an area to which we need to attend as a school. In order to effectively examine our practice, we have been using the work of Jo Boaler, a professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University.  You can gain a sense of her work by watching her Ted Talk or visiting her website, Youcubed.
Through reading and discussing her book, Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students' Potential through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching​, we are talking about our beliefs about ourselves as mathematicians, and how to effectively help our students explore new math concepts.
We welcome you to join us in this exploration over the next few months, and I will share some interesting thoughts and challenges for families to consider in this blog.  Over the last two weeks I have posted challenges to you to “play math” with your children.  This week I am offering the first challenge that I will be offering to all students in our school.  Students are invited to consider it in many different ways, but what I hope to hear is about how students think through the challenge.  By hearing them discuss or having them share their thinking in their math journals, we will learn a lot about what they understand.
I have a new coat.  It has four buttons.  Sometimes I start at the top and button all the way down.  Sometimes I like to button from the bottom.  How many different ways can I button my coat?  
How do you know?

Check back next week when I will offer some of the ways that our students considered this challenge.

Cheri Wickland, Principal
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