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Student Led Conferences
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Week Two Math Challenge!
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It's Time for Student-Led Conferences!
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New School Support Model
School Council and AFORCS Meetings on Tuesday!
Me to We Club
CBE Spring Break Fundraiser

Parent Society

Our Parent Society is Known as the Association for the Friends of Ranchlands Community School (AFORCS)

Meeting Dates/Schedule

Parent Society meetings directly follow the School Council meeting. 

March 12 | Regular Meeting

Our Members

Chair: Regan Winters

Vice Chair: Sue Kryway

Treasurer: Katherine Shepard

Secretary: Kristine Boers / Kelsey DuPont

Volunteer Coordinator: Jennifer Makus

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Dates to Remember


Principal's Message

Celebrate Learning at Student-Led Conferences

​As educators, we are frequently asked why we have student-led conferences rather than the traditional parent-teacher conferences. There are many answers, but I will explain a few important ones.
The most important people in the lives of children are their parents. Our students are proud of the learning that they are doing and they want to celebrate it with the people that they love.  They are very excited to show you how much they have learned, and how much they can teach YOU!
Our staff is always available to discuss your child's learning.  We are in contact through email, telephone and face to face conversations with parents regularly.  If you EVER want to know how your child is learning, please do not wait for a specific time to come and talk to us.  We don't want to limit our conversations with you to the few times each year that we have scheduled conferences.
The best way for you to learn what your child understands is to ask them.  Our students should be able to answer your questions about the artefacts of their learning that they have chosen to share with you.  Here are five questions that we expect our students to be able to answer about the work they are sharing:
What are you learning?
What is the task you were asked to do?
Why is it important?
How will you know that you have learned it?
What do you need to learn next?
If you run out of questions, a great one to prompt more discussion is, "What else can you tell me?" or "Show me more!"  Ask your child what their learning goals were and if they met them. Encourage and help them set new ones for the remaining three months of the school year. Ask your children to tell you how they demonstrate the Three Pillars of Care.  Ask him or her to introduce you to the teachers and administration.  Ask questions about the things you notice on the walls. We love to see our students proudly showing their work to their families and showing you around their school. These amazing interactions couldn't happen if your child's teacher sat down with you to show you samples of their work.  STUDENTS need to be at the center of the conversation. As you have heard me say before, we are partners on the learning journey of your child, and we expect all of our parents to join us as we celebrate how far your child has come on their journey, and help them set goals for even more great learning ahead!  See you Thursday or Friday! Respectfully, Cheri Wickland, Principal

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It is amazing to see our students proudly celebrating their learning with their parents. There is so much amazing work to share!

School-wide Weekly Math Challenge #2! Students discovered that if the value of the triangle is 1, the value of the trapezoid is 3. Here's a twist! What is the value of the entire shape? Explain what you notice, wonder and HOW did you figure it out? #WeareCBE @UsihChristopher

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Ranchlands School

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School Contacts

Mrs Cheri Wickland
Assistant Principal
Mr Daryle Todos
Area Director
Miss Carrie Edwards
Ms Trina Hurdman

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School Hours

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9:10 AM
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