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RT @therideauspace: Thanks to @learningstem for being such a wonderful after school program @RIDparkschool! We love all the innovative… https://t.co/WBQ7zzePve

Thank you @RIDparkschool for terrific conferences where students demonstrated their learning and shared with their… https://t.co/CLsu2dI62U

Wishing Grade 9"s a great day as they head off to work with their parents. #takeyourkidstoworkday #preparingfortheworldofwork

RT @rideau2s: Thoughtful discussions & questions sparked by this World War I artifact. “I think the soldiers would have been so t… https://t.co/QShuHYvNjY

RT @rideau2s: It’s NOT a box. It’s a...Stayed tuned for what our boxes turn into! @aportisa @RIDparkschool #imaginationhttps://t.co/Cc23nVCovm