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Spirit Animals...mountain goats, turtles, lemurs. Gr 8 Humanities is very busy! https://t.co/h3ypJj1tua

The bus is filling up with gr 7 & 8 band students...next stop, Camp Caroline @gocampcaroline ! https://t.co/LcPvCvVyCu

Celebrate Rideau Spirit with Twin Day! https://t.co/9ykVmYNWiA

RT @LisaDavisYYC: Toured many of our alternative settings before Xmas with Brant Parker along with @AltheaGAdams and @TrinaYYC . There is a lot of innovative work taking place in these types of programs! #ableg #abed https://t.co/OoXmeICeCw

RT @banffcentre: Gain hands on experience w/ our Library & Archives Practicums @BanffCentre. Both positions are designed for new library & archive professionals w/ a background in the arts. Learn & develop @ Paul D. Fleck Library & Archives 📚 Apply by March 6, 2019 → https://t.co/0gVp8o5qk2 https://t.co/48r1BEicZl