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The bus is filling up with gr 7 & 8 band students...next stop, Camp Caroline @gocampcaroline ! https://t.co/LcPvCvVyCu

Celebrate Rideau Spirit with Twin Day! https://t.co/9ykVmYNWiA

RT @LisaDavisYYC: Toured many of our alternative settings before Xmas with Brant Parker along with @AltheaGAdams and @TrinaYYC . There is a lot of innovative work taking place in these types of programs! #ableg #abed https://t.co/OoXmeICeCw

RT @banffcentre: Gain hands on experience w/ our Library & Archives Practicums @BanffCentre. Both positions are designed for new library & archive professionals w/ a background in the arts. Learn & develop @ Paul D. Fleck Library & Archives 📚 Apply by March 6, 2019 → https://t.co/0gVp8o5qk2 https://t.co/48r1BEicZl

RT @UsihChristopher: When I visit schools, I’m pleased to see our students engaged in rich learning evidenced by the level of collaboration, deep responses to my questions, and clarity of the learning goal. Our teachers and support staff are tops! Thank you! #WeAreCBE