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November 03
This Week at Rideau

​Our School Development Plan at Rideau Park guides our work each and everyday.  Currently our commitment to continuous growth is focused on our students' strengths to take ownership of their learning and to persevere when their school world seems difficult.  

We know that the center of our work is in the ongoing teaching and feedback that we provide to our students.  Feedback provides students with the next steps that they need to take to gain further understanding and build on current understanding to grow as learners. 

A difficulty for students is worrying that they have failed when they make mistakes.  Our work as the adults in their lives is to be honest with their current level of understanding and to provide them with the ways forward to build their learning.  

This is also true for their social and emotional well being.  Our children will make mistakes.  The perseverance develops by working with them to be honest in their mistakes and work together to learn from the mistakes.

The most important part of all of this is that our children are accountable, advocate and act with care in our community.

Our students will face many challenges in their development.  Our work as adults to support them by walking beside them not for them is what matters most.

October 06
The Week Of October 7


it is something that we can never become too laissez-faire about.

For this reason, it is important that we all work together to support one another in keeping our students at Rideau safe.

We are requesting that all families respect the driving routes set up for our school.  Drop off at Rideau​ - -Please DO NOT drive down the alley or into the loop. Even if you are in a hurry.

Students are the responsibiity of the school during school hours.  We require a parent or assigned guardian to sign out a student if the student is leaving during the school day.  If a student is leaving with someone else, the parent must provide the school with permission for your child to ride with someone else.  

Please email jehadden@cbe.ab.ca  or Myra Hoffman - mjhoffman@cbe.ab.ca with your permission.  

To confirm bell schedules - Rideau Park does not have teachers on supervision until 8:50am.  If a SPECIAL circumstance should arise - for a specific situation, please email jehadden@cbe.ab.ca and we will do our best to accommodate your situation.  We cannot look after school children in the early morningon a regular basis.

Students may enter school at 8:50 am.

The bell to be in Home Room is 9:00 am where attendance is taken.

Attendance for Junior High is taken again at 9:10 and each susequent class.

When students arrive late, they go immediately to class and the teacher records the time at which the student arrived to class so that we maintain a running record of attendance.

Please continue to email Home Room teachers and cc mjhoffman@cbe.ab.ca with absence information.

We appreciate the help of all families.

One accident of any sort would be one too many when considering the importance of our students at Rideau.  They deserve our very best.

Thank you,


September 15
Week of September 16

​The CBE is working to offer an outstanding learning program to each of our students.  

Please join our School Council on September 25 to hear our opening year message from our Superintendent.

Get engaged in discussions about High School - click the below link for details


I recently read this article and felt it worth sharing.  These are challenging times for raising children and the advice of others is often worth a read.


I am looking forward to meeting you at Meet the Teacher until 6:00 pm on September 18.  I hope that you drop by.

Judi Hadden


September 08
Week Of September 9

​This week I had a great conversation with students about banning cell phones.  We discussed traditions and whether the decision to ban phones would actually solve anything.  The purpose of the discussion was deeper than cell phones in that I was hoping to help our students understand Government and it's roles in adapting to social issues.  What we discovered with the honesty of our students is that banning phones would only move the use underground.  The kids willingly admitted that they would just look for ways to hide their phones or use them where no one could see.  One of my worries is that we send our kids to washrooms to use their devices which raises safety concerns.  At Rideau, teachers and students want to work collaboratively to create a learning environment where technology devices have a purpose but do not detract from learning.  There are times when devices can enhance the learning opportunities and times when the devices are not needed.  We hope throughout this school year to continue our work.  I am very proud of our students and their work to determine when the device is purposeful and when it needs to go away.  We all admit that the device can get in the way of our socialization and that too must be something that we are aware of.  

One thing that I do know and believe that we would all agree on, is that texts and messages from parents can take away from our learning.  Parents are the most important people in the lives of our students and out of respect our students feel obligated to respond to parent messages.  If students receive a message in the middle of learning - their mind automatically wonders more about the message than the learning.  I can't stress enough how much this harms your child's learning.

Please support your child, text or message them before school, at lunch or after school.  Please let them learn during their day.  Their devices are often in their lockers but not always and we want them to learn with purpose and focus.

We look forward to meeting all families face to face - September 18 2:30 tp 6:00 pm - join us to Run for Terry Fox, snack with Food Trucks and have conversations with our teachers.

Judi Hadden


September 02
September 3

As we begin our 2019- 2020 school year I invite all members of our community to pause and reflect on our school values:




Each of these values help us to embrace the challenges of the upcoming year.  There will be successes and failures.  Our strength to embrace learning that is difficult, make new friendships, and remain flexible as our learning adapts to the many demands on a school all contribute to our development as fullsome individuals.

As members of Rideau Park School, we are nimble, we invite adventure and we have grit.

Here's to a great year.

June 23
Week of June 24

​As we prepare for our final week of this school year it is a time to reflect on our work together as an entire school community and to be grateful for the opportunities that we have had.  We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students academically and socially this school year.  Our students have engaged in exciting opporutnities and have taken risks as learners.  They have embraced technology and have made safe decisions as digital learners.  Rather than ban technology we have worked together to learn to use technology responsibly.  We have learned to understand when it helps and when it hinders. 

Our school has promoted team and leadership.  We have started to understand our role as teachers and learners, and as community members.  We also reached out beyond our community to our role as citizens of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and the World.

In all of this work we have focused on seeking understanding while we try to be free of judgment; learning to accept and build on one another's strengths while we reach out and support one another's weaknesses. 

Our diverse school coommunity is filled with care, compassion and kindness. 

We have spent 10 months together learning.  We have shared in each others' great days and our less pleasant ones always knowing the Rideau doors will be open to us each day. ( We will miss Mrs. Halford opening these doors for us).

We are appreciative of our parents and community who support us to do the work that we do and our teachers whose days reach far beyond the school day to mentor, coach, prepare, collaborate and learn so that our opportunities will prepare us for our future.

We are grateful to live Empathy, Open-Mindedness and Integrity at Rideau Park School.

Judi Hadden


June 09
Week of June 10

​We are down to our final weeks of this school year and we have a great deal of work to do to finish off with strength and determination.  The most important thing for all of us is healthy rest and nutrition.  If we keep our bodies healthy, our brains will not fail us.

Please check the school website and class blogs, D2L daily.  There is so much happening and we don't want anyone to miss out.

Parents are invited to join in on all of our special days and activities.  Please come by when convenient and please celebrate our year of work with us.

Time passes so quickly - I was amazed that Mrs. Halford has given 20 years to Rideau Park School.  That is a commitment that we must all cherish and celebrate.  To have someone so connected to our community and who cares so deeply about our community is very special.  I hope that everyone finds time to celebrate Mrs. Halford on June 19.

A school year is unlike any other experience.  We spend this intense time together -students and teachers- and then we come to a space of closer.  I hope that we can all find time for gratitude for the opportunity to be together, to learn, and to appreciate what we have collectively shared.

I hope that our month of June is one we can cherish.

Judi Hadden

May 26
May 27

​On Wednesday our School Council held its AGM for this year and held elections for the upcoming year.  I would like to acknowledge the work of the executive this past year.  These are volunteer hours and without this support, our school and ultimately our students would do with less.  We appreciate the contributions of all individuals on our School Council executive.  Thank you so much to those of you who are moving on to new opportunities and will not be members of the Council executive next year.  Your dedication is admirable and our school community thanks you for your time.  We welcome those members who are joining the executive and look forward to working together in the upcoming year.

SAFETY continues to be at the forefront of our work at Rideau Park School.  We need everyone to understand the liability involved when students wish to leave an event on their own or with another person.  We are responsible for our students and unless we have a specific notification from the parent, we are unable to release a child to anyone other than the designated parent. If you are planning for your child to leave an event with someone other than yourself, please email the school office and the teacher in charge of the event ahead of time to make us aware of these plans.  We keep these messages on file.  We are also unable to release your child from the school during the day without you coming in to pick them up.  I cannot be 100% sure that they are safe walking to meet you on Elbow Drive and I am responsible for your child.  Please help us to take  the important steps to keep our children safe.  If we knew that we would be facing accidents ahead of time, there would never be any accidents as we would be prepared for them.  We can't always predict what is ahead and must be safe.  Please make prearrangements, and please come into the school or event to pick up your child.  

May 20
May 20

​Wow our week last week was so fantastic.  The school musical was a great walk in history at Rideau. We all enjoyed looking back and learning about Rideau through the VCR and 8-Track Tape Player.  Looking back in the yearbooks was also fun and many Rideau community members commented on people that they knew who had also attended Rideau.  We are so rich in our history.  

We continue to build on this rich history with our current students, staff, parents, and volunteers.  This week our School Council invites all parents to the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday at 7:00 pm.  Our Chair Erin Kent will present an overview of the year, a new slate of council executive will be elected and the Parents' Association will also present on the year.  This is a great way to get involved in Rideau.  Our school relies on the everyday committees that our School Council provides.  

As well, Rideau welcomes new parents on Thursday evening.  We will be hosting a learning evening for all Grade 7 Parents.  This is a great time to welcome new parents to our school community and make new connections.  

The school continues to be very active as we celebrate our year of learning.  I personally have had a chance to take a look at our students' work on their first Provincial Achievement Exams and I am very proud of the work ethic of our students.  They are putting their heart into their work and digging deeply to articulate their learning. 

Our students are a reflection of all of us in the community.  Don't forget to sign up on the website for the volunteer tea.  We look forward to celebrating together.  

Thank you Everyone!

Judi Hadden


May 12
May 13

Dear Rideau Families:

May is the month when our work for the year comes together. We have developed strong community relationships, our students are proud of their learning accomplishments, and as we have grown as teachers and learners we are making deep connections between our curricular areas.  I was so proud of our students (all of them) last week.  We as a school came together to support the writing of Provincial Achievement Exams.  The students in Grade 6 and Grade 9 were diligent in their work. I truly believe that each student worked hard to demonstrate their very best work.  Students K-9 were respectful of this time and kept the learning environment focused.  Students were especially respectful during lunch time as the Grade 6 and 9 students continued to write.  Our Fun Lunch team of parents were so adaptable to support the environments as well.  I really appreciate the effort of our entire school to support one another and be so thoughtful to understand the importance of our academic work.  We are very fortunate to have the staff that we do at Rideau.  As we all worked together to support our students the sense of community once again flourished.

Thank you Everyone!

Judi Hadden


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