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December 09
Week of December 10

​Our concert this Wednesday evening is a chance to gather as Rideau Park Community.  I hope to see everyone at the concert and that we can all take time from our busy schedules to celebrate our students and teachers.

It has recently come to our attention that while many of our students have digital devices, families have not taken the time to set up the devices for safety and security.  Please take the time to understand the devices that are being provided to your children.  Please set up "find my device".  Children do misplace their devices and the administrative team at Rideau is very willing to help them but when we find out that they do not have a simple support set up, it is frutstrating and time consuming.  Please also make sure that you have a family plan for accessing icloud or Outlook accounts to again support these devices.  

I hope that in the next few weeks as we enjoy the holiday season, we find time to "Pay it Forward" with kindness.  This would be a value of Rideau!

Thank you,


December 02
Week of December 3

Dear Rideau Families:

It has quickly become December.

There is a lot of learning to take place before our winter break.  Please make sure that  your children are continuing to check their D2L and Blogs to connect with their learning. 


We would like to thank our Parent Society for supporting Rideau.  Current purchases of math mats for elementary, iPads for all students, and huge support for our STEM Learning program are very much appreciated by staff and students.  We also look forward to bottle filling fountains in the near future.  Thank you so much to all of our families for supporting our Parent Society and our kids.




We are maintaining very close contact with those schools that are currently distributing their report cards so that we can make sure that Rideau Families are set up for success.  

The very first step is:

Set up a Power School Account - Do this on a computer and do not use the APP.

Once in Power School - go to MYCBE to see the links available to parents.



We are here to help.




November 25
Week of Nov. 26

Dear Rideau Families



We will be posting our School Development Plan and our School Results Report to our website this week. Our staff has worked collaboratively in teams and as a large group to review our survey results from the past year and identify key areas for continuous improvement.  We presented our plan at our School Council meeting on November 21. I would like to thank staff and parents for our conversations this fall to build our future programming at Rideau. 


The next steps in Power School will include online reporting. The January Report card will be viewed through the MyCBE account


A few important notes:  To access MyCBE, first login to Power School, a computer must be used. The Power School App does not work with MyCBE.  If you want to use a phone, you must go to the CBE site and then into Power School and then into MyCBE.  The easiest is to use a computer. 


We have learned the importance of clear guidance to families as they work in Power School.  It is my understanding that a very thorough step by step guide to accessing your child’s report is developed.  We will be providing this information to you in the next couple of weeks.  The Rideau report card will be available for viewing at 4:00 pm on January 31, 2019.  


If in this new process, we can be of any help, please let us know.  We will continue to communicate the necessary information and help to be prepared for the end of January.  


Parents of grade 9 students, it is important that you engage in conversations about high school. Students will be registering for high school very shortly and conversations are important.  Parents must be involved in the registration and high school selection process.  Please take the time with your child to be planned and prepared.  Visit our high school page on our website. http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/rideaupark/culture-environment/student-services/preparing-for-high-school/Pages/default.aspx


We are looking forward to engaged learning for the month of December – we have a lot of important work to do.


Thank you,




November 18
Week of November 19

​Thank you to our students and parents for engaging in meaningful conversations about learning at our conferences.  It is great to see our students explaining their learning and leading us in their learning and understanding.  If families were unable to connect with teachers during conferences, please contact your child's homeroom teacher and we will be able to be of support.

Thank you to those who brought some food for our teachers on Thursday and Friday.  We always appreciate your support.

Don't forget to regularly check D2L or your elementary blog to keep up with the events in your child's school life.   

This is a HUGE week at Rideau:

8-1 and 8-3 are at STEM Lab this week 

Grade 5/6 are off to Telus Spark on Tuesday

Grade 3/4 are off to the Glenbow on Wednesday

Grade 7 OE is off to climbing next Monday.


We are in to Volleyball Play offs - Go Rams!

School Council meeting on Wednesday November 21 at 7:00 pm.

On Friday our teachers will be working with Ramsay School Teachers as we engage in conversations about Design Thinking and Math.  The numberline is a number one tool at Rideau this year from Kindergarten through Grade 9.  How many number lines do you have in your house.  Lay out those measuring cups, spoons, liquid containers. . . A good supper conversation and you might be surprised at what you discover.  The more real life connections we can make for our kids, the more easily we build their understanding.  Don't count out grade 9 - integers can be very confusing.  We have many places in our home where we talk about positive and negative numbers.  

Have a great week and stop by at Rideau if you have the time. 


November 11
Week of November 12

Dear Rideau Families:

I hope that all families had an opportunity this week-end to have a conversation about Peace. Remembering the impacts of our past helps us to think more openly about our future.  Our Remembrance Day Ceremony shared with Elbow Park was a wonderful example of student artistry.  Thank you to all teachers at both schools who facilitated this opportunity of Remembrance for all of us.  


This week on Wednesday, November 14, it National Take Your Child to Work Day for all grade 9 Students. https://www.thelearningpartnership.ca/what-we-do/student-programs/take-our-kids-to-work


I can honestly say that I love hearing the stories and the experiences that our students come back with after having spent an entire day at work with a parent or close friend. For many students, this is their first time of spending a full day in the working world and recognizing the many skills that they will need as adults.  Students are often able to make connections between their current learning and the talent needed in the jobs that they experience.  As a parent, I always loved having the opportunity to spend a day with my almost high school student as these days become few and far between.  If your child is going to spend the day with you recognizing Take Your Child to Work Day, please send an email to their homeroom teacher, cc. to Ms. Halford. They will be excused for the day and not recorded as an unexcused absence.  There will be an academic morning for all students who are not honouring the day.


Our students will be sharing their learning with parents at conferences this week and our teachers will provide feedback for both students and parents to further support students in their learning.  Our students continue to develop their skills to discuss themselves as learners and take the lead responsibility for their learning.  It is important that they share this with both teachers and parents and that teachers can then challenge students to continue their growth.  Please ensure that students attend conferences to lead these conversations.  


If conference times do not meet with your schedule, or after conferences families and teachers determine that more time is needed for deeper discussion, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher for further conversation.


We look forward to seeing everyone.


Don’t forget to check out classroom blogs and D2L as well as the Rideau Park Homepage for important information.

November 04
Week of November 5

Dear Rideau Families:

We had a great Halloween at Rideau and are ready to settle into some deep learning as we prepare for upcoming student conferences on November 15 for Elementary and Junior High  and November 16 for Junior High.  Kindergarten will have conferences on November 15 and 16.  Booking for conferences will begin at noon on Wednesday November 7.  We will send further information.


It is very important for students to attend conferences and engage in conversations about their learning.  Please make sure to attend with your child.  If families are unable to attend conferences during scheduled times, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher to make arrangements.  During conferences, students will be sharing their work with you through IRIS and introducing you to this platform.


Our Senior Band will be performing this Tuesday and the Western Feeder Concert.  We are excited to hear them for the first time this fall – please make sure that your child in band is dressed appropriately for the performance. 


Parents interested in High School Registrations please check out the following links on our website​.


I hope that you are able to take time this week to have a supper discussion with your children about “Why we Remember”.  While we are fortunate that our experiences of war are limited as Canadians, our role as Peacekeepers, as agents for safety and as voices for those persecuted by governments in other countries continue to be important.  We look forward to sharing with Elbow Park School Community in a Remembrance Day Ceremony that helps build our understanding. 


Jacket Racket is an opportunity for Rideau Park to connect with our community and help those who may need our support.  Please help your children to participate in this event.

Have a wonderful week,



October 28
Week of October 29

Dear Rideau Park Families: 

Thank you to our School Council for hosting a great Halloween Dance.  We had a wonderful opportunity to come together as a school community.  Thank you to all who volunteered and to those who donated to the raffle baskets.


Our Quebec students have returned having had many new experiences in Ontario and Quebec.  Thank you to all who supported our students and teachers on this trip.


Our first round of STEM learning finishes on Monday – our students have had a terrific time predicting life on Mars and the necessities of life to survive.  We are appreciative to the STEM Learning Lab, Ms. Hamel, Mr. Pavlove, and Mr. Janhsen for this opportunity.


Many of our Junior High teachers had an opportunity on Friday to collaborate with teachers at Western Canada High School.  It is important for us to understand the expectations of high school so that we can do our best to prepare our students.  We appreciated the opportunity to learn.


We have learned that the MYCBE for fee payment does not work in the Power School App. If parents want to use devices to pay for fees, the MYCBE account must be accessed through the CBE website.  Then devices can be used to pay for fees.  Otherwise a computer must be used.  The App is not connected to CBE or CBE functionality and therefore does not always function as needed.  


On that note, please check to see that fees are up to date.  All fees directly impact our school.  If we do not have fees paid, the programs run a deficit and we are taxed to find other ways to pay for the student opportunities.  Please contact jehadden@cbe.ab.ca in confidence if a payment plan is required.  


POPCORN will be on sale Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at lunch as the Kind Club supports PAWS.  Popcorn is $2.50 a bag.


Please see class blogs for grade level Halloween Celebrations– students at all grade levels may dress into costumes at noon.  Please make sure that costumes are safe and appropriate.  Grade 7 – 9 students will have regularly scheduled classes all day. 




Please check the school website calendar for further information.


Thank you for continuing to be engaged with Rideau Park – we are all important to the learning!




October 21
Week of October 22

​Hello Rideau Families:

Our Grade 9 French students who have been preparing for Quebec were off this morning - they were travelling with Santa Claus?? but I have the picture to prove it.  They have arrived in Ottawa and are already on an excursion of the Ottawa prison.  I am sure that they will have a great five days with chaperones, Mme. Ford, Mr. Schmidt, and Ms. Goodine.

This week our first round of STEM Learning at the Lab begins - this will be an exciting new experience and our Grade 4 students along with 8-2 will attend this week as well as next Monday.  We will look forward to seeing tweets of their learning all week.  Mr. Pavlove, Mr. Janhsen and Ms. Hamel will be attending with the students.

Our elementary students were visited by University of Calgary students to discuss nutrition last week.  They discovered that there are good sugars and sugars that make us tired. With Halloween just around the corner we seemed to have a lot of candy in our lunches this past week.  How can we choose a small amount but not over do it so that we lose our focus to learn during the day?

Don't forget the Halloween Family Dance on Thursday - go to https://school.portal.cbe.ab.ca/school/rideaupark/about-us/news-centre/_layouts/ci/post.aspx?oaid=9a5bb396-9a34-48e8-9a00-366fd19968eb&oact=20001 for details.

We are looking forward to a hallway of pumpkins this week - bring in your decorated pumpkin to enter the pumpkin carving contest or just to show us your creativity.  Contest closes at 9:00 am on Thursday morning.  

Our Kindness Club has been taking very good care of our school, our students, and our staff.  Their thoughtful messages fill the halls.  They will be hosting some popcorn sales in the near future - watch for details.

It looks like Soccer is up and running this week - check the calendar for details and don't forget to come cheer on the Volleyball teams.

The results of Provincial Achievement Exams last June have been released and Rideau students performed very well.  I will present our results at the next School Council meeting in November.  I will also be available this Wednesday after school until 5:30 to speak about our results if parents would like to come by.  Recent media reports about math in particular, may have parents wanting to see results earlier and we are very happy to speak to our results because of this.  

Parents of students who wrote June PAT's, will also be receiving individual student PAT results in the mail (unless there is a strike). If there is a Postal strike we will communicate another plan.

Have a wonderful week!


October 14
Week Of October 15

Dear Rideau Families:

We are excited for Ms. Doyle as she takes on her new position at Sherwood School and we are sad to say Good bye!  Ms. Doyle has been a strong advocate for Rideau students for the past 9 years, dedicated to our school community.  We wish her the very best.


This week Ms. Cochrane will be in to get acquainted with Rideau throughout the week.  She will attend our School Council meeting on Wednesday at 1:45 and will begin as our AP on Monday October 22.  Please introduce yourselves if you are in the school.


I hope that many of you had an opportunity to enjoy the Grade 4 and 5 Arcade– the students demonstrated creativity and problem-solving skills throughout the afternoon.  


Grade 9 students have vaccinations on Monday.


SOCCER IS CANCELLED FOR THE WEEK– we will provide updates as we receive them.


Thank you for being considerate as you drive your children to school.  If we all work together on safety it will make a huge difference. 


October 25 is our Halloween Family Dance– please volunteer if you can- please donate to the elementary gift baskets and the candy table is also in need of support.  Donations and candy can be brought to each student’s elementary homeroom teacher.


Please check MyCBE accounts for the STEM Learning Lab fees grade 4 and 8, outstanding Quebec trip fees, as well as School fees.  Complementary class fees provide a large portion of the budget for these classes. Please contact me in confidence jehadden@cbe.ab.ca if a payment plan or support is required.


Please make sure that Lunch Supervision fees have been paid and that you have indicated that your child stays at school for lunch.


Attendance – Power School reports on Elementary Attendance twice each day   

                        – am and pm – if absent all day an elementary student will   

                        record 2 absences

                        Junior High students are reported each period – if a Junior 

                        High student is absent all day, they will record 6 absences as 

                         they will have missed 6 classes.


Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions – we are learning as well.  We should have our messenger service communicating absences very soon.  

This requires a change in process – please email your child’s homeroom teacher when your child is absent – the teacher now enters this information.  (one more change!)  


I appreciate your effort and flexibility as we continue to adapt to new technology systems.  


Looking forward to a week of outdoors and sunshine!



October 08
Week Of October 8

Dear Rideau Families:

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and took time to be with family and friends enjoying great food and company.  


The weather is not cooperating with our fall planning:


We are adjusting off-site experiences and athletics each day – please regularly check the school calendar.


This week soccer is cancelled and the Weaselhead Field Trip is cancelled. Soccer will be rescheduled and teachers in grades 5 and 6 are seeking new opportunities for our students to experience trees and forests and the wetlands.


Fees paid for cancelled academic programs will be put toward future experiences for each child. 


Our member of Parliament, Kent Hehr wil be speaking to our Grade 6 and 9 students Monday morning about Parliamentary Procedure in Canada.

We are excited to kick off our STEM learning program for grades 4 and 8 this Friday with a Spark Challenge.


Please remember that LUNCH LADY does not PROVIDE UTENSILS and the school also does not provide utensils. Please send forks and spoons with your child.


Grade 9 vaccinations will be on Monday October 15 

Mandatory final parent meeting for the Quebec Trip at Monday October 15 at 6:00 pm.


We are looking forward to our Family Halloween Dance on October 25.  Elementary Families please support the candy donation and raffle baskets. Please see your class blogs.




We are looking forward to a great week!



Proud Principal of Rideau Park School





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