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March 10
Week of March 11

Dear Rideau Families

This week we hope to have all of our students beginning to register for classes for the fall of 2019-2020.  Our first budget and staffing meetings begin for planning the upcoming school year.  Please let us know at our office if your children are not planning to attend Rideau Park this fall.  It is important for us to be as accurate as possible with our enrollment numbers.  If you are aware of families wishing to register at Rideau for the fall, please encourage them to visit our school as soon as possible. 


This podcast was recently shared by one of our parents.  I thought that it was important as it discusses the changing role of parenting and acknowledging that our children are growing up in a changing world.  I think that it is worth taking the time to listen.  I also think that listening to podcasts as families rather than everyone plugged in to their own device provides opportunities for families to engage in conversation and share learning.  Long drives can be a shared learning experience.  Adjusting to a world of technology is a challenge within the school and within our homes.  As we work together and share our learning, we can support our children and students. 




The sunshine today is a welcome break from the cold.  I am hoping that we can get the kids outside in the sun as much as possible this week.  Please have them dress for the weather.


Thank you,


Judi Hadden

So proud of our Rideau community.​

March 03
March 4

Dear Rideau Parents

​We have had some very busy weeks at Rideau- I want to thank all students and staff for working together through the cold weather.  We all know the challenges that we have faced trying to manage our energy and stay positive.

A recent analysis of families who have signed up for MyCBE/PowerSchool reports Rideau Park as a leading school in Area VII. I want to thank all families for your efforts to adopt MyCBE/PowerSchool accoutns and for working to support one another in this changed initiative.

Technology and its uses are at the forefront of our communication this week:

MOMO Challenge:

In our continuing effort to keep you informed regarding important issues, we are sending this message to you today to provide information about a social media phenomenon targeting children that has been brought to our attention. The “Momo Challenge” appears to be a hoax that has been around for a while and is now circulating again.

This latest version claims to have an embedded message that appears in the middle of popular television shows online. In the embedded message, a scary character pops onto the screen with harmful messages and warnings that if the child tells an adult there could be consequences. There are also reports of asking children for text messages and then giving information about self-harm and other disturbing behaviours. There are also many images and videos with of a sculpture named MoMo that children can easily search online.

We will continue to have conversations with our students about digital safety and the importance of bringing concerns to teachers immediately.

Conflicting information about the topic can be to find online. You may want to read more about what this is, and have a conversation with your child in the context of what is in the best interest of your family to ensure they are safe when they are online.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at 403-777-7480.

Let’s work together to keep our children safe and well aware of social media propaganda.

Let's have a great week!



February 24
February 25

Dear Rideau Families:

This week our Rideau Park Parents’ Association voted to support a day for all of our students with Brian Keating. These special opportunities for our Rideau students would not be possible without the support of an active and engaged parent community.  In the upcoming months, a committed group will be planning a Parents’ Association fundraiser to be held on May 1.  This opportunity will be for all Rideau Parents and will include a variety of areas for our families to support the extra learning opportunities for our Rideau students.  This important group also sees that every student at Rideau has an equal opportunity to participate in all events.  Many of our families have benefitted from this kindness.  The event on May 1 is also an opportunity for all of us to support one another and give back to our school community giving Rideau students a program of excellence.  Watch for more details and mark this date on your calendars!


In addition, I would like to recognize the ongoing commitment of our Rideau staff.  It is a privilege every day to work with the fine teachers and support staff of Rideau.  They teach, they coach, they lead, they support, they plan extra trips, they play, they create, they keep up with current pedagogy, they provide extra supervision, they give away their lunch, they help us when we are hurt or sick, and they do all of this with care.  The Rideau students and I are very fortunate to have people who make Rideau a large part of their life. 


As we approach Pink Shirt Day, March 27, I hope that we can pause and appreciate the kindness of our Rideau Park School community and the care that everyone offers to one another so that we can be safe as we learn.


Judi Hadden




February 18
February 19

Dear Rideau Families

I hope that everyone had a great long weekend together as family.  A time to rejuvenate and relax. 

As we head into mid February it is a time to put focus into our learning.  This is a time in the curricular year where students make deep connections in their learning. Not only should students know their learning but they should begin to explain how and why the concepts that they are learning are important.  The best way for students to develop a deeper understanding is to clearly explain what they learn each day. Please help us by taking time each day to ask your children to explain what they are learning and why it is important.  This needs to be done articulately because we write in the way that we speak.  In order to improve our writing, we need to ask ourselves to speak clearly and concisely.

We are asking all families to pause and take a look at their MyCBE/PowerSchool accounts.  If families have any questions for teachers or would like a meeting about the most recent evaluation, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.  We value our communication and want to make sure that Parents feel comfortable to reach out to us to set up a meeting.  Student/Parent conferences are in April and at this time, students explain their learning to parents and there is a brief time to connect with teachers.  A more thorough conversation is often more successful with a specific meeting.  Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

Please take a minute to look at school fee accounts.  We appreciate prompt payment.  Some parents have inquired on the best way to support an additional child with field trip fees.  Please contact Ms. Cooper kecooper@cbe.ab.ca to make donations to specific field trips.  Thank you for your help to Rideau.  We are strongest as a community supporting one another.

Have a wonderful week!

Judi Hadden


February 10
Feb. 11

Dear Rideau Families:

Our elementary students did a great job last week managing their lunch hours indoors.  They demonstrated care and understanding for each other as they shared gym space and found activity time.

Our kindergarten students led centres at our Kindergarten Open House on Thursday.  They were such great ambassadors for Rideau!

All students who will be attending grade 7 at Rideau in the fall will come together this Wednesday morning to get to know one another and experience all that Rideau has to offer!  We will have a new to Grade 7 parent evening later in the spring.

Martin Poirier, Principal of Western Canada High School will be a guest at our School Council meeting on Wednesday February 20.  He will provide Rideau parents with perspectives on High School and how we can ensure that Rideau students are set up for success.

Please review the complementary schedule for next year as students in grades 6, 7 and 8 will be making their choices the week of February 19.

Have you reviewed your child’s learning and evaluation on Power School – A Report was generated at the end of January – please make sure to review!

Stay warm – please continue to drive with care as students are dropped off and picked up.

Thank you,


February 03
February 4

We begin the second half of the school year!  All Junior High students can view their new complementary classes in their PowerSchool Account.  Students chose these classes last spring.  Students may not take the same class twice so that we can allow equal opportunities to all of our Rideau students.  Students who wish to opt into French or Band may do so through teacher consultation.  All questions should be directed to Ms. Cochrane.


Parents and students have had access to the Reporting of student learning up until the end of January in PowerSchool.  Please make sure to view your child’s report and contact the school if you have questions or difficulty with access.


With this second term we also host our first Kindergarten Open Houses on February 7 and 11  and all 2019/2020 grade 7’s on February 13. 


If you know of families wishing to attend Rideau in the fall – please have them contact our school office as soon as possible.


All Junior High students will be choosing their complementary classes for next year in the middle of February.  They will be doing this on PowerSchool.  The classes are currently available for consideration on the school website.  Please take a look with your child and begin the planning for next year. 


Thank you for making sure that all fees are paid and up to date as we begin the second term.  All complementary programming at Rideau relies on parent fees to operate the programs.  We appreciate your attention to this. ​ 

January 27
January 28, 2019

Dear Rideau Families:

Thank you to students and teachers who made the Camp Caroline Band Trip a complete success.  Students had a terrific time, the guest instrumentalists were outstanding and the skill developed in a very short time was amazing.  Thank you Mr. Siemens for leading this terrific event.

We approach the end of our first term at Rideau and mid-point in the year.  We have worked very hard as a learning community to live our values of empathy, open-mindedness and integrity.  This week families will be able to view evaluations and teacher comments to this point in the year. We will send out school messages to indicate when grade level evaluations and teacher comments are visible. Elementary teacher comments will be in Homeroom sections for the most part.  A few teachers needed more space and have added comments in particular subjects. Junior High comments will be within subject areas.  I want to acknowledge the work of our school staff.  They dedicate many hours to our school community and care deeply about the success of our students.  We are very fortunate to have bright people who know their work and commit to supporting the diversity of all of our Rideau students.  


We begin our second round of STEM Learning for grades 4 and 8.  Our School Council is instrumental in making this worthy learning experience happen. Thank you for supporting School Council in the many capacities that each of you do.  Plans are in the works for a special parent event –we will keep you posted!


Elementary Parents mark March 19 on your calendars.  Rideau Park will be hosting a FAMILY CODING NIGHT.  We look forward to sharing our learning and enjoying an evening together.


Please remember that there is no school on February 1 and we start Term 2 on February 4.  


Junior High students – complimentary classes were set last spring and class sizes were determined. Students may not take the same complimentary class twice to allow opportunity for all students.  We do not have the staffing luxury to allow students to make changes to their courses as we offer the most that we can with the number of staff that we have.  Students with a growth mindset are open minded to trying new learning and building resilience in situations that are not their favorite.  This prepares for life experiences.


If anyone is having difficulty with access to evaluations in PowerSchool, we will provide an update of parent support in the coming days.  Please call our main office for help.


Thank you,



January 21
January 20, 2019

Dear Rideau Families:

With the adoption of PowerSchool - CBE schools will also add a new report card format.  PowerSchool is a platform that schools all across Alberta have been adopting for the past five years.  It helps our systems align and work with Alberta Education.  PowerSchool is not something that just CBE adopted.  Many school districts in Alberta have been successfully using PowerSchool for a few years and as well use PowerSchool as the system for reporting.  

Our feeder high school, Western Canada, has been using a digital report card for two years.  Some of our Rideau parents will already be familiar with the use of a digital report card.

Our report card at the end of January will be a digital report card.  It will be a different format -parents will need to click on each subject to view the indicators and comments for their child.  We recognize that this is a change that will take some adjustment.  It has also been a very big change for our teachers who have had to adopt a new system for reporting and assessment.  Our staff have worked really hard to prepare the report cards and provide meaningful feedback for our students within this new framework.

Over the next week, I am hoping to have some parents pilot the new report card so that we can develop a neighbour helping neighbour approach to supporting each other with this new report card.

I would ask each of us to please view the following links in preparation for the new report card and take a test run.  The actual report card cannot be viewed until it is released.  As grade level report cards are ready for release, I will send a message - we are hoping that we begin releasing report cards between January 29 and 30th.  We want to make sure that we are available at the school to support families if help is needed.

Using My CBE/PowerSchool for Viewing Attendance and Assignments



Using My CBE/PowerSchool for Viewing Report Cards



Don't forget that you can zoom the screen on the PDF's fi they are too small

I am also asking us to make sure that we know how to print screen on our computers.  If we choose to print each child's reports, we will need to do it by printing the screen and then printing that from the computer.  In my discussions with high school parents, this is the method that they use for printing report cards if they so choose.  

There is no need to rush, as the report card will be viewable and open - there is not a short time line for the report card to be accessed. 

I want to stress that we will do our very best at the school to help.  I really appreciate everyone's understanding and support of one another in our community as we learn this new process together.

Thank you for working together in this change.

Judi Hadden


January 13
Week of January 14

We have such a great school community at Rideau.  I am always so grateful for the kindness that our students demonstrate toward one another.  Parents and caregivers are also an important element of our school community.  Monday marks a special date at Rideau as we begin registration for the upcoming fall.  Please encourage families to join our Rideau community.  Any families interested in attending Rideau are invited to contact Linda in our main office.  Our Kindergarten will be hosting new families on February 7 and February 11 at 11:00 am each day with time to speak with our Kindergarten team over the lunch hour.  We will have a date very shortly for our Grade 7 orientation morning which includes our grade 6 students along with all grade 6 students from our feeder schools.


Tomorrow we will post the 2019/2020 complementary course schedule for grades 7,8,9.  Please review it with your child as all junior high students will be choosing their complementary courses in early February.  Complementary courses in Junior High are meant to allow students to explore possibilities.  We encourage all of our students to take Band, French or both. Our schedule allows students to take two additional courses along with Band and French which provides them with a lot of opportunities and a chance to travel with school mates.


None of our complementary programs would be possible without the support of the Rideau Park Parent Society.  All Rideau Parents are members of the society and can contribute through volunteering and providing financial support.  To provide assistance to our upcoming programs, the society will be hosting an evening fundraising event.  Your support with this event is very important.  Please consider signing up ​to help and please plan to attend. 


Our School Council meeting is Wednesday January 16 at 1:45 pm.  Please consider coming out and meeting our school community.

Grateful for our community,



January 06
January 2019

Happy New Year!

I am going to try and post a worthwhile read for teachers. parents and community regularly to keep all of current with educational trends.

Here is this weeks read for those who may wish to engage:  https://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2018/12/12/the-five-success-skills-every-student-should.html

The staff at Rideau are looking forward to the return of our students and to getting the learning for 2019 started.

These next few months are critical in the learning cycle as research demonstrates that this time of the year is when the curricular concepts are more in depth and the students begin to make strong connections between their curricular areas and develop their thinking through inferencing and synthesizing their learning.  They take what they know and begin to make applications to real world situations.

Rideau staff are available to support students in their learning journey.  The Learning Commons is always open after school for students, math help is available on Wednesdays’ after school.  Please encourage your child to speak with their teachers if they are needing help.  It is sometimes tough to ask for help because we think that this is a sign of weakness.  If we don’t model and teach our children and students to ask for help, we are not setting them up for success in their future.  

Report Cards will be available at the end of the month and will be distributed on line through PowerSchool/My CBE.  

Families must have set up an account - if any families need help, please contact LInda in the office.  She can work magic!  

The following links both as PDF and as Video will help.  This will take a bit of time so please do not try to rush through this learning.

Using My CBE/PowerSchool for Viewing Attendance and Assignments



Using My CBE/PowerSchool for Viewing Report Cards



Please view the parent support guide and information and please do not be afraid to ask us for help.  We are all learning these new platforms together.  If we do not have the answer, we will get it.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Thank you,


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