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June 09
June 9, 2020

Dear Rideau Families:

Every person in our community is approaching each day in a life we weren’t prepared to adjust to so quickly.  There continue to be many unanswered questions which hamper our ability to plan and prepare.  These days, we most often sit in a space of unknowing which creates uneasiness for us.  I find myself focused on the Covid 19 Reports each day.  I am not sure why but somehow it is my way to make meaning.  As human beings, we like to be planned, prepared and predict the future.


The pandemic has quickly eroded our comfort. 


I think that it is okay to give ourselves permission to feel a bit overwhelmed.  We are all doing our best and though cliché “ We are definitely in this together”.  We are in it ,without all of the answers.


We understand how difficult ongoing learning is for our students, and our families ,and our teachers.  What I do know is that everyone is doing their very best.  One thing that is certain, is that we all get up every morning to give our best – No matter what the day throws at us!


I would like to propose something that we can all work on together.  The notion of Social Responsibility.  We all have a responsibility to self-care, self-health, and self-safety.  Social Responsibility adds to our thinking so that we include our role in the care, health and safety of our Rideau Community.


At this time, we are unsure of what will unfold for learning this fall.  We must trust in the decisions that will be put before us.  Our role however, is in how prepared we can be and how we can prepare our children and students for what might unfold.


Social Responsibility will include our development of daily routines and practices that enhance our self-care, health and safety to that of our community.  Examples of Social Responsibity include:


            Regularly practicing                Hand washing


                                                            Social Distancing

                                                            Healthy eating

                                                            Listening to our bodies

                                                            Knowing when we don’t feel well

                                                            Being aware of our surroundings

                                                            Coughing or Sneezing into our elbow

                                                            Wearing a mask when inside with a 


                                                            Being outdoors as much as possible 

                                                              and thus dressing for the weather


                                                            Using our words to express our 


By taking the time to engage in Social Responsibility, to practice the habits of our new social norms, and to teach our children so that these become ingrained in their way of being, we all focus on a goal and we are prepared for whatever we face this fall. 

This is something for us to work on.  This gives us purpose and makes us stronger for ourselves and for our Rideau community.


May 11
May 11

​Assessment and Reporting

Our students continue to engage in learning at Rideau.  The CBE has worked to set guidelines for assessment and reporting in alignment with Alberta Education. ​  The premise of this work is that no student should be penalized for their circumstances due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  We know that families have many different circumstances and needs during this time and it is important to support our students where they are at in this pandemic.

At the same time, the process of learning continues to be very important as we all develop each day.  Being independent, seeking to solve problems, thinking, reading, working through difficulties are all a part of developing our individual capacities as learners Kindergarteh through Grade 9.  Adding to this personal development is our continuation of core curricular learning.

While most certainly we would not want the pandemic to have any negative result on our grade level assessment and evaluation, this is a time for students to focus and improve.  Teachers continue to provide relevant and meaningful learning and are assessing this learning to provide our students with the opportunity to demonstrate a deeper understanding of their concepts in their appropriate curricula.

In other words, the work does matter and there is room for students to improve their indicators on the report card at the end of the year.

The work also matters because learning is a developed habit which becomes stronger and more refined as we keep up the pace.

Please continue to expect your children to engage in their online learning and associated assignments.  You are building their strength and resiliency as learners and preparing them for their future.  This is the work that we do in school and the work that we need parent help with right now.  Please let us know if you need us alongside.  We are here to help you!

April 15
April 15

Dear Rideau Families:

How are you?  I hope very well – I know that this is all very demanding and stressful.  I want you to all know that we are here to help.  Just let us know what you need or how we can be of support. 

We miss you and we do truly love our community.

We appreciate all of the family efforts that are supporting learning.  If students have any difficulty please have them email their teacher.  Our teachers are making connections with students every day one on one and in small groups along with virtual classes and email.  Please encourage your child to ask for whatever it is that they need from their teachers. 

As a community right now, we are “Living in the Struggle”.  For students in Kiindergarten to Grade 4 - this includes making sure that you do your work on your own and do your very best thinking.  For students in Grade 5 through 9, this might mean that you have to take some time to read thoroughly through the learning instructions and maybe even reach out with questions.  Our work as adults is to support our learners to take risks, try the work, and if it is not exactly as the teacher wanted the work to be, then that is where the learning comes in. We are a bit afraid to be unsuccessful right now and so are sometimes choosing not to complete work because we are afraid our work is not correct or “good enough”. It’s okay to make mistakes.  It’s okay to seek help. We will help build resilience in our kids if we can support them to try their best, seek support, and be comfortable with our mistakes.

Families, if you have the time, please ask to see the work that your children are submitting and when possible, have a conversation about the work. Some of our savvy students are being tugged by other activities and not getting to the final step of submitting their work.

At any time, please contact your child’s teacher if there is difficulty with technology or if your family could use further technology support. Our community has come together to donate devices for support.

Further Rideau updates:

Each Grade Level has posted a plan for learning for the remainder of the school year.  Weekly plans will continue to be posted as well.  There are also challenge opportunities and extensions.  We encourage students to try new experiences and share those.

Given our current environment Ms. Kim, Ms. Magno, and Ms. Shannon our lunch supervisors will not be working for May and June. They have been helping us get organized and set up for the fall until now.  Ms. Lane will not be working for May and June.  Ms. Lane has been a huge support to our online learning and seeing that families and teachers are all supported. 

Ms. Kelba will be returning from maternity leave on May 19.  As Ms. Chow was on contract for Ms. Kelba’s leave, this means that Ms. Chow’s last day will be May 15.  We value the tremendous work that Ms. Chow has given to Rideau this year and hope that we can have her back to Rideau soon.

As I am writing this note, the sun is starting to shine and I know that if we all sing together, we can bring blue skies, sunshine, and a lightened spirit.

Mr Goldem Sun

Hang in there - We can do this!


April 05
We Can Do This

We Can Do This

Hello Rideau Families:

Thank you for connections last week.  We believe that we were able to speak with almost all of our families.  If we have missed connecting with your family, please email your child's homeroom teacher or the school.

Thank you to those families who donated technology - we really appreciate your support and Thanks to Ms. Lane who prepared all of the technology for families.  We are still looking for a few more tablets or iPads if a family has one to donate.  

We want to make sure that this new learning environment is successful for all of our families.

Beginning tomorrow morning - 9:00 am the learning plan for the week will be posted.  Most of us were so exuberant to do a good job that there is also planning for Friday even though it is Good Friday.

( We kind of forget what day it is right now)

As well, by the end of this week, each grade level will have posted a plan for learning from now to the end of June so that as parents you can see the Year Vision and where possible support this learning through daily experiences.  We of course will provide all planning however, if you notice a relevant documentary, or are doing something in your home that supports the learning, you can use the plan and draw connections to support your child in their understanding.

We want to emphasize that "What is most important is that your child Understands their work"   Just because work is completed, does not mean that it is understood.  When appropriate -please ask your child to explain the work to you.  Through explanation, they will be checking their understanding.

AT ANY TIME - Please reach out to your child's teachers for support - we are here to do this work together and we wish we had them with us to check the understanding but right now we have to rely on you to help us.

We are also here to support you if your child is having difficulty getting to their work.  We will continue to be in contact as we cannot have any of our students missing their work.  Reach out to us for help.  We are monitoring students as well.  

Please click this link to review Alberta Education Guidelines established by the Ministry or Education.  Rideau Park is required to work within these guidelines. 

For additional references to at home learning, please click this link.

Please visit Teacher Pages on the school website for Elementary Learning.  Don't forget to check Ms. Webb's PE page.

Please visit D2L for Junior High Learning - We hope that the students are having fun with Challenge Fridays and connecting with their Complementary Teachers as well.

It is very important in both of these portals that students SCROLL down as there is much more than presented on the screen.

OK - Here we go - we are going into Google for Elementary and this is new - Have Fun

We have a lot of online learning this week and have tried to monitor the school ask recognizing that parents need access to technology to work at home as well.

Feedback -  the key word - we need to hear how it is going - what you need and what your children need.

Independence - your children are very capable of taking on this challenge - give them tools and help them to problem solve - they are our Future!

Team - We are in this together and WE CAN DO THIS!

Care - Please take care of your family and yourselves.  If we can be of support in any way - Please let us know.  We can provide several connections to support in our city.

Have you checked in on your neighbour?  Socially distanced of course.

Stay Safe - Be Well


March 17
March 17

​Hello Rideau Families

As we navigate uncertain times, we all in this together.  We will continue to provide support and updates.  Please check your teacher pages and D2L - we have added an Elementary PE teacher page as well.  Take care and be safe.

This is an excellent article about how to talk to your children about COVID-19.  I'm going to post it in our blog tomorrow as a resource for parents.  The article also talks about the importance of activities like playing board games & baking, physical activity and regular routines during this time.

It's natural for children to be aware of the stress adults may be feeling about the COVID-19 pandemic. Child psychologists offer some practical advice for parents on how to talk to their kids.
February 23
February 24

​Literacy and Numeracy - each week the teaching staff think about how well we are addressing our students' learning as readers, writers, and mathematicians.  A concern that we continue to bring forward is the abiilty of our students to speak about their learning.  This doesn't mean answering the question "What did you do at school today?" but it does mean taking the time to discuss what was learned at school and explain our reasons that we think it was important and what it means.  The work of our teaching staff is very intentional and for the most part, we try to make sure that we have given our students an understanding of the purpose to the work that we do.  Students in turn should be able to discuss the relevance of the learning at school.  Rather than "What did you do at school today?", we hope that all families K-12 take time to ask:

Did you feel prepared for school today?

What was the most important learning in your day in your opinion?

Why did you see this as important?

What conversations about learning did you have in class today?

What was the overall highlight of your day?

Is there anything in your day that was bothersome?

If you could improve something in yourself today, what would it be?

Is there anything that we can do to be of support?

These key questions can help students to speak about their learning, to describe their learning and to provide parents with insignts into the six hours that students spent at school.

Discussing our learning helps all of us to write well and to advance our understanding.

November 03
This Week at Rideau

​Our School Development Plan at Rideau Park guides our work each and everyday.  Currently our commitment to continuous growth is focused on our students' strengths to take ownership of their learning and to persevere when their school world seems difficult.  

We know that the center of our work is in the ongoing teaching and feedback that we provide to our students.  Feedback provides students with the next steps that they need to take to gain further understanding and build on current understanding to grow as learners. 

A difficulty for students is worrying that they have failed when they make mistakes.  Our work as the adults in their lives is to be honest with their current level of understanding and to provide them with the ways forward to build their learning.  

This is also true for their social and emotional well being.  Our children will make mistakes.  The perseverance develops by working with them to be honest in their mistakes and work together to learn from the mistakes.

The most important part of all of this is that our children are accountable, advocate and act with care in our community.

Our students will face many challenges in their development.  Our work as adults to support them by walking beside them not for them is what matters most.

October 06
The Week Of October 7


it is something that we can never become too laissez-faire about.

For this reason, it is important that we all work together to support one another in keeping our students at Rideau safe.

We are requesting that all families respect the driving routes set up for our school.  Drop off at Rideau​ - -Please DO NOT drive down the alley or into the loop. Even if you are in a hurry.

Students are the responsibiity of the school during school hours.  We require a parent or assigned guardian to sign out a student if the student is leaving during the school day.  If a student is leaving with someone else, the parent must provide the school with permission for your child to ride with someone else.  

Please email jehadden@cbe.ab.ca  or Myra Hoffman - mjhoffman@cbe.ab.ca with your permission.  

To confirm bell schedules - Rideau Park does not have teachers on supervision until 8:50am.  If a SPECIAL circumstance should arise - for a specific situation, please email jehadden@cbe.ab.ca and we will do our best to accommodate your situation.  We cannot look after school children in the early morningon a regular basis.

Students may enter school at 8:50 am.

The bell to be in Home Room is 9:00 am where attendance is taken.

Attendance for Junior High is taken again at 9:10 and each susequent class.

When students arrive late, they go immediately to class and the teacher records the time at which the student arrived to class so that we maintain a running record of attendance.

Please continue to email Home Room teachers and cc mjhoffman@cbe.ab.ca with absence information.

We appreciate the help of all families.

One accident of any sort would be one too many when considering the importance of our students at Rideau.  They deserve our very best.

Thank you,


September 15
Week of September 16

​The CBE is working to offer an outstanding learning program to each of our students.  

Please join our School Council on September 25 to hear our opening year message from our Superintendent.

Get engaged in discussions about High School - click the below link for details


I recently read this article and felt it worth sharing.  These are challenging times for raising children and the advice of others is often worth a read.


I am looking forward to meeting you at Meet the Teacher until 6:00 pm on September 18.  I hope that you drop by.

Judi Hadden


September 08
Week Of September 9

​This week I had a great conversation with students about banning cell phones.  We discussed traditions and whether the decision to ban phones would actually solve anything.  The purpose of the discussion was deeper than cell phones in that I was hoping to help our students understand Government and it's roles in adapting to social issues.  What we discovered with the honesty of our students is that banning phones would only move the use underground.  The kids willingly admitted that they would just look for ways to hide their phones or use them where no one could see.  One of my worries is that we send our kids to washrooms to use their devices which raises safety concerns.  At Rideau, teachers and students want to work collaboratively to create a learning environment where technology devices have a purpose but do not detract from learning.  There are times when devices can enhance the learning opportunities and times when the devices are not needed.  We hope throughout this school year to continue our work.  I am very proud of our students and their work to determine when the device is purposeful and when it needs to go away.  We all admit that the device can get in the way of our socialization and that too must be something that we are aware of.  

One thing that I do know and believe that we would all agree on, is that texts and messages from parents can take away from our learning.  Parents are the most important people in the lives of our students and out of respect our students feel obligated to respond to parent messages.  If students receive a message in the middle of learning - their mind automatically wonders more about the message than the learning.  I can't stress enough how much this harms your child's learning.

Please support your child, text or message them before school, at lunch or after school.  Please let them learn during their day.  Their devices are often in their lockers but not always and we want them to learn with purpose and focus.

We look forward to meeting all families face to face - September 18 2:30 tp 6:00 pm - join us to Run for Terry Fox, snack with Food Trucks and have conversations with our teachers.

Judi Hadden


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