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Alert:  All Classes Cancelled - Do Not Send Your Student to School

On Sunday, March 15 the government announced that all classes are cancelled immediately and indefinitely due to COVID-19. We thank the government for ... View Full Details

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Continued Learning Update for All Parents
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Suggestions for Learning at Home | Grades K-9
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All Schools Closed Due to COVID-19
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2020-21 CBE Transportation Budget & Services Engagement
  • Continued Learning Update for All Parents

  • Suggestions for Learning at Home | Grades K-9

  • All Schools Closed Due to COVID-19

  • 2020-21 CBE Transportation Budget & Services Engagement

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Principal's Message

Fall News

    "Kindess is a passport that opens doors and fashions friends. ​It softens hearts and molds relationships that can last lifetimes".
Joseph B Wirthlin 
Parents and guardians of students at Rosedale School,
Welcome back for an exciting year at Rosedale School.​ We hope you have enjoyed a lovely summer with family and friends! Our 2019-2020 year is about to begin on, Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 and we are looking forward to a fabulous year of teaching and learning together. 
Tuesday, September 3rd is our first day back and staff have been preparing for our new school year. 2019-2020 – can you believe we are almost in 2020?!
Kindergarten will meet at the front office doors to be greeted by Mrs. Chopra and Mrs. Brattle. Grade 1 – 9 students will meet at the basketball court to find their teacher and head inside at 8:25am. Staff will be outside on the playground at 8:10am.  School is a full day 8:30am  – 3:15pm!
Our school’s webpage is a great place to look for updates and information. Some of the information that can be found include the 2019-20 calendar, athletics information, contacts, and, new for this year, Teacher Blogs. Teacher blogs will be completed weekly and update parents on what has happened in the classroom and what is to come. This will replace the weekly email teachers sent out last year – same amount of information housed and archived on our school website. Please visit the Rosedale School homepage to access all of the information and for teacher communication via blogs, select the Teaching and Learning tab and then click on Classes and Departments. 
We will continue to email out the Week At A Glance for parents and gaurdians. Monthly principal reports can be found on our website in the Parent Council section under Get Involved.
Grade 6 students, lead by Mrs. Ursenbach,  will work with each class at Rosedale to write a newspaper article which they will submit to the Rosedale Reporter. This is a fantastic opportunity for our Grade 6 students to practice Newspaper writing skills required for their Provincial Achievment Test in June.



We have made adjustments to our teaching and learning framework (schedule) which will continue to meet the needs of all of our students at Rosedale School. Please join us in welcoming Mr. Gordon, our new Assistant Principal teaching Math 7, 8 & 9, options, and some PE, Mrs. Connell, teaching grade 3, and Mrs. Ursehbach teaching Humanities 6 & 7, Music 5 & 6, and options. We have created teaching assignments to maximize student engagement while highlighting teacher passions and skill sets.


Homeroom and other assignments

 Kindergarten – Mrs. Chopra and Support Staff Mrs. Brattle
Grade 1 – Mrs. Rathje (Learning Leader for K – 4)
Grade 2 – Mrs. Rita (Gainer) 
Art option
Grade 3 – Mrs. Connell
Grade 4 – Mrs. Popis
Educational Assistant – Mrs. Toghyani
Grade 5 – Ms. Grant (Learning Leader for technology and math K – 9)
Computer Science option term one
Grade 6 – Mr. Krar
Yoga option term two
Grade 7 – Mrs. Ursenbach (Learning Leader for 5 – 9)
Creative Writing option
Handbells option
Grade 8 – Mrs. Fox (Resource for Grade 1 – 5)
Grade 9 – Mrs. Blackburn
French / Spanish option
Physical Education - Mr. Senek
Guitar option
 Outdoor Education option
Literacy – Linda Trask and Support Staff Mrs. Murphy
 Mr. Gordon – 7, 8 & 9 Math (Resource K – 9)
 Photography option
Excellence in Sports option
Ms. Faulkner – Principal (Resource K – 9)
Foods Option
Music (Grades 1-4)
Anne Hodgeson – Artist In Residence (she’s back – thank you to Parent Council!)
Oct to November - Remembrance Day 
​ November to December -  Winter Celebration


All students will have daily Physical Education
We were able to bring back our Literacy Specialist, Linda Trask
Parents and teachers communicated the great value given to literacy
Daily Math (55 min daily for Grades 5-9)
We have changed Friday’s schedule from 6 periods to 4 so we have daily math
Class teachers and Ms. Faulkner will teach music K-4
We hope to receive funding for a half time music teacher in October
Ms. Faulkner, Mr. Gordon, Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Ursenbach are part of our resource team to support our learners
We will focus on Growth Mindset and Virtues as a school this year (our first virtue is kindness)
Students in grades 6 - 9 will bring home Option selection forms on Wednesday, September 4th. These forms wil need to come back to school by Friday, September 6th so students can be given option assignments on Monday, September 9th.

We waited for the beginning of the school year to sort options for our students so we could ensure that students had some say in what was offered and that teachers were teaching to their skill sets. With key new staff joinging our school this process is a bit later than most years and will affect when fees are confirmed in the system.  


Over the summer you may have watched construction happening at the school. We are having our parking lot re-constructed. The new parking lot will be designed with safety in mind and will provide an even surface when entering and exiting the school. Construction is scheduled to be completed before November.

This has involved closure to part our our field as irrigation was involved. The alley on the East side of the school may also be closed during part of the construction. Residents will be informed of any closures as needed.  We have a temporary staff parking lot set up in the west field. For traffic and safety reasons, please do not enter or exit the field through this lot on foot to get to school. The CBE has worked closely with the City of Calgary and we are looking forward to our new parking lot this fall.
Please let your family know about the construction and speak together about construction safety and the importance of staying away from the site until it is completed.
Thank you, parents and guardians for continuing to check in at the office when you visit the school. It is so important that all adults in the building are signed in, have a pass and are welcomed by the office. 
Until construction is completed we will ask our students to use the following doors:
Kindergarten – Front Doors to enter and exit
Lunch – Front Doors for K – 5 to exit if going home at 12:30
K – 4 – Southwest doors by playground when bell goes (around fences)
Grades 5 & 8 Front Doors (locker access) 
6, 7 – 9 Southeast doors 

For more information please attend our School Council meeting on Wednesday, September 18th from 7pm – 8:30pm in the Learning Commons (library).
Thank you for your continued support and patience while construction is underway.
Susan Faulkner        
Rosedale School

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