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June 04
Bike to School

This morning, teachers will meet students between 8:15 and 8:30 at Rosscarrock Community Centre to take part in Calgary's Bike to School Day. You can bike, walk, or scoot. Just make sure you wear a helmet and follow safety rules! We can't wait to see how many kids come out!​

May 07
Teacher Appreciation

The first full week of May is nationally recognized as Teacher Appreciation Week. Rosscarrock will join other communities around the country in honoring and celebrating the commitment of our outstanding teachers. Because we know it takes a village to run a successful and loving school, we have chosen to celebrate all of our employees this week. From maintenance, to administrative and support staff, and everything in between! Our wonderful employees have chosen to work in an invaluable profession where the standards, expectations, and challenges are ever changing.


Our educators and staff provide hope to the diverse array of children growing up in Rosscarrock. They display patience, understanding, and persistence in their dedication to the success of our young learners. As students find their passion and hope for the future, we grow stronger. Without a doubt, our employees contribute in unifying our community. They remain a reliable constant in our student’s lives and provide stability when our kids face seemingly overwhelming obstacles. Simply put, they are the glue that holds our students together; providing instruction and personalized learning while acting as caretakers, counselors, coaches, mentors, and role models.


Although we truly appreciate the meaningful work that our educators do every day, not just this one week in May, I encourage our community, students, and administrators to take a moment to recognize and appreciate our faculty and staff this week. When sharing your photos on Facebook and Twitter make sure to use the hashtag #Thanksrosscarrock  and @rosscarrock so we can see how our schools are celebrating!


It is my privilege to extend a heartfelt message of gratitude for the work that our educators do. I have personally witnessed their effort, dedication, and sacrifice. I am incredibly honored that our teachers and staff have chosen Rosscarrock as a place to make a difference in the lives of others.


Brenna Fraser​

May 03

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April 30
Hats On

On Wednesday, May 1, 2019, Albertans are invited to take part in Hats On! For Mental Health and wear a hat to raise awareness of the importance of positive mental health. Schools can participate by encouraging students and staff to wear hats and engaging in conversations focused on understanding mental health and the importance of removing the stigma associated with mental illness.

You can learn more about Hats On! For Mental Health by visiting canwetalk.ca, a website sponsored by the Alberta Teachers’ Association and the Canadian Mental Health Association that includes a variety of mental health resources for schools.

The focus on mental health promotion continues during Mental Health Week, which is being held this year from May 6 to 10. Students who are mentally healthy are resilient and better able to learn, achieve success and build healthy relationships.

You can learn more about supporting positive mental health in schools by visiting the Alberta government website at www.alberta.ca/mental-health-in-schools.aspx.​

March 10

As you may know, the CBE Board of Trustees held a meeting at Rosscarrock School March 8 to share information about the consideration of closure and to hear back from the community.

We had 51 parents and community members in attendance to see a slide presentation and ask questions and share comments.

It’s important to remember that no decision has been made at this point. The CBE is open to your input and feedback. We want to ensure the best decision is made to support current students at Rosscarrock, as well as the needs of all CBE students across our system.
Please visit the CBE website to view a copy of the presentation. Also, families still have opportunity for further input and questions via email to dialogue@cbe.ab.ca attention Calvin Davies, Director, Area 7, by noon on April 8, 2019.​

March 05
Reminder to attend public meeting on March 7 at 7 pm

This is a friendly reminder that the Calgary Board of Education's Board of Trustees will hold a public meeting on Thursday, March 7 at 7 p.m. at Rosscarrock School.

The purpose of the meeting is to share information about the consideration of closure of Rosscarrock school and to allow for input and questions. At least two Trustees will be present and your input into this important matter is welcome. 

In addition to attending this meeting, you may wish to make written submissions to trustees on the consideration of closure. For more information, please see the Rosscarrock Community Engagement page on the CBE website.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all there.​


February 04
Imformation re: Recommendation of Closure

Dear Student and Parents/Guardians,

Notice: Rosscarrock School

We would like to inform you of Administration’s recommendation that will be presented to the Board of Trustees with respect to Rosscarrock School.


We appreciate the time and care that parents and community members have taken to provide feedback through meetings and an online survey. This information played a role in determining how this recommendation was brought forward. 


In keeping with the identified outcomes of establishing a sustainable, long term learning continuum for students and effective use of space and resources, the Director of Property, Planning & Transportation and the Director of Area 7 will be bringing the following recommendation forward to the Board of Trustees.  The Trustees will receive the report from Administration at the Board Meeting on February 5, 2019. This recommendation will be presented only once to this Board of Trustees on February 5, 2019.


At the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees on February 5, 2019, administration will be recommending that Trustees consider:

Closure of Rosscarrock School effective June 30, 2019


If this motion is passed this accommodation plan would invoke the provincial Closure of Schools Regulation, which applies to:

The closure of three or more consecutive grades in a school

The transfer of all students from one school building to one or more other school buildings on a permanent basis


If the Trustees move to consider the closure of Rosscarrock School, there will be further opportunities to provide feedback as the consideration of closure process progresses.​ 
January 28
Cultural Night

Rosscarrock School Cultural Night

Rosscarrock School and our School Council parents will be hosting the 3rd annual Cultural Night. We are hoping to build on the participation and positive energy that was generated from this event last year.

This will be held at our school on Wednesday, February 13 from 6:00 - 7:30 pm.

Students, along with the help of their parents, have the opportunity to share their unique cultures and regional specialities with the families of our school.

We need your help parents!

Please tell us how you would like to participate by completing the form your child brings home. This information will be collected, and then sorted into countries. Families can then organize a kiosk with food, talent, costumes and decorations with the help of School Council. You will receive more detailed information shortly.

If you have any questions, please contact Brenna Fraser at bcgoodwin@cbe.ab.ca.

November 06
Parent Presentation

Parenting Presenting-Monday Jan 21, 2019 at 6:00pm-8:30 pm-Rosscarrock School

Parenting with Eyes Wide Open
2.5 hours – Adults ONLY-no students please

This parenting presentation is sponsored and paid for by the Rosscarrock Parent Council.

This session provides the same information to parents that their children received in an abbreviated format and from a different angle. This session will cause parents to think about their parenting style and the bad habits that they have carried over from when they were raised. Parents will view the last 15 minutes of the 60 minute video the students watch. Dwayne will then share what the youth are telling him in the Part 2 small group sessions such as:

  • they are tired of the fighting, screaming and hollering going on in the house
  • they are tired of being compared to their siblings
  • they wish they were closer to their parents
  • they miss spending time with their dad’s
  • why are they under attack when they do something wrong but they are not celebrated when they do something right
  • they are afraid of not meeting their parents expectations…and much more.

There is also a portion of this section that focuses on Dad’s role in the family. This is a very powerful session for parents to attend for the sake of their children.

The book, “Parenting with Eyes Wide Open” was completed due to the many requests by parents to have one for a resource after the adult session was completed.

Please let Mrs. Fraser know if you plan to attend this session at bcgoodwin@cbe.ab.ca .



September 25
Terry Fox Run

Our upcoming Terry Fox Run will be held on Friday September 28. We'll be meeting in the gym at 10:30am for a short assembly before we make our way outside to start our run around the perimeter of the school field. We'll aim to run from about 10:45am-11:15am, with students having their hands marked for each lap that they complete. At the end of the run, we'll get a total for each class, as well as for the whole school. Volunteers are welcome to join us for the assembly and the run on Friday. 

Toonies for Terry may be brought into school this week. Please note that any donations or pledges are completely optional. Any donations will be collected in classrooms during the week, and can also be left in the office. On the day of the run, students may wish to wear an "I'm running for . . . . " sticker to show their support for a family member or friend that has been impacted by cancer. Please have a conversation with your child regarding who they might run for. If students don't have a particular individual that they would like to run for, they can write Terry's name on the sticker instead.


Thank you for your support. We're looking forward to a great run day!​
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 Brenna Fraser, Principal

Brenna Fraser
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