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RT @UsihChristopher: This afternoon, #WeAreCBE students on the Chief Superintendent Student Advisory Council shared survey responses from fellow students on the best way to support learning & well-being. See below #StudentVoice highlights!Thanks to staff lead Malynda Kouperman and Director Ann Ard.

RT @UsihChristopher: “School is the best place to fail and to learn from your mistakes. How many of you mastered how to ride a bike the first time?” - CBE student on my Student Advisory Council. Do we allow students a second chance to show improvement? I’d say yes!

Abe Staff supports @MadebyMomma , a local non-profit providing wholesome nourishment & nurturing care for mothers & young children facing situations of adversity & crisis.

Inspired Albertan: Amelia Walker | CTV News. Way to go Amelia! We are proud of you!

We are working together to create more Zen Dens (physical spaces that promote well-being & community by providing welcoming, inclusive, relaxing and psychologically safe environments) throughout our school! See posters at school for items we are seeking! Om . . .