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January 17
Accountability Pillar Survey

Dear Parents/Legal Guardians:

From mid-January to the end of February, Alberta Education will be conducting the annual Accountability Pillar Survey.  Before the end of January, parents/guardians of students in Grade 7 will receive their survey in the mail from Alberta Education.  The envelope includes a self-address return envelope; however, if it is simpler for families to return it directly to the school, we will mail the survey results back to Alberta Education on your behalf. During this same time period, students in Gr. 7 and all teachers will complete their surveys online at school, led by the school administration.

All surveys are anonymous and ask questions about experiences with our school.  All parents/guardians receive the English version of the survey in the mail. Alberta Education also provides the survey in Arabic, Blackfoot, Chinese, Cree, French, Korean, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog and Urdu.  If you would prefer to respond to the survey in one of these languages, please contact the main office for a hard copy.

The Accountability Pillar uses a set of 16 indicators consisting of surveys of students, parents/guardians and teachers on: various aspects of quality; student outcomes such as dropout and high school completion rates; and provincial assessments of student learning.  If you “Don’t Know” the answer to a particular question, please skip that question and go to the next one, unless you want your response to count as a negative one.  It is preferable that you not answer any question with “Don’t Know”.

It is very important that parents/guardians complete the survey and return it to Alberta Education. Alberta Education and the public use the results of the Accountability Pillar Survey to assess satisfaction with the quality of education in our schools.  In addition, the Calgary Board of Education uses the information to improve teaching and learning for your children. Survey results for 2019-2020 will be available to school authorities in May 2020, and will be reported publicly as part of their 3-Year Education Plans and Annual Education Results Reports.  As a point of reference, I am including the Woodman 2018-2019 Annual School Results Report to this email, which is also posted to the school website; it highlights the school’s successes and areas of identified growth last school year:

Your voice matters. Your participation in the survey helps provide important information on the quality of education your child is receiving.  At Woodman, we have approximately 155 Grade 7 families.  A strong survey sample is necessary in order to implement changes based on your input.  The Woodman staff, and particularly the Gr. 7 teaching team, takes our results based on parental input seriously.  We thank you for taking time to thoughtfully respond. 

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Krickhan, Principal

December 20
Concluding 2019 with Community Building Initiatives

Dear Parents/Legal Guardians:

We have concluded 2019 with some wonderful community building initiatives over the last days of school.  As a school, we:

  • Donated 495 socks for The Mustard Seed Stuff-a-Sock campaign
  • Collected $2055.00 for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank
  • Collected 8 full, large boxes of non-perishable food items

In addition to taking care of the wider community, students and staff had an excellent time listening to the bands play, taking part in Wolf Pack challenges and celebrating together.  Thank you to our generous families for making the holiday bright at Woodman School.

Please note that My CBE/Power School will be unavailable from Dec. 20, 5:00 PM – Jan. 5, 2019, 11:59 PM for an important upgrade.  This includes attendance, assignments and grades, student fees and service registrations (transportation and noon supervision). 

The main office will be closed from Fri. Dec. 20, 12:00 PM to Mon. Jan. 6, 8:00 AM.  Regular classes resume on Mon. Jan. 6.

On behalf of the Woodman staff, I wish to express heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support of our work in public education.  Together, we are raising a group of almost 500 adolescents with enormous potential.  I wish you and your loved ones a special time of celebration of all of the goodness in our lives and communities. 


Ms. Krickhan, Principal

September 06
First Day

The first day of school remains an iconic experience.  We all have a memory of our own first days of school.  Everywhere and everyone – from news outlets, social media platforms, clothing shops and, yes, even internet and digital device providers – want to cash in on the family thrill of the return to classes.  


Every sector of the school system itself is pulsating with preparation – each education director, front office receptionist, psychologist, educational assistant and teacher – readies themselves for that first day in which we make contact with our students.    Late into the evening of the Labour Day weekend, members of the Woodman school staff were preparing last minute details to receive our remarkable 496 adolescent learners.  


And what a first day it was!  All of the efforts at readiness paid off.  Nervous smiles and trepidatious attempts to initiate friendships notwithstanding, it was the first positive step in the 180 school days of 2019-2020 that await us.  Resilience, curiosity in learning and self-discovery are built one conversation and one experience at a time.  Thank you for all of the efforts, seen and unseen, to have launched the school year at Woodman!   At Woodman, we are fully prepared to embrace our commitment to public education, and to the many educational experiences that will shape your child’s future.​


Ms. Krickhan, Principal

July 02

Dear Parents:/Legal Guardians:

At the close of the school year, I wish to commend our students, teachers, support staff and facility staff for ending so strongly, full of celebration of student achievement, and at the same time so ready for a needed summer holiday. 
Yesterday’s awards assemblies, followed by the electricity of receiving report cards, saying good-bye, and streaming out of the building reminded me of why working in a public school is as rewarding as it is. 

Following dismissal, our staff thoroughly enjoyed the festiveness of the staff luncheon that parent volunteers and the Woodman council executive organized for us.  The summer/beach motif was just what we need to help us shift our energy in a new direction for the next eight weeks.  We appreciate the efforts greatly.

Please take note of a few year-end reminders:

  • Everything that you need to know for the First Day of School on Tues. Sept. 3rd is posted to our website, at the following link:


  • For all 2019-2020 families, expect to receive an email from Woodman School at the end of August, with more details regarding the first day of classes.
  • If you are eligible by neighborhood or program to apply for CBE Yellow Schoolbus Service and have not already done so, you will not be assigned a designated bus stop for the first day of school.   Please log on to My CBE/PowerSchool account immediately.  Transportation fees apply and are payable online.  Bussing maps will be made available in late August through the following link:


  • Be aware that all Gr. 5-6 students in the CBE and who remain at school over lunch hour are eligible to apply for Noon Supervision services.  Registration and fees will be assigned centrally, through the My CBE/PowerSchool. 
  • Students who ordered the 2018-2019 Woodman Yearbook should be advised that yearbooks will arrive towards the end of September.  If you are leaving Woodman School, keep posted to our website, which will communicate when yearbooks will arrive and can be picked up from the main office.   Yearbooks for students who transferred to our two major feeder schools at Henry Wisewood and Dr, E.P. Scarlett will have their yearbooks sent over to the high schools for pick up there.
  • If your family plans have changed and you will be moving out of the neighborhood or changing schools, it is vitally important that you communicate this to the school.  Please email woodman@cbe.ab.ca, which will not be monitored until late August, but which, upon the main office re-opening, will assist us in making outstanding staffing decisions.  Student enrollment is the biggest indicator of funding, classroom composites and teaching assignments. 

Joining Woodman School as your principal, just a few short months ago, has been an exciting change in my professional trajectory.  I thank you for your warmth and welcoming disposition towards me and the principal role.  Ms. Bartlett, Assistant Principal, and I consider ourselves fortunate to be part of the Woodman Wolfpack!

Sincere regards,
Ms. Krickhan, Principal

March 06
March 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians:

I am thrilled to be joining the Ecole Woodman School community as your new principal.  I will officially assume the role on Mon. Feb. 25, 2019 and over the next two weeks will be working through a thoughtful transition plan together with my colleague, Mr. Whitbread.

I have been the school principal at Escuela Senator Patrick Burns School since 2013, which is a Gr. 6-9 middle school (Area II) with 645 students.  It has been a triple track program for much of my time there, hosting the English Regular Program, National Sport Academy and Spanish Bilingual program, and serving 60 NE/NW communities of Calgary.  Learning and leading in a dynamic environment of choice, promoting rich language learning opportunities and guiding adolescents during a sometimes-turbulent time in their lives has been one of the most satisfying periods in my career thus far.  I believe that transferrable experiences and ideas can occur between the SPB and Woodman campuses. I admire the cohesive community that Mr. Whitbread has helped create between the three programs at Woodman over the last two years.  Both he and I were featured in the CBE Dialogue series in October that highlight best practices for leading school communities housing multiple programs; to me, this is a serendipitous sign of the compatibility between leadership and school practices. 

Originally from Winnipeg, I managed to escape the cold winter weather to teach music in Mexico City; this turned into a ten-year stint of living and working in multiple educational settings of Mexico.  The decision to return to my country again, and to make my home in the Calgary Board of Education, was life-changing for my family and I. As a proud Canadian that heralds two official languages, my next professional goal includes learning to speak French.  I embrace with positive expectation the gift of learning yet another language together with the Gr. 7 students of the late French immersion program at Woodman.  Through study in the Certificate in French Language and Culture program at the University of Calgary, the next phase in my service to the CBE – and to all of you -  is indeed energizing.  

 I look forward to meeting the students, staff and parents of Woodman (and corresponding feeder schools) over the next few weeks.  Mr. Whitbread has invited me to attend the school council meeting on Feb. 19th and the Open House on Feb. 21st, where I will learn more about Woodman School's priorities and connect with you personally.

 Warmly yours (in spite of this cold stint),

 Marlene Krickhan​

April 20
Welcome to Our New Online Home

Hello and welcome to our new website!!

The change is part of a system-wide upgrade of all CBE school websites to a new standard. While any technology change takes some getting used to, we hope you'll appreciate the new features such as being able to view it on your smart phone, and being able to find anything on the site using the search tool at the top of the page.

I invite you to explore the pages and check back often for the most current information about Woodman School. You can also watch this space for periodic updates and announcements of school-wide importance. As always, should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me anytime.​​

Darrin Whitbread


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