Locks and Lockers

Students are assigned lockers by Home Rooms, as well as for Phys. Ed. Locks provided by the CBE are the only authorized locks for school use. It is expected that lockers will be kept neat and clean, and that only necessities will be stored in them. Students are responsible for their locks; lost or damaged locks will result in a $10.00 charge.

We encourage students to be organized so that they only have to go to their lockers in the morning before classes, at lunchtime, and after Phys. Ed. Following this recommendation means students would only need books for a maximum of 3 consecutive classes at a time. 

Students do not normally have enough time to visit their lockers in between every class as the transition time between classes is only 3 minutes, making it difficult for them to be on time. Regardless of when they choose to go to their lockers, students are expected to arrive to their classes, prepared and on time.

School administration has the right to open and search any school locker at any time for safety and security reasons. Lockers are school property.

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