Personal Belongings


Hats, toques and bandanas should be removed upon entering the building. Coats are not allowed in classes. Hats, coats and backpacks need to be kept in the student’s locker as they can pose a security risk since they can serve to obscure student identity. Due to safety reasons backpacks are NOT allowed in classrooms.


A student needing to use the telephone should use a school phone with the permission of a teacher. In the case of an emergency, a telephone in the Main Office is always available. 

Cell Phones, iPods, iPads & Other Electronic Devices

See our Acceptable Cell Phone Usage Policy

Possession and use of a cell phone must fall within these guidelines:

  1. Cell phones must be on silent (not vibrate) upon entering the building unless directed by the teacher and remain silent throughout the remainder of the school day.
  2. Cell phones will be kept in students’ lockers during class time, unless teachers permit students to use their cell phones for a specific learning purpose during their class.
  3. Teachers have the authority to allow or ban cell phone use during their respective class times.
  4. Cell phones may be used appropriately during the lunch period, and must be returned to students’ lockers at the end of the lunch period. Cell phones are to remain in students’ lockers during the snack break on Friday.
  5. Cell phones may not be brought into the washrooms or locker rooms.
  6. Cell phone cameras and audio recorders may only be used for specific educational benefits and only with prior permission of the teacher or administrator.

Students who bring cell phones to school do so at their own risk. The school assumes NO LIABILITY for lost, stolen or damaged cell phones.

Student use of cell phones at A.E. Cross School is a privilege. Failure to adhere to established guidelines will result in the
following corrective measures:

  • 1st Offense: Student is asked to place their cell phone in their locker until end of day.
  • 2nd Offense: Student turns in cell phone to the main office. Cell phone remains in the office until end of day (to be picked up by student).
  • 3rd Offense: Student turns in cell phone to the main office. Parents will be notified and must come in to the school to pick up the cell phone.
  • 4th Offense: Student will not be allowed to bring a cell phone onto school property for a determined amount of time.
  • Further Offenses: To be determined in conjunction with the student and student’s family.

*Certain steps in this corrective process may be bypassed and other disciplinary measures may be enacted based on the severity of the offense, in alignment with CBE Administrative Regulations 6005, Student Code of Conduct and
Administrative Regulation 6006, Progressive Student Discipline.

Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters, Longboards and Inline Skates

The Calgary Board of Education has prohibited the use of skateboards on all CBE property for safety reasons. Scooters and skateboards can come into the school and be stored in a designated area. Bikes, skateboards, scooters and inline skates can be used as transportation to and from school but cannot be used during the lunch hour on school property. Skateboards and scooters during lunch hour on or near the road is not allowed by city bylaw. Students riding bikes must
dismount and walk their bike to the bike lock area. Please ensure you have a lock to secure their bike, skateboard, or scooters. We ask that if students are bringing long boards/scooters to school that they bring a secure lock. The school is not responsible for loss or damage to skateboards/bikes/scooters/long boards but will endeavor to support the student and family in helping solve the problem. Articles of value are brought at the owner’s risk and the school does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage. Bikes/long boards/scooters/long boards should be locked in the bike racks and taken home each night.

Bringing Your Own Device to School

Students are welcome to bring their personal electronic devices to school as part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Personally Owned Devices (POD) framework. Students should understand how a device works and how its use supports their learning. All devices are subject to approval by the school and teacher. Students are responsible for any devices they bring to school. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

There is no requirement for students to bring their own device. Students will have access to devices at the school needed to support their learning.

Students must use their device responsibly. You can look on the CBE website for more information on bringing devices to school.

Restricted Items

Students are not allowed to bring any item to school that is a weapon or ... toy guns, laser pointers, water pistols and items that are replicas of real weapon to school. 

Note: Laser pointers have the potential to cause serious eye damage. Students will have laser pointers confiscated if they are using them in the school building.

Physical Education (PE) Class

 As a safety precaution, all jewelry including watches, rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. should NOT be worn to PE class. The teacher is NOT responsible for student property. As a general rule, students are discouraged from bringing any objects of value to school.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found items are gathered up and sent to charity the last day of each month. Please ensure your child is diligent about checking the Lost and Found prior to this deadline if they are missing items. The school assumes no responsibility for personal items lost or stolen (including cell phones).

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