May 09
May 9, 2022


As Travel Restrictions are easing, we are seeing more families wishing to travel, bon voyage! If choosing to travel during the school year when school is in session, please be aware of the following: 
• Schools are not mandated to, nor do we, provide schoolwork for extended absences. 
• It is parents/guardians’ responsibilities to review and support their child’s learning during the extended absence.
• The CBE believes there is a strong positive correlation between attendance and effective education. 
• The Education Act excuses students from attending school due to illness or other unavoidable cause, religious holidays, suspension/expulsion, or permission from the Board. An absence outside of these exemptions, including those reported by parents, will be recorded as an unexcused absence. 
• Absences may affect a child’s academic progress, and peer relationships, at school. 
• The cumulative effect of multiple extended school absences could result in significant gaps in a child’s learning and achievement. 
• Make sure to notify our school office and your child’s teachers of leave of absence by completing The Extended Leave of Absence Form. This form can be picked up at the main office. 
We trust you will continue to follow travel guidelines pertaining to Covid, thank you. These guidelines may change dependent on area visited, and upon return to Alberta. 

We continue to ask that all safety and traffic rules are adhered to in and around the school.
The safety of our students and staff is essential and our number one priority.
We would prefer that you arrive late, and safely, than on time while breaking traffic rules.
  • Please do not park on the crosswalks.
  • Please do not pull U-Turns where prohibited.
  • Please do not drive through a crosswalk with people in it.
  • Please do not pull into the staff parking lot at any time. 
We are all a community and it is our collective responsibility to keep each other safe.
So many of you follow all of the rules and encourage others to do so.  We see you.  We appreciate you.

Alexander Ferguson’s School Council and Society are parent organizations that support AFS staff in offering excellent programming for our students. There are so many ways for parents to participate, and, whether you have a little or a lot of time to share, we hope that you will be involved in our school community.
Looking to get involved? Join a meeting. Anytime. Check out volunteer opportunities . Find position descriptions in the document located along the right hand side of the page.
All parents are very welcome to attend Council and Society meetings to learn more about what is happening in our school and share ideas. Please watch for highlights about Council and Society happenings and volunteer opportunities on our website.


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