Program, Focus & Approach

Key Characteristics of ABP

  • Alberta Programs of Study through an instructional approach that best meets the learning needs of boys.
  • Development of leadership through “Just for Boys” and “The Leader in Me” programs
  • Books and curricular materials that excite boys and are integrated into all aspects of curriculum
  • Opportunities for boys to express themselves through the fine arts
  • Encourages full participation in appropriate personalized activities including wellness, physical fitness and athletic activity
  • Opportunities for mentorship networks
  • Builds on boys’ strengths to create an optimistic culture and encouraging learning environment where boys achieve their personal best
  • School uniform

Key Outcomes

  • active engagement  in a ‘boy focused’  learning environment
  • enhanced self confidence
  • development of caring relationships through coaching and mentorship

Student Attributes

The All-Boys Program is especially suited for boys who:

  • benefit from a single gender approach to instruction
  • are interested in curriculum that highlights what it means to be male in today’s culture


  • Student, parents and teachers together, discuss how families can assist at home.
  • Homework is recorded in agenda books or on Google Classroom.
  • All students should be reading and/or practicing math facts for daily homework.
  • Homework may be necessary when a student uses classroom time unwisely.
  • Arrangements may be made between teacher, student and parent to have some school work done at home because of extraordinary circumstances or special projects.
  • Grades 1 – 3 students have limited amount of formally assigned homework.
  • Grades 4 – 6 students will have formally assigned homework throughout the year.

Absentee Homework

When students are taken out of school for extended periods of time we recommend:

  • Keep a daily journal which can be presented to the teacher / class upon return.
  • Parent meets with teacher upon return to determine what work the student needs to complete.
  • “Catch up work” is more accurate than attempting to predict work to be covered.

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​All Boys Program at the CBE

Is the All Boys Program the Right Choice for My Child?

A successful student demonstrates:
  • a desire to learn in a single gender setting
  • a willingness to be actively engaged in a learning environment that focuses on the academic, physical, emotional and social needs of boys 
  • a willingness to take risks in their learning 
  • a desire to understand themselves as a learner

Characteristics of the All Boys Program

  • Builds on boys’ strengths to create an optimistic culture and an encouraging learning environment where boys will understand themselves as learners 
  • Fostering self-confidence as boys understand how to be a resilient learner and critical thinker 
  • Daily Physical Education program, instructed by a K-6 Physical Education specialist 
  • Development of leadership characteristics through authentic contribution to the school community 
  • The natural curiosity of the male learner is leveraged through intentional task design 
  • Enriching their learning and the curriculum through the use of residencies, exploration of community resources and off campus experiences that make the connections authentic for boys 
  • A school community that recognizes the necessity for classroom environments that support male learners (movement breaks, tall desks, alternative seating, assistive tools) 
  • Alberta Programs of Study through an instructional approach that best meets the learning needs of boys 
  • Infusion of technology to support the demonstration of learning

Visit the CBE website to help determine whether or not an All Boys Program is right for your child and the Alternative Programs Handbook (Alberta Education).