Sep 27
October 2019

September can be a time of transition for students, new schools, new teachers, a different group of friends, among other complexities individual to each of us as we navigate our lives. The patience and support that folks have afforded each other during this time is a true example of us living, through our actions, the Circle of Courage particularly in the Spirits of Generosity and Belonging. It is of great value that opportunities presented throughout our lives offer us continued growth and build on our previous knowledge. It is the welcoming of these opportunities in our lives, as opposed to shying away from these opportunities, that we develop our self-confidence.  In the spirits of Mastery and Independence, this is an aspect of school that we all should embrace as we strive to develop our capacities as lifelong learners. 

There will be plenty of opportunity for students to explore the Circle of Courage Spirits; Generosity, Belonging, Independence & Mastery throughout programming at Alternative High School. It is important for students and families to remember that there is a direct relationship between student success and school attendance, if students are not at school it becomes difficult to support them with their learning. Our school celebration day at Cobb’s Corn Maze was fantastic. Students and staff were able to reconnect with each other and welcome new students to Alternative High School. These days are so important in developing and maintaining the safe, supportive caring community of Alternative High School.

It was nice to see so many families attend “Meet the Teacher Night”. As indicated Parent/Guardian involvement on School Council/Parent Association is very much appreciated.  I sincerely appreciate parents/guardians that came to our introductory meeting and have expressed an interest in supporting the school through their participation on School Council/Parent Association.  School Council/Parent Association meetings are posted on our school website.  

As we now move forward into the school year there is much to look forward to and much work to be done. I look forward to our continued work together. Please do not hesitate to connect with me at the school at any time.

Dr. Don Barbor
Alternative High School/AARC


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