Nov 01
November 2019

​Principal’s Message

The month of November marks the quarter point in our school year. At this time the school year is well underway, students are settling in to their course work and staff know their students and are programming specifically for the students they support. Students need to hold themselves accounta-ble to their best efforts every day. When we expect great things for our-selves we tend to put in the efforts necessary to accomplish these high ex-pectations. Students and their supports will see evidence of student en-gagement and effort in school through the Report Cards and the Confer-ences that are held on November 21. Please spend time with your student celebrating successes and making a plan for the next steps in learning.

As we reflect on the Circle of Courage belonging plays a significant role in how students are able to perform and succeed at school. A significant as-pect of belonging is us being present in the community of which we speak. Currently we have a large number of students that are not attending school consistently. It is impossible to teach if a student is not present to learn, Mastery. It is impossible to include if a student is not in attendance, Belonging. It is impossible to understand self in the context of our community if we are not present in our community, Independence. It is im-possible to interact with others in caring and kind ways if we do not make ourselves available, Generosity. We want to support students in their growth and achievement, we need them to attend in order to be this sup-port. Remember all absences must be communicated to the school by a legal guardian.

I wanted to extend a thank you to the past leadership of both the Parent As-sociation and the School Council. Your efforts on behalf of students, fami-lies, staff and the community of Alternative High School are highly valued and appreciated. As a result of folks moving on from these positions I want to extend my thanks for those that have stepped up to take on leadership roles. I look forward to working with you this year. We always welcome members at large so please come to our meeting on November 20, 2019.

Thank you once again for working with the school on behalf of the student you are supporting. Please do not hesitate to connect with me at the school should you have a comment or question.


Dr. Don Barbor
Alternative High School/AARC


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