Jan 06
The Beginning of a New Year

January marks the beginning of a new year for us all. For a student in high school it is significant as well. Semester One classes are coming to an end and exams are imminent. Please support your student in completing the semester with enthusiasm, confidence and suffi-cient effort to do their very best. Organization of material, project completion, review and rest are all important aspects of an academic life of a student. Please support the student you are connected with to use their time wisely, consider their priorities and stay healthy in what is often a stressful time in their lives.

Please visit our Exam Schedule page. Within the schedule you will be aware of student tutorial opportunities. If the student you are connected to has a passing grade that reflects a comprehen-sive understanding of the course and their ability to demonstrate this understanding then we would encourage students to attend these tu-torial opportunities for continued support. If the student you are con-nected to is not meeting the requirements of the course then these tutorial times are mandatory.

Teachers will inform students of their requirement to be in attendance on these tutorial times. A student not fulfilling their obligation to attend tutorial times and maintain their studies can impact further programming for that student at Alternative High School.

It is my hope this new year brings you and your family the best of fortunes and good health. I appreciate the continued support the community demonstrates for the staff and programming at Alternative High School. Should you have comments or questions please do not hesitate to connect with the school.


Dr. Don Barbor
Alternative High School/AARC


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