Attendance Line: 403-777-7730

Parents/guardians/ independent students are required to phone the absence line 403-777-7730 to inform the school that a student is going to be absent or late and a reason must be given. Please inform the school of the mentor with whom the student is attached.

Arrival and Dismissal

Students are required to attend regularly and punctually and parents are expected to support this requirement (CBE Administrative Regulation 6020 - Attendance of Students). Students arriving late to school in the morning report to their mentor to confirm their attendance. Lates are not excused without a valid reason such as an appointment. Appointment notes/cards can be requested by students and parents at the time of the appointment and these should be brought with the student to the mentor. Parents/guardians may also write a note explaining the nature of the late or absence. Sleeping in or not being organized are not considered valid reasons for being late. It is the discretion of the principal or their designate to determine whether a late or absence is excused or unexcused.

Any students who are absent from school for illness or who are considered absent unexcused, are not permitted to attend after school activities if these activities fall on the same day as the absence.

The parents/guardians of students with frequent absences will be required to provide valid reasons with appropriate documentation (i.e. doctor/dentist/legal) in order for the absences to be excused. If unexcused, the following will occur:

  1. Parents/guardians/independent student will be contacted either by letter or by phone reminding them of their legal responsibility to ensure their student attends school. If the issue is unresolved, then;
  2. A formal meeting will be held with the administration, student, parent/guardian and mentor. An Attendance Improvement Plan (AIP) will be drafted. If warranted, revisions to the AIP will be made as the year progresses to support the progress and on-going efforts of parents and students to attend school regularly and punctually.
  3. If the AIP is not successful school administration may suggest another Calgary Board of Education and/or outside program that fits the student’s needs more closely.

Extended Leaves

Consistent school/class attendance is required for continued enrolment at Alternative High School. Extenuating circumstances may, however, necessitate a student being absent for an extended period of time.

In the case of an extended absence due to medical, mental health or compassionate leave, the school will endeavor to allow the student to catch up on work missed and complete the course with minimal penalty. Parents and guardians are required to contact school administration should there be medical concerns or compassionate grounds warranting extended absences from school. Medical documentation may be required based on the discretion of the principal or his/her designate.

  1. Students are requested to obtain the extended leave form from the main office five (5) school days before their leave and they are to produce a copy for their teachers. Students are to return completed forms to the office so that a copy can be provided to teachers and parents. Parents are required to sign the form to acknowledge they are aware of this policy and the expectations for their student.
  2. Students are required to comply with the instructions of teachers as written on the extended leave forms and to complete all assigned work, either prior to departure or upon their return.

Duty of Care

Students should not arrive at school before 8:00 AM unless arranged with a teacher. After 4:00 PM students who remain in the school must be under the direct supervision of a teacher in a tutorial or co-curricular activity. As our school has a single Facility Operator all students are expected, unless prearranged with a teacher, to be off the school property by 4:00 PM. During inclement weather please ensure students have a plan to get home. In extreme cases an arrangement has been made with Central Memorial High School where students can wait inside the main doors until their transportation arrives. Please connect with the school office as administration will contact Central Memorial on behalf of the student.

Students who want to leave the school during school hours for any reason – appointments, illness, etc. must inform their mentor and sign out at the office.

Parental permission by note, or by phone, is required unless the student is considered independent (18 years or older). In an emergency, the school will take the necessary precautions to ensure the wellness of all students.

Please be advised that students who leave the school without reason or without notifying the office may be required to have a reclamation intake meeting before resuming programming at Alternative High School.

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​​​Attendance in MyCBE

Our student information system, MyCBE provides parents, guardians and students with access to detailed attendance information. For help creating an account or signing in, please visit Technical Support for Students & Parents.

Attendance records are available in Grades and Attendance or Attendance History. Common attendance codes are:

  • (P) =Present
  • A = Absent
  • L = Late
  • IL = Illness
  • AP = Absent - Parent Called
  • LVE = Leave Early
  • MA = Appointment

A legend of all the attendance codes are available at the bottom of the attendance charts.. To discuss any discrepancies, please contact the school office.

Attendance Expectations at the CBE

We believe there is a strong correlation between attendance and effective education. The CBE Administrative Regulation 6020 - Attendance of Students​ regulation applies to all of our students, and outlines the responsibilities for students, parents and school staff.​​​​​​​​