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Monday Message - May 8 - 12

Dear Parents & Guardians,  


Trickster Week is Here!  

Parents, we are looking forward to a week of physical storytelling and creativity with the Trickster Residency. We would also like to say a huge thank you to Andrew Sibbald's Parent Association for covering the cost of this residency for our students.  


Please join us on Thursday evening for your child/children's performances. There is only enough space inside the gym for two seats per family. There are no tickets. Each show is quite different in content, and we hope you enjoy seeing what the students create with their Trickster this week.  


Some reminders:  


The first show is 5:30 – 6:30. Please arrive between 5:00 – 5:15. Students go to their classrooms & parents go to the gym. The students performing and family in the audience are asked to leave promptly (please pick up your child from his or her classroom at the end of the show). No one is permitted to pick up from classrooms until the end of the show at 6:30.  


Classrooms performing: 

Ms. Hatchette - Tuesday/Thursday Class

Ms. Hayes 

Miss Craik  

Mrs. Swan 

Mrs. Pols 

Mrs. Sampson 

Mrs. Drever  


The second show is 7:00 – 8:00. Please arrive at 6:45. Students go to their classrooms & parents to the gym. You will pick up your child/ren at the end of the show. No one is permitted to pick up from classrooms until the end of the show at 8:00.  


Classrooms performing:  

Ms. Hatchette - Monday/Wednesday Class

Mrs. McKay 

Ms. Chen 

Mrs. Braun 

Mrs. Mitchell  

Miss Seppala 

Mrs. Gordon  


If you have a child in the first and second show, you are invited to stay for both performances. Your children will be inside their classrooms all evening (5:15 – 8:00). No one is permitted to pick up from classrooms throughout the show.  


Please reach out, if you have any questions.  


Update & Thank You - Student Fundraising Efforts for Outdoor Gaga Ball Pit 

Thank you to all the students and parents who have helped support the Gr. 6 Gaga Ball Committee's fundraising efforts. It was truly appreciated. The students have successfully raised $1 500 dollars and met their contribution goal. We are also VERY grateful to the Parent Association and School Council for their support (both financial and encouragement) around this initiative. We will share out information around the building of the Gaga Ball Pit, as we work alongside CBE Facilities and timelines are established.  


Big Brave Update 

Thank you once again to our wonderful Sibbald community for your continued support with our annual Big Brave event for Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta. Our kickoff assembly brought lots of excitement and sparked the hearts of students wanting to help kids who are fighting childhood cancer. We're off to a great start having raised over $1000 in our first week! Just a reminder that participation permission forms need to be back by May 18th. Check out our Andrew Sibbald Team Page to keep updated on how we are doing! 


Save the Date – Bottle Drive Fundraiser on May 24th  

Andrew Sibbald Parent Association, our school's fundraising body, will be hosting a bottle drive on May 24th in support of our school's purchase of a Gaga Ball Pit for the school grounds. More information to follow!  


This Week at Sibbald  


Monday, May 8th   

  • Mon/Wed Kindergarten attends  
  • Grades 4-6 Intramurals at lunch 
  • Trickster residency  


Tuesday, May 9th  

  • Tues/Thurs Kindergarten attends   
  • Gr. 3-6 Choir at lunch  
  • Trickster residency   


Wednesday, May 10th  

  • Mon/Wed Kindergarten attends   
  • Grades 4-6 Intramurals at lunch  
  • Trickster residency 


Thursday, May 11th  

  • Tues/Thurs Kindergarten attends   
  • Grades 5/6 Student Voice at lunch 
  • Trickster residency  
  • Trickster evening performances 


Friday, May 12th  

·         No school for Kindergarten students  

·         Trickster residency  


Coming Up at Sibbald  

Trickster Residency – May 8th – 12th  

Gr. 6 PAT – ELA Part A – May 17th   

School Council Meeting – May 17th (Grade 1 to report) 

Grade 2 to the Calgary Zoo – May 18th  

Victoria Day – No school for staff or students – May 22nd  

New Kindergarten Orientation – May 25th (6:00 – 6:30 p.m.) 

Big Brave Event – May 26th (9:00 – 11:00)  

Professional Learning Day for staff/no school for students – May 29th  

Gr. 4 Field Trip to Heritage Park – May 30th  

Nickle School Theatre Performance for Grades 3 & 4 – June 1st (9:00 – 10:00) 

Volunteer Tea – June 2nd (10:00 – Invite & RSVP required) 

Fun Snack – June 2nd  


Updated Blogs       



·                     Ms. Hatchette           

Grade One       

·                     Ms. McKay            

·                     Ms. Hayes            

Grade Two            

·                     Ms. Chen     

·                     Ms. Craik            

Grade Three            

·                     Ms. Swan            

·                     Ms. Braun            

Grade Four            

·                     Ms. Mitchell            

·                     Ms. Pols            

Grade Five            

·                     Ms. Sampson            

·                     Ms. DeLuca            

Grade Six            

·                     Mrs. Drever            

·                     Ms. Gordon            


·                     Ms. Harris           


Grades 1-2 Literacy         

Ms. Grant         


Grades 3-6 Literacy           

Ms. Prediger 



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