Classes & Departments

Grade 5 Team

5.1 Skjerpen, Tina (LL)
5.2 Gedlaman, Serena
5.3 Laird, Chelsea
5.4 Moore, Stacie
5.5 Currie, Rebecca

Grade 6 Team

6.1 Quigley, James (LL)
6.2 Loudon, Eunice
6.3 Gilson, Bill
6.4 Miller, Maya
6.5 Walker, Michelle

Grade 7 Team

Slade, Delaine (LL)
7.1 McFarlane, Kathleen
7.2 Jang, Aaron
7.3 Julian, Elizabeth
7.4 Stawinski, Jordan
7.5 McKeon, Emily

Grade 8 Team

Ness, Sue (LL)
8.1 Pugh, Robyn
8.2 Chan, Billie Jo
8.3 Cousin, James (LL)
8.4 Bains Charbonneau, Candace
8.5 Redding, Amanda

Grade 9 Team

9.1 Berndtsson, Jacquie (LL)
9.2 Mungo, Amanda
9.3 Sayed, Rubina
9.4 Pohyia, Sandra
9.5 Fischer, Emily
9.6 Holmes, Will

Career & Technology Studies (CTS)

Crabbe, Andrew
Hertzsprung, Liam (LL)
Smaniotto, Aryk

Physical Education/Athletics

MacDougall, Jill (LL)
Holmes, Will
Maris, Jackson

Specialized Classes

Inclusive Learning
Samuelson, Carla (LL)

Behavioral Support Workers
Milliard, Kerri
Pak, Annett
Teachers-The Class
Putz, Chelsea

Tompkins, Ashley

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Today is the first day of spring or Motoyi in Blackfoot. It is a time of renewal and new beginnings. After a season of rest, the land comes to life with new growth, movement and sounds. #WeAreCBE

RT @NickleCBE: Grade 9 morning trip to Fish Creek Park. Students practiced building shelters, making fires, and of course enjoying s'mores together. @nickleschoolparents

RT @gale_school: Many grade 9 students have been working hard to research and create their Social Justice displays. Today, they presented them to our grade 6 students. #WeAreCBE @Area4CBE

RT @cmhsrams: CMHS appreciates our guest teachers. Our culinary students have been providing them with treats every morning. Substitute teachers are essential to our schools. Thank you. #WeAreCBE