Jun 04
Teacher Retirements

Dear Families

I hope this message finds you and your family staying safe, healthy and enjoying the warm weather.  Life in our school continues to hum along in June.  Students and staff are still engaged in learning throughout the month, ensuring students cover their grade level outcomes.  Planning for next year is well underway including determining bell times, teacher assignments and designating students to next year’s classes.  Very soon, we will be able to communicate our bell times with our families to provide time to organize schedules for September.

At this time of year, we recognize and thank teachers who have dedicated themselves to a full career of teaching and who are now retiring.  Mrs. Croteau, Ms. Zollner and Mrs. Henderson deserve our thanks and gratitude for choosing to become teachers and contribute the lives of children and youth.  In a “typical” year we would hold an assembly in which we could gather to thank them in person.  Instead, I encourage you to join us in spirit, to recognize their contributions.  These teachers have written the following message to our students and parents:

With only one month to go, I'm preparing myself to begin the next phase of my life. It's hard to believe that 13 years have gone by since I joined the staff at BPS! Time goes by so quickly, and I'm convinced it moves faster as we get older! I'm very grateful to everyone I've worked with during my time at Battalion Park. It is truly a place where people genuinely care for each other and work together to make every school day the best possible for our students. I have met some wonderful teachers and parents, and of course, some wonderful kids. Even after 39 years and 9 months of teaching, I still get that incredible warm and satisfying feeling when I see my students being excited about learning and successful in whatever they're trying to achieve. So, in one more month, I will achieve 40 years of teaching. I'm looking forward to being able to delve more deeply into my music, travel (when we can), and spend time with my 93-year old mother. Many thanks to the parent community for your vital support through all these years. Thank you, kids, for being YOU! You may see me next year as a volunteer!
M. Henderson

It has been a pleasure to work with the families of Battalion Park School for the past 13 years.  Every year I am gifted an amazing group of students who become like ‘family’ by June.  It’s hard to believe I first encountered this school on my neighbourhood walk, at the beginning construction phase, thinking…”wouldn’t it be amazing to teach there?!”.  Who knew, that I would not only get to teach at that school, but finish out my career.  ‘Retirement’ still seems a bit surreal, but I am looking forward to some time for hobbies, reading, gardening, house stuff, my family, and sleep!  At least for the first year.  After that, my vision has always been to return overseas to teach again in Singapore.  Who knows…perhaps you will look me up and visit me there?  In the meantime, I will cherish the many stories, experiences, and memories from the students, colleagues, and families from Battalion Park School.  
P. Zollner

How fortunate am I to say that most of my teaching years have been spent at Battalion Park. I joined the staff the year before the Core school opened, teaching the “senior” Grade 3’s in the Mini. The excitement and challenges of being part of a team to open a new building and expand the school to K-6 remains a career highlight and I feel a huge sense of ownership and pride in the ways the school has evolved. Since that first year, I happily bounced back and forth between Grades 4 and 5, between the Core and the Mini. Seven different classrooms and approximately 400 children. These children, their parents and the amazing staff members I have worked with have forever etched a place in my heart. You have enriched my life and for this, I thank you. Being a resident of Signal Hill, I hope to run into you in the community - please stop me and say hello.
J. Croteau

Please join me in thanking these teachers for their service to students, parents and staff of Battalion Park School and the Calgary Board of Education.

Kind Regards
Jeff Campbell


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