Jan 23
January Principal's Message

Pillar of the Month: mindfulness

 Welcome back to school and the arrival of cold weather. Start up has been great with the addition of our monthly pillar: mindfulness. Each day from 12:20 – 12:30p.m., we are practicing resetting our activity level and our focus. Lunch can be a very active time and with that comes a heightened sense of internal noise and levels of activity. Through structured mindfulness activities we are modelling techniques for students that will help them self-regulate. This is an important skill for personal development as students continue to practice readying themselves for learning.  Each teacher is responsible for guiding students through a variety of activities that range from meditation to tai-chi or yoga. Low volume is strictly observed by both adults and students in the building during this period.

The school accountability pillar is now open for students, teachers and parents in grade 4.   Our goal is that every grade 4 parent will complete the survey.  Alberta Education is sending a paper copy of the survey to every grade 4 parent’s address.  You can complete the paper copy and send it to Alberta Education in the stamped return addressed envelope provided or you can complete the survey in the school office.  Please note that it is helpful if you do not use the N/A response when completing the survey as it is equivalent to a negative response in the way that the survey results are calculated.  Your help with completing this survey is appreciated.

Thank you for your responses to our school survey on parent involvement. We had an overwhelmingly positive response to our questions and we would like to share those with you. Responses are posted at; https://bhsparentsurvey.blogspot.com/2020/01/beddington-heights-school-parent.html 

In response to a request for having parent nights on a day other than Thursday, we are unable to meet that request due to facility rentals. Beddington Heights School is rented almost every night after school for community and sport programs. We are allowed to block book one night per week for school functions, which has traditionally been on Thursdays. This is established in June of the preceding school year. If there are other questions you would like to discuss regarding parent involvement we will be hosting a coffee with the principal on February 12 ,2020 in the staff room form 7:45 – 8:45. Please bring any questions you may have and join us.

Math night will be February 6th this year. Teachers have requested that parent nights be more evenly distributed throughout the year and we have moved up Math night as a result.  Math night was previously in April, but with report cards moved from end of January to end of December to give parents a better idea of how their child is doing, the length between scheduled school function was too long. Parents and families are still invited to the family dances that occur in February and May.

School safety remains a priority at Beddington. We are looking into having school signage outside the office directing visitors and parents to check in at the office. While doors are locked during instructional time, teachers have expressed their concern over individuals in the halls after the bell who may not have checked in at the office. Unfortunately, we do have a number of families who have protection orders and not all teachers are aware of all families in the school community. Teachers are required to ask parents if they have checked in at the office as a part of out emergency protocol. We are looking into making sure we have additional badges for parents when they check into the office to indicate they have stopped there. During instructional time we ask that you check in at the office and we will call your child down to meet you. This way we do not have interruptions when teachers are working with students.  Your help in supporting keeping our students safe will be greatly appreciated.

Kindergarten registration is now open. There are new dates for student eligibility. If your child‘s birthday is between January 1 and December 31, 2015, your child can register for kindergarten for the 2020 -2021 school year (beginning in September 2020). If your child is born between September 1, 2014 and December 31 2014, and has not previously attended kindergarten, your child is eligible for either kindergarten or grade ​1. If your child has attended kindergarten they should be registered in grade 1. There will be a kindergarten orientation to welcome you and your child to Beddington Heights on June 4, 2020 at 6 p.m.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our pillars of care assembly on January 24 at 8:15 a.m.


Brian Hebert

Principal, Beddington Heights





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