Sep 17
September Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

 We have had an excellent start to the school year here at Beddington Heights that we think may be connected to a number of changes we have implemented. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of some changes we believe are contributing to our work around caring and wellness here at the school.

Ignite: The Ignite program is now offered from 8:00 – 8:30 whole school on Mondays and upper floor on Thursdays. Beginning at 8 a.m. sharp on those days, students are given a choice of activities they may participate in with different teachers in the school. Activities are decided upon by students and are open to them up to the maximum number of students teachers are able to accommodate in their learning spaces. Some of the choices include; mathletics, creative writing, gym related activities, dance, Makerspace (building), board games, etc. Students are to check in with their teacher first before making choices. Student punctuality helps support student choice on these dates. Students are practicing walking calmly between classes and using inside voice when transitioning between activities in the hall. Both Mr. Strum and I are helping to supervise halls during transition times. Based upon the success of the program additional days may be considered for Ignite.

5th Pillar: This year we have started a fifth pillar that focuses on a different virtue each month. This is in addition to our firmly established pillars focusing on Care for Self, Others, Place and Learning. During staff professional development at the beginning of the year, staff participated in an activity that helped to define important character traits that they felt were important based upon personal feelings and traits they appreciate in others. Through discussion and teamwork, these virtues were examined for their importance. It was decided that the most important focus for the month of September would be “Belonging.” Students will be honoured for how they have contributed to a sense of “belonging.”  Individual student ideas on how to support belonging in our school will be posted on the wonderwall in the Learning Commons. The September Pillars of Care assembly is on September 27th, 2019.

Unspecified Recess: Teachers will now be taking their students out for recess during unspecified times during the morning or afternoons. Recess will now fall during natural breaks during transitions between learning.  Teachers will not have to stop instruction due to pre-set bell times. Teachers are excited about being able to provide proper closure to lessons and to be able to refocus on learning objectives before giving students a break from learning. An added benefit to unspecified recess is that we are seeing less crowding in the halls and improved behavior as students enter and exit the building.

BHS Care Check: you may receive a copy of a problem-solving sheet called the BHS Care Check sent home with your child. This will be forwarded to you for your signature if your child has been learning about behavior during the day and has discussed this either with their classroom teacher or with the office. You will be informed when a BHS care check is being sent home and we ask that you review the incident with your child and discuss possible solutions appropriate solutions to the problem with your child or reinforce the work the school has done with your child around problem solving. We ask that you return the Care Check with your signature to the classroom teacher the following school day.

Lunch Club: Mr. Strum will be in the Learning Commons each day at lunchtime to support student problem solving. If students are unable to solve their issues with an adult outside during the lunch hour period, they are encouraged to connect with Mr. Strum if they are unable to wait to connect with their classroom teacher after the bell.

 Please note we have two important dates in September: Meet the teacher night on September 19th and orange shirt day on September 30th. Additional information can be found on the back of the blue monthly calendar information sheet previously sent home.

 Thank you for helping to make our start to the school year such a success.


Brian Hebert

Principal, Beddington Heights​


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