Apr 18
April Message

​Feedback on the school Survey Regarding Planning and Budgeting.

The Calgary Board of Education conducts a spring survey to determine community perception regarding each school's budgeting and planning. This information is used to determine the school's next steps and is an indication of how we have responded to community need through the school year. Beddington Height's School Budgeting and Planning Survey provided us with the information below. The link to this survey was sent to you in March.  It remained open for approximately 10 days.

This feedback is the result of 74 individuals who started the survey, and 25 individuals who completed the survey. 110 questions were answered in total and there was a 34% completion rate. Below you will see the information that was shared by the parents who either partially or fully responded to the survey.

The School Development Plan

The community found out about the School Development Plan in the following ways: 42.86% stated they learned about it from the school website, 39.29% were informed of the document through school messenger, 14.29% at parent council meeting. 17.86% heard in other ways. Of these 17.86%, four individuals responded they heard from an e-mail from the principal and one stated this was the first time they had heard about the School Development Plan.

Most individuals who responded felt that their child benefitted from the goals of the School Development Plan. 28.57 % strongly agreed and 64.29 % agreed. There were zero who disagreed, while 7.14 strongly disagreed, which equates to two respondents.

When asked if the learning of all students was reflected through the plan, 10.71 of respondents strongly agreed, while 75% agreed. Of those who disagreed, we saw 7.14% disagree, with 7.14% disagreeing strongly.

Comments that were related to the SDP and its effectiveness spoke about the vocabulary of the SDP, bringing to our attention that it appeared technical and that acronyms were not helpful for parent comprehension. Another comment related to a number of the x's not being filled in the percentage comments. This may related to the data being collected over a period of time, but does speak to our need to update our posted copy regularly with the information we have on the working copy.

Budgeting and offering of school activities

The second part of the survey related to the community's opinion of activities they wish to see continue and community support for those activities. Field trips were considered the most important in school offerings. Curricular enhancements and supplies were deemed the second most important item, followed by music supplies and transportation for field trips. The areas with lower response rates included Artist in Residence programs, guest speakers and clubs.

With regard to the activities that the school provides 74% of people strongly agree with the school's choices, 24 percent agree and 4% (1 respondent) strongly disagreed.

Parents felt overall that school fees were reasonable.  Less than 10 percent of respondents either disagreed or strongly disagreed that fees charged were reasonable. Comments associated with the question stated 1) it was difficult to determine based upon COVID restrictions. 2) Budgets should not rely on fundraising but should be based on funds coming from the government.

School surveys related to the school's Budgeting and Planning come out every spring.

Spring Literacy Celebration

For those who may have missed it, our Spring Literacy Celebration videos are posted on our website.

Brian Hebert

Principal, Beddington Heights


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