Sep 12
Welcome Back!

Welcome back Belvedere Parkway families, and welcome to our new families!

We are so happy to see our school come alive as students enter the building once again. It is wonderful to have the heart and soul back! Our entire staff have worked so hard to make as smooth a beginning for everyone as possible, and it has been so worth it!

It continues to take time to organize and settle into the different ways of the school world, and again we thank you for your patience, understanding and all-around goodwill throughout the multiple transitions and changes we are all experiencing.

There are always pros, cons and opportunities in challenging situations, even though the benefits may be well hidden at the time. In modelling strength and handling stress and discomfort with grace and self-awareness, you have already benefitted your children, setting them up to cope with their own life experiences down the road. (They can thank you later:))

All of our teachers have commented on how impressed they are with the way that students are handling wearing masks for long periods of time, and how selfless and thoughtful their perspectives are in doing so. They understand and appreciate that we are wearing our masks for our friends, families and community and they are to be commended.

While we deal with our own concerns and issues, our community continues to give back to others. Terry Fox day is coming up, although will be a little later this year than last. This year we will hold it on September 22nd and your child’s teacher will let you know how their Grade level cohort will be raising those ‘Toonies for Terry’ and supporting Cancer Research!

Meet the Teacher conferences are also coming up, and we are waiting for Area protocol around how that will look. We will be sure to let you know as soon as possible.

Every year, we share the CBE Student code of conduct with parents, and you will find it on this website under Culture and Environment - Code of Conduct - Behavior.​

Please take the time to go over this information with your child, so they are aware of expected and safe behavior for all. Our school motto ‘ROARS’ (Respect, Ownership, Attitude, Responsibility and Safety), is aligned with the code of conduct and is embedded throughout our school culture.

Our Spirit wear store is back up and running! Thank you to School Council, who are engaged in the process to add BelPark face masks to our Spirit wear, so hopefully they should be on the virtual shelves shortly:)

A huge thank you also goes to all the members of our community that tended to our Bee and Learning gardens!! We literally couldn’t do it without you. The crop this year is fabulous, and harvest is racing towards us:) We will be sure to share a news story and tweets when the time comes so that everyone can share the experiences all our students get out of this process!

The Hub online programming is almost up and running! Those families who have children in the Hub continue to be part of our family, and we are here for your questions and help should you need it. We will do our best to continue to support you however we can, so don’t forget to check the website and your emails from us regularly and contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks again to every one of you for making our school such a wonderful place for our children!

Here’s hoping for a warm and colorful Fall,

Jane Gibson


Belvedere Parkway School​


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