Mar 31
Spring has Sprung!

Amazing April is here!

We are so happy Spring has sprung……finally!

Thank you to our Parent Association and School Council for all their wonderful work in keeping staff spirits up this year with surprise cupcakes, feeding the teachers on PT Interviews, treasure box fun, and all the resources and support for residencies, presentations and visits our students have benefitted from so far this year.

Check out our Month by month review under the Teaching and Learning tab:

-See some samples of the student experiences we have enjoyed to date!

There continue to be updates and events to look forward to at BelPark including:

  • Jeff Stockton, Harpist and Storyteller residency, coming in May
  • Book Fair May 9th – 13th
  • Grade 6 Graduation
  • Sports Day
  • Various Field Trips, including the Leighton Arts Center and a virtual Conservation Champions Calgary Zoo experience followed by a field trip.

This year, our Learning Gardens are being organized into Grade level planters, aligned with grade appropriate experiences, including a 'Sensory garden, Three Sisters, a Salad Bowl and so on – more details to follow! Again, we would like to thank all the support our parent volunteers give us with our outdoor education exploits!

We heard from the Food Bank that students raised $62.90 and 400 pounds of food this year, so a big shout out to all who participated and donated. Thank you!

The office will be busy very soon with budget and staffing for next year. Please encourage anyone with age appropriate children who will be joining us, to register with us as soon as possible. Kindergarten registrations are ongoing.

Please continue to be vigilant now that the weather is warmer and children are more likely to be out and about on bikes and scooters in the area. Thank you for following our traffic protocols and keeping everyone safe. It is a team effort!

With regard to bussing and the related challenges, we have been informed that Belvedere Parkway E is an open route. This means there is no regular driver, and spare drivers and floaters cover the route so there is an increased chance of delays. Southland has arranged coverage for AM and PM with a floater driver with an expected 20 minutes delay, however if an unforeseen circumstance occurs, there may be an undetermined delay. Delays are posted on as soon as the information becomes available.

If your family is considering a move, please let the Office know, as it is extremely helpful for planning.

Please ensure your children have appropriate and extra clothing for the weather, now that April showers are here and the fields outside are wet and muddy. Have fun in those puddles!

Best wishes,

Jane Gibson





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