Jun 22
June Principal Message

“Alice: How long is forever? White Rabbit: Sometimes, just in one second.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
Another year has come and gone. Yet, in the blink of an eye, it is June and we have ended our school year. It has been an honour and my pleasure to have joined Belvedere Parkway School if only for a short while during Jane’s absence. While only for literally the blink of an eye, each day I was graced with a gift of one kind or another. Excitement about new learning, laughter of students in the hallway, engaging conversations, unexpected hugs, random acts of kindness.
Belvedere Parkway has received many gifts in the form of the support of our School Council, our many volunteers, workshops, fieldtrips, in-line skating, and the generosity of our families to support other members or our community who are in need. We have much to be grateful for and to celebrate!
On June 27 we will celebrate our grade 6 students as they move on to the next chapter of their educational journey. They have grown throughout the year as individuals, learners, leaders and community members.
We spent the later half of our school year dwelling in story with Knowledge Keeper, Jessie Fiddler-Kiss and Jeff Stockton. Jessie and Jeff brought the power of oral stories to our students and our work. We were all inspired! We all know ‘that moment, when literature becomes accessible and a door of the world opens.’(Jane Yolen) That moment is what we aspired to for each of our students this year. Teachers shared the joy of reading daily through picture books, fiction, poetry and non-fiction, offering the joy of reading as just that, a joyful, precious gift. As author Jane Yolen also states, “Stories pour into the hearts of children and help make them what they become.” Belvedere Park students are readers! Take time this summer to share the love of reading with your child. Let them choose the book they most love to read to you. Pick your favorite childhood book to read to them. Visit the public library. Celebrate your child as a reader and share the love of reading in any language you choose!
It is with fondness and appreciation that we say farewell to some staff members. Each has contributed greatly to the learning environment and to the Belvedere Parkway School community. We send them off with all our very best wishes.
 Mrs. Elise Thomas announced her retirement
 Ms. Deb Dunham announced her retirement
 Mr. Nick Larkin will be taking a year off to join his family in BC
 Ms. Jody Honywood and Miss Mah both joined us on temporary assignments. We know they will find continued success within CBE
 Mrs. Christine O’Shaughnessy who has been accepted on to the CBE Sub roster as a Certificated teacher
 Mrs. Geetanjali Narula has accepted a position at Brentwood School as an ELL Assistant
We are please to welcome the following teachers to the Belvedere Parkway family:
 Miss Rachel Makowski has joined our Grade 5 team
 Ms. Stacy Wu has joined our Grade 6 team
 Mr. Stryder Pressey has joined our Grade 5 team
We look forward to the skill, talents and knowledge these teachers will bring to our learning community.
Families will once again be contacted in late August by their Homeroom teacher, to introduce themselves and welcome your child to the new school year.
Thank you to all our families for your continued support of your children in learning. For following up on homework, reading nightly, communicating with teachers and the school, participating in conferences, parent evenings, School Council, fundraising and fun lunches. We couldn’t do it without you. You, your children and your efforts on our community’s behalf are appreciated. We look forward to our upcoming year with great excitement and anticipation of all the possibilities yet imagined. Have a wonderful and safe summer break.
Lynette (on behalf of Jane Gibson) and Chris​


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