Jun 22
June Principal Message

“Alice: How long is forever? White Rabbit: Sometimes, just in one second.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
Another year has come and gone. Yet, in the blink of an eye, it is June and we have ended our school year. It has been an honour and my pleasure to have joined Belvedere Parkway School if only for a short while during Jane’s absence. While only for literally the blink of an eye, each day I was graced with a gift of one kind or another. Excitement about new learning, laughter of students in the hallway, engaging conversations, unexpected hugs, random acts of kindness.
Belvedere Parkway has received many gifts in the form of the support of our School Council, our many volunteers, workshops, fieldtrips, in-line skating, and the generosity of our families to support other members or our community who are in need. We have much to be grateful for and to celebrate!
On June 27 we will celebrate our grade 6 students as they move on to the next chapter of their educational journey. They have grown throughout the year as individuals, learners, leaders and community members.
We spent the later half of our school year dwelling in story with Knowledge Keeper, Jessie Fiddler-Kiss and Jeff Stockton. Jessie and Jeff brought the power of oral stories to our students and our work. We were all inspired! We all know ‘that moment, when literature becomes accessible and a door of the world opens.’(Jane Yolen) That moment is what we aspired to for each of our students this year. Teachers shared the joy of reading daily through picture books, fiction, poetry and non-fiction, offering the joy of reading as just that, a joyful, precious gift. As author Jane Yolen also states, “Stories pour into the hearts of children and help make them what they become.” Belvedere Park students are readers! Take time this summer to share the love of reading with your child. Let them choose the book they most love to read to you. Pick your favorite childhood book to read to them. Visit the public library. Celebrate your child as a reader and share the love of reading in any language you choose!
It is with fondness and appreciation that we say farewell to some staff members. Each has contributed greatly to the learning environment and to the Belvedere Parkway School community. We send them off with all our very best wishes.
 Mrs. Elise Thomas announced her retirement
 Ms. Deb Dunham announced her retirement
 Mr. Nick Larkin will be taking a year off to join his family in BC
 Ms. Jody Honywood and Miss Mah both joined us on temporary assignments. We know they will find continued success within CBE
 Mrs. Christine O’Shaughnessy who has been accepted on to the CBE Sub roster as a Certificated teacher
 Mrs. Geetanjali Narula has accepted a position at Brentwood School as an ELL Assistant
We are please to welcome the following teachers to the Belvedere Parkway family:
 Miss Rachel Makowski has joined our Grade 5 team
 Ms. Stacy Wu has joined our Grade 6 team
 Mr. Stryder Pressey has joined our Grade 5 team
We look forward to the skill, talents and knowledge these teachers will bring to our learning community.
Families will once again be contacted in late August by their Homeroom teacher, to introduce themselves and welcome your child to the new school year.
Thank you to all our families for your continued support of your children in learning. For following up on homework, reading nightly, communicating with teachers and the school, participating in conferences, parent evenings, School Council, fundraising and fun lunches. We couldn’t do it without you. You, your children and your efforts on our community’s behalf are appreciated. We look forward to our upcoming year with great excitement and anticipation of all the possibilities yet imagined. Have a wonderful and safe summer break.
Lynette (on behalf of Jane Gibson) and Chris​

Mar 31
Spring has Sprung!

Amazing April is here!

We are so happy Spring has sprung……finally!

Thank you to our Parent Association and School Council for all their wonderful work in keeping staff spirits up this year with surprise cupcakes, feeding the teachers on PT Interviews, treasure box fun, and all the resources and support for residencies, presentations and visits our students have benefitted from so far this year.

Check out our Month by month review under the Teaching and Learning tab:


-See some samples of the student experiences we have enjoyed to date!

There continue to be updates and events to look forward to at BelPark including:

  • Jeff Stockton, Harpist and Storyteller residency, coming in May
  • Book Fair May 9th – 13th
  • Grade 6 Graduation
  • Sports Day
  • Various Field Trips, including the Leighton Arts Center and a virtual Conservation Champions Calgary Zoo experience followed by a field trip.

This year, our Learning Gardens are being organized into Grade level planters, aligned with grade appropriate experiences, including a 'Sensory garden, Three Sisters, a Salad Bowl and so on – more details to follow! Again, we would like to thank all the support our parent volunteers give us with our outdoor education exploits!

We heard from the Food Bank that students raised $62.90 and 400 pounds of food this year, so a big shout out to all who participated and donated. Thank you!

The office will be busy very soon with budget and staffing for next year. Please encourage anyone with age appropriate children who will be joining us, to register with us as soon as possible. Kindergarten registrations are ongoing.

Please continue to be vigilant now that the weather is warmer and children are more likely to be out and about on bikes and scooters in the area. Thank you for following our traffic protocols and keeping everyone safe. It is a team effort!

With regard to bussing and the related challenges, we have been informed that Belvedere Parkway E is an open route. This means there is no regular driver, and spare drivers and floaters cover the route so there is an increased chance of delays. Southland has arranged coverage for AM and PM with a floater driver with an expected 20 minutes delay, however if an unforeseen circumstance occurs, there may be an undetermined delay. Delays are posted on www.myschoolbusmonitor.ca as soon as the information becomes available.

If your family is considering a move, please let the Office know, as it is extremely helpful for planning.

Please ensure your children have appropriate and extra clothing for the weather, now that April showers are here and the fields outside are wet and muddy. Have fun in those puddles!

Best wishes,

Jane Gibson




Aug 31
Back to School Update

Hello BelPark families,

We are all excited for this week's return to school starting tomorrow.

Kindergarten will be the only grade with staggered entry.

Tomorrow morning staff will be wearing orange vests and teachers will have their class lists ready with their names on the back of their clipboards so that you can easily see who they are. Additional staff will be out to support.

Bussing: Bus students will have their Bus letter written on the back of their hand as they get off the bus and will hand sanitize as they enter the school. This should enable them to remember which bus they need to be on at the end of the day.

We will have 4 buses this year; A, B, C, D.

Parents should access the 'My bus stop app' code via the MyCBE Account under 'Bus routes and stops'. This code will enable you to access real time bus tracking and information regarding the location and any delays that might occur. To download the app please access through the CBE website:


Kindergarten students on the bus will be escorted to the South doors until they are comfortable doing so.

When you drop your child to school please continue to observe social distance protocols, and students must wear a mask on entering the building unless they have a medical exemption form completed.

Please ensure your child has the following: indoor shoes, spare masks in Ziploc bag, as well as a water bottle, small bottle of hand sanitizer, spare clothing (all clearly labelled with your child's name – Mabel's labels fund raiser is great for this! The link is below.

Our School Spirit Wear store is open – it will be closed September 21, with delivery during the week of Oct 12.


Your child will receive Welcome information, the 2021-22 school calendar and the Covid checklist on their first day back. During the following week, students will be bringing a school package home. The pink and lilac forms will need to be signed and returned to school asap.

Please be aware parents are not permitted to use the car park to drop off or pick up students during peak times. Please be sure to read our traffic safety protocols via the following link to our website.


We look forward to meeting all our students old and new very soon!

Best wishes,​

Jane Gibson


Mar 25
Jumping Jelly Beans it's June!!

Good day Belvedere Parkway Families,

June has either been a long time coming for, or might seem sudden for some. We have all experienced many changes, both with positive and negative outcomes. However, through it all you have remained stoic, resilient and strong models for your children and the examples you set will clearly benefit them.

Over the coming weeks our Website will be updated with more current information. We will continue to be sharing information with you as it becomes necessary to share items of import to you. Please remain vigilant for incoming messages.

We have several updates and appreciations to share with you at this time. We have had a successful year working together with our School Council. A big thank you to Tess McCormick (Chair), Breanne Dollar (Vice chair) and all our School Council members for all their hard work in running our School Council and being so super -techy!  We are excited to share that the BP Parent Fund-raising Association raised almost $2000 through the recent Big BelPark Raffle! Many thanks to Breanne Dollar and those involved in donating and securing prizes and in rolling out this effort!

This year we have so many people to thank for their continuous efforts in fund-raising through various initiatives such as; Fill Your Freezer, Growing Smiles, Mom's Pantry and Big Box O' cards. Our Administrative secretaries Rana Jones and Joleen Schneider have also gone above and beyond in supporting our students, staff and families and also raised dollars for the school through Purdy's Chocolates.

We have been incredibly fortunate in the unrelenting commitment of Teena Gilmore and her support families in the maintenance and development of our Learning Gardens and in supporting our Bee Hotels. We were the first School in Alberta to gain recognition as a Bee City School in 2020 and continue to maintain our status as a Bee City School!

In addition, our School Council and Parent Association have implemented and followed through with a variety of activities and fun for all our students throughout the year culminating in our virtual dance this Friday organized by Alison Martini and our Grade 6 Farewell assembly and celebration. Thank you Kris Youell and to all for your hard work and collaboration around that!

We continue to look forward to the installation of the Buddy Benches and Picnic Tables as a result of a kind and generous donation at the beginning of the School Year. This should be completed imminently as well as the installation of the Three Pointer Basketball Hoops purchased so our students and families will be able to enjoy these amenities over the summer months.

We are also grateful for the CBE addition of 13 brand new Chromebooks that were initially sent to us to loan out during online learning and that we are now allowed to keep and assimilate into our school technology portfolio.

In spite of all the negative impacts this year has brought, so many of you have been instrumental in bringing positive experiences to our staff, students and families this year and have lifted our spirits. Thank you to you all!

I would also like to take the opportunity to celebrate the amazing efforts of our staff here at BelPark. Teachers and all members of our staff have persevered with grace, positivity and good humor through all the changes as have our families. They have shown the commitment it has required to overcome the additional work and challenges in supporting our students, families and each other. We are truly blessed here to have such a solid foundation and positive environment for our children to be welcomed into each day.

As always, there comes sad times for goodbyes and this year is no different as we congratulate our Grade 6 students on moving forward to their next exciting adventure into Junior High, and also to some of our staff as they too move on to different positions. We will be saying a tearful goodbye to Lori Benninger, retiring after 32 years with the CBE and 22 years with Belvedere Parkway! Also, Karen Loor who has been with us for 8 years will be moving on. She has been a strong part of our school and we will miss her. Ramneet Kaur will also be moving on as her contract with us comes to an end. Ramneet has been a wonderful addition to the school over the last three years and a loyal and invaluable teacher here. We will also be losing Dayna Wang and Amanda Gordon. They have been a great fit for our school and we are so grateful for their hard work.

In September we will be welcoming some new faces, not just students, but also staff. Please join us in welcoming the following new teachers to our BelPark family!

Julie Williams – Kindergarten

Jenna Schmideder – Grade 1

Christine Hettiaratchi – Grade 2

Ashley Addison – Grade 2

Jennifer Cairney – Grade 5

They will be introducing themselves to their students as do all our teachers in August with a welcome email. 

Our KG will have a staggered entry during the first week to support our brand-new students to school life. This means half of the class at a time are introduced to their classroom and peers for their first day at school. All other students will be attending school as normal.

Depending on Covid restrictions on re-entry to school we will be having our (almost) usual Open House on Monday August 30th 2021 between 10:00am – 11:00am.

This is an opportunity for you and your child(ren) to pop in and say hello to the teacher, to see their classroom and to feel comfortable in knowing which door will be your child(ren)'s designated entry /exit door so you know where to go on the morning of their first day. Please bring your questions with you:)

 Have a wonderful summer!

Best wishes,

Jane Gibson


Chris Dewsbury

Assistant principal

Dec 17
December Delight!

Good day Belvedere Parkway Families,

As a final note to this year, I would like to share a few updates with you:)

If you get the opportunity to walk past the school over winter break, please take the time to look at some of the delightful messages of joy attached to the fence from our students. They have thought about what brings them joy and wanted to share them with our community. We hope this brings some positivity to the end of a turbulent year and some hope for the new one!

We would like to thank everybody for supporting our different fund raising initiatives and taking part in our 10 days of festiveness! Thank you to School Council for providing individual popcorn and juice boxes to our movie and popcorn movie morning and supporting our teachers with headsets to save their voice boxes!

Please take time to reflect on and celebrate all the learning that has happened around the technological innovation in enabling student learning to continue this year, and the creativity Covid has necessitated on so many levels.

We wish you all a warm and restful winter break!

Best wishes,

Jane Gibson​

Oct 29
Opulent October!

Hello again Belvedere Parkway families!

October has given us much to be thankful for this year:) 

We have enjoyed a bountiful harvest from our Learning Gardens this Fall, thanks to our teachers, Parents and School Council members! Thank you for doing so much to ensure that our staff and students were able to experience and take home a piece of the harvest for dinner, as well as an authentic understanding of the growth cycle!

Our School clothing store offered masks this month as well as cozy hoodies and snuggly jackets, T-shirts etc. We have many students looking forward to the arrival of their Friday Spirit wear:) Thanks to School Council for moving that forward!

Local walks in our community down to Bowmont and Bowness Parks yielded an abundance of learning through the flora and fauna these amazing environments afforded our students. Learning was shared through real time twitter feeds, which parents and students alike enjoyed seeing! These trips are examples of the occasions in this Covid context when we can still access our parent volunteers. Our students would not have been able to have these experiences without you – Thank you!

On a more somber note we had our first Covid case this month. As we know it is likely we will experience this more often should numbers of cases in the Province continue to rise. We are grateful that our community has remained stoic in their sense of calm and kindness to each other throughout response protocols and in understanding that communication is not instantaneous in nature. Please be confident in the knowledge that relevant parties will receive information they need as quickly as possible.

Student safety is always our number one concern and we would like to thank all our students, families and staff in following and maintaining what has been asked of them. Working together in this has given us confidence in our belief that the protocols and procedures we have in place are supporting the safety of our Belvedere Parkway School community effectively.

We would like to welcome Dayna Wang to our BelPark family. Dayna will be joining us as a 0.6 teacher, and will be supporting our Grade 5/6 students. Dayna is a well-loved substitute teacher at our school and we are delighted to have her join us in a more permanent capacity!

So much thanks and giving this month!

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!!

Best wishes,​

Jane Gibson


Sep 12
Welcome Back!

Welcome back Belvedere Parkway families, and welcome to our new families!

We are so happy to see our school come alive as students enter the building once again. It is wonderful to have the heart and soul back! Our entire staff have worked so hard to make as smooth a beginning for everyone as possible, and it has been so worth it!

It continues to take time to organize and settle into the different ways of the school world, and again we thank you for your patience, understanding and all-around goodwill throughout the multiple transitions and changes we are all experiencing.

There are always pros, cons and opportunities in challenging situations, even though the benefits may be well hidden at the time. In modelling strength and handling stress and discomfort with grace and self-awareness, you have already benefitted your children, setting them up to cope with their own life experiences down the road. (They can thank you later:))

All of our teachers have commented on how impressed they are with the way that students are handling wearing masks for long periods of time, and how selfless and thoughtful their perspectives are in doing so. They understand and appreciate that we are wearing our masks for our friends, families and community and they are to be commended.

While we deal with our own concerns and issues, our community continues to give back to others. Terry Fox day is coming up, although will be a little later this year than last. This year we will hold it on September 22nd and your child’s teacher will let you know how their Grade level cohort will be raising those ‘Toonies for Terry’ and supporting Cancer Research!

Meet the Teacher conferences are also coming up, and we are waiting for Area protocol around how that will look. We will be sure to let you know as soon as possible.

Every year, we share the CBE Student code of conduct with parents, and you will find it on this website under Culture and Environment - Code of Conduct - Behavior.


Please take the time to go over this information with your child, so they are aware of expected and safe behavior for all. Our school motto ‘ROARS’ (Respect, Ownership, Attitude, Responsibility and Safety), is aligned with the code of conduct and is embedded throughout our school culture.

Our Spirit wear store is back up and running! Thank you to School Council, who are engaged in the process to add BelPark face masks to our Spirit wear, so hopefully they should be on the virtual shelves shortly:)

A huge thank you also goes to all the members of our community that tended to our Bee and Learning gardens!! We literally couldn’t do it without you. The crop this year is fabulous, and harvest is racing towards us:) We will be sure to share a news story and tweets when the time comes so that everyone can share the experiences all our students get out of this process!

The Hub online programming is almost up and running! Those families who have children in the Hub continue to be part of our family, and we are here for your questions and help should you need it. We will do our best to continue to support you however we can, so don’t forget to check the website and your emails from us regularly and contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks again to every one of you for making our school such a wonderful place for our children!

Here’s hoping for a warm and colorful Fall,

Jane Gibson


Belvedere Parkway School​

Jun 24
June Message and Updates

Dear BelPark families,

What a roller coaster of a year!

Our school community came together while being apart and I would like to thank our students; parents and teachers for helping us persevere and progress through this time.

We were able to maintain our culture of care and kindness and we are so proud of our school’s positive culture, which makes Belvedere Parkway a wonderful place to learn and to work.

We say goodbye to our Grade 6 student cohort as they move on to a new chapter in their lives as promising and successful individuals, supportive of each other and their community. We are so very proud of them all. Thank you to Parent Council for funding their farewell gift, which the students themselves voted on, asking that half their gift, be donated to the Calgary Food Bank to support those less fortunate. We are confident these promising young people will continue to demonstrate citizenship and character as they move forward and become part of Canada’s future.


Unfortunately, June also means that we have to say goodbye to some of our staff as they move on to different assignments for the next school year. We will dearly miss Mrs. Caso-Gustafson, our Assistant Principal and Miss Wrobel, Grade 1/2, as they both prepare to take on new and exciting journeys in the Fall. We are also very sad to say goodbye to Mrs. Kaur who will also be leaving as her temporary contract ends in June. Miss Groneberg will be taking on a new role within our school as a member of our Grade 1/2 team.

I would also like to thank our School Council, Parent Fund Raising Association and our parent volunteers, without whom we would not have the kind of school community that is BelPark. Our Learning Garden is back on track and with the support of our Parent volunteers and Eco teachers Mrs. Gillon and Mrs. Mang our bee garden will also be maintained over the summer months. 


BelPark student numbers continue to fluctuate slightly and for the 2020/21 school year, our population at this time is around 406 students. Please do keep in mind that numbers fluctuate between now and September. As a result, final class configurations will not happen until the first full week of classes in September. Class lists will be finalized and announced to families by the end of August.

We have such a dedicated and caring group of staff at Belvedere Parkway that the level of commitment they have shown over the last few months is not surprising. Your children will continue to benefit from all of the hard work our staff provide on a daily basis, whatever next year may bring.

In the meantime, I wish all of you a wonderful summer break and hope that you are able to spend some fun times with family and friends.

Best wishes, 

Jane Gibson


Apr 09
Love and Learning

Dear Belvedere Parkway families,

Suddenly April is upon us and we find ourselves in a very different context and environment from the one we are used to!

Change is always uncomfortable to some extent, but sometimes necessary and this pandemic has brought all of that and much more. Something that touches everyone no matter who they are or where they are from also brings us together on some level.

We have seen great capacity in each other for kindness, compassion, perseverance, patience and a greater understanding of the diversity in the impact on families and people in different situations than our own.

We have also seen a realization and appreciation of things sometimes taken for granted, such as reaching out to or being with friends and family members and those who may be more isolated from us. There is joy in reconnecting in ways we may not have had time for previously. Various opportunities for creativity, humour and reaching out to others are opened as well as opportunities and time for learning that are often put on a to do list that we find challenging to get to.

As a school community BelPark staff have shown incredible capacity and speed in taking on and becoming comfortable with a platform and unusual degree of technology. We are all aware that this is not ideal, and our work is tempered with sadness at not being able to be with the students as we normally are. However, students and staff alike are thrilled to see each other and be able to communicate as they are for now, and solve problems around connecting and learning as they go. We certainly are all in this together!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone connected to BelPark for continuing to demonstrate such immense personal strength, positivity and understanding throughout such new and uncharted territory. We continue to be here for our families in whichever way we can, so please continue to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

We hope the Easter bunny finds you healthy and well!

Warm regards,

Jane Gibson


Belvedere Parkway School​

Dec 16
Doohickey December!

Welcome back to the season of warmth, lights, that Christmas feeling and for our children, excitement!


As my sister and I got older, my Gran would often refer to it as ‘thingamajiggy time’ as we found it ever increasingly difficult to find her gifts and she would always end up with at least a few gadget type thingamabobs that got a laugh and then sat in the sideboard on their way to wherever ‘wotsits’ go. All she wanted actually was just to hang out with everyone.


My Gran has since passed away, but last weekend, I found myself scouring the internet for something unusual for my dad and I found ‘nothing’, as in someone was actually selling ‘the gift of nothing’ which looked like a ball of -air! That made me laugh, but also made me think how valuable a message that sent.


We cannot wrap or put a bow on undivided attention, to time, reflection, and kindness or to being there for each other, and we cannot put a price on that either.


For many it is one of our favorite times of year, and for many in our immediate and wider community it is not. They experience incredible stress and guilt because it is almost impossible to provide even a tiny version of the Christmas that our media tell us everyone else is having.


It has been heartwarming to see our students attend to others’ needs by donating to our Mayor’s food drive, be excited to write letters to those less fortunate than themselves in another country, and see (although perhaps not) our invisible Kindness Ninjas performing random acts of appreciation and kindness throughout the school. Check out our photos!


As a community, we are continually modeling the real gifts and our children do not yet realize that they will thank us for being there in so many ways, for all our futures.


I hope you all have a peaceful, joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Just as a reminder – In the spirit of Christmas, any Lost and Found not claimed by December 20 2019 will be donated to Goodwill.


Jane Gibson


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Munchable Masterpieces! Thank you to our wonderful parent peeps for the tasty appreciation cupcakes they created for our staff! We feel very grateful to have such a kind and supportive parent community!💕 https://t.co/3pFjoFtAdZ

Purdys Fund Raiser! https://t.co/AP6Qre7813 Don’t forget the chocolate lovers’ list!

Popping Pumpkins from Mrs. Schmideder’s Class!! Vibrant and stunning work 👍Good job Peppy Pumpkin Pupils!!! https://t.co/GiGrNmxGyX

Namwayut! We are all One! We are so impressed with the quality of the work by Mrs. Toew’s Grade 4/5/6 class!! Wow! @Indigenous_cbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/zZ4aRc1eT5

A big thanks out to Teena Gilmore for her Garden work and kindness so staff could share in the deliciousness of the harvest🥰Thank you Teena from everyone!! https://t.co/eoK4AyrQJt

Terrific Terry Fox Tuesday BelPark! 😁👍@BelParkCBE https://t.co/5rDZ9ooYrv

Huge thanks to all inside and outside the community in your support of our students in the wake of our Bee Hotel vandalism!! So very heartening💕💕

But wait! ...there’s more!! https://t.co/v0NtFKxdpb

Check out our amazing Learning Gardens!! What an incredible harvest❤️huge thanks to all those parents and students that made this happen🤩 https://t.co/jWtMzeSv5P

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