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Teacher Twitter
Kate Shepherd
Brigitta Diehl
Julie Williams

Grade 1  

Sarah Konsmo

Kim Groneberg
Jenna Schmideder

Grade 2

Ashley Addison 

Christine Hettieratchi

Tracey Bombard              @BelPark18

Grade 3

Evelyn MacDonald @BelParkRoom26
Meaghan Mang @mang_mrs
Dolores Gillon

Grade 4

Janice Degeer

Maureen Smith


Grade 5

Deborah Dunham @debdunham16
Jennifer Cairney  
Elise Thomas  


Grade 6

Nicholas Larkin

Kelly Pattison

Bridges Div II Program 

Cathleen Toews 


Melanie Draper @belparkmusic


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Munchable Masterpieces! Thank you to our wonderful parent peeps for the tasty appreciation cupcakes they created for our staff! We feel very grateful to have such a kind and supportive parent community!💕

Purdys Fund Raiser! Don’t forget the chocolate lovers’ list!

Popping Pumpkins from Mrs. Schmideder’s Class!! Vibrant and stunning work 👍Good job Peppy Pumpkin Pupils!!!

Namwayut! We are all One! We are so impressed with the quality of the work by Mrs. Toew’s Grade 4/5/6 class!! Wow! @Indigenous_cbe #WeAreCBE

A big thanks out to Teena Gilmore for her Garden work and kindness so staff could share in the deliciousness of the harvest🥰Thank you Teena from everyone!!

Terrific Terry Fox Tuesday BelPark! 😁👍@BelParkCBE

Huge thanks to all inside and outside the community in your support of our students in the wake of our Bee Hotel vandalism!! So very heartening💕💕

But wait! ...there’s more!!

Check out our amazing Learning Gardens!! What an incredible harvest❤️huge thanks to all those parents and students that made this happen🤩

#BelPark parents - don’t forget to check our website regularly this summer😁